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Craigh na Dun Cable Fingerless Mittens Knitting Pattern


The Craigh na Dun Cable Fingerless Mittens Knitting Pattern has been inspired by the grey gloves Claire is seen wearing in Outlander season 1 from episode 8 ‘Both Sides Now’.

This pattern will allow you to create fingerless mittens with the intricate staghorn cable design.

The main mitt is knit flat and the thumb section is then knit in the round.

Scroll down for the free pattern or you can purchase a printer-friendly, ad-free PDF here.


Knitted Fingerless Gloves With A Cable Design

The fingerless mitts design has more texture as they are knitted using the staghorn cable.

You can knit them with the thumb or without so they can be worn in a number of ways, from fingerless gloves to arm warmers.

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Claire Fraser’s costumes have motivated many knitters to make shawls, infinity scarves, and more throughout the five seasons that have aired so far.

I wanted to make an Outlander collection of knits that are inspired by both Claire and her daughter Brianna, from Sontag shawls, mittens and scarves.

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Resources and tutorials you may find helpful in following this pattern:

This pattern is great for any intermediate knitters.

fingerless mittens

Craigh na Dun Cable Fingerless Mittens Knitting Pattern

Purchase the inexpensive ad-free, PDF printable pattern in my shop here.

Shop the Outlander Accessories Collection Ebook here.

Shop ALL of the Outlander Pattern Ebooks here.

Skill Level – Intermediate

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The mittens knit up quickly and the simple design makes for a relaxing and enjoyable knit.

If you want to convert this pattern to knit in the round please see this guide – Knitting Cables In The Round.

  • Please do not copy, sell, redistribute or republish this pattern. 
  • If you wish to share this pattern, link to the pattern page only.
  • You may sell items produced using this pattern.
  • Do NOT use the copyrighted photos for your product listing.
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  • To fit an average hand.
  • The mitt measures – lying flat:
  • Length – 10 inches/26 cm
  • Width – 4 inches/10 cm
  • The yarn I used has some elasticity so that it has a snug fit but does stretch to fit around your palm.
  • You may want to make the mitts longer or wider depending on your preference.

Gauge – 10 x 10 cm /4 x 4 inches = 24 sts / 30 rows in stocking stitch.

The Supplies You Need


  • La Mia Just Wool – colour LT001 Grey – 50g/126 yards/116m x 2
  • This yarn is from Hobium Yarns online.
  • Yarn weight – DK/Light Worsted/8ply.

Yarn notes

  • Please note that the yarn used is DK 100% recycled wool.
  • You can substitute with any DK/Light Worsted/8ply yarn.


  • 4 mm (US 6) knitting needles.
  • 4.5mm (US 7) knitting needles.
  • I used my interchangeable circular needles on a 40cm/16′′ cable.
  • I did not join in the round to knit the main section of the mitt.
  • I did join in the round to complete the thumb section and used the magic loop technique.
  • You may want to use a smaller cable for this section if you have one.
  • Cable needle (4mm/US 6 size).



Abbreviations / Knitting Abbreviations List

  • Beg – Beginning
  • Cont – Continue
  • CO – Cast on
  • C4B – (K2 and 2), slip the next 2 sts onto a cable needle and hold at the back of the work, K2 from the left-hand needle, then K2 from the cable needle.
  • C4F – (K2 and 2), slip the next 2 sts onto a cable needle and hold at the front of the work, K2 from the left-hand needle, then K2 from the cable needle.
  • Foll – Following
  • K – Knit
  • P – Purl
  • St – Stitch
  • Rem – Remaining
  • Rep – Repeat
  • RS – Right side
  • WS – Wrong side
  • W+T – Wrap and turn


Mitten (Make 2) – Both mitts are knit flat – back and forth on the needles.

Using 4mm (US 6) needles cast on 47 sts.

  • Row 1: *K1, P1 – rep from * to end of the row.
  • Row 2: K the knits and P the purls.
  • Rep rows 1 and 2 twice more (6 rows in total from beg).

Change to 4.5 mm (US 7) needles.

Next start working in the pattern as follows:

  • Row 1 (RS): P5, K4, C4B, C4F, K4, P5, K4, C4B, C4F, K4, P5.
  • Row 2 (WS): K5, P16, K5, P16, K5.
  • Row 3: P5, K2, C4B, K4, C4F, K2, P5, K2, C4B, K4, C4F, K2, P5.
  • Row 4: Rep Row 2.
  • Row 5: P5, C4B, K8, C4F, P5, C4B, K8, C4F, P5.
  • Row 6: Rep row 2.

These 6 rows form the cable pattern.
Rep the 6 rows above 9 more times.
You should have 10 staghorn cable repeats on your mitten.

Change to 4 mm (US 6) needles.

  • Row 1: *K1, P1 – rep from * to end of the row.
  • Row 2: K the knits and P the purls.
  • Rep rows 1 and 2 twice more (6 rows in total from beg of ribbing).
  • Cast off in rib.

Making Up

Please note – when you are making up the mittens, check the measurements against your own arm/hand and adjust accordingly so that you have a comfortable fit.

If you have adjusted the length of the mittens, you may need to also adjust the measurements for seaming.

  • Sew the side seam of the mittens using the mattress stitch.
  • This gives you a nice hidden seam.
  • Seam the mitt for 7 inches/18 cm from the wrist cuff to where you want the thumb hole to be.
  • You can adjust the seaming measurements for your own hand size.
  • Leave a 1.5 inch/4 cm gap for the thumb hole.
  • Then seam the top section of the mitt.
  • You can leave your loose ends until you have completed the thumb section, just in case you want to adjust anything when you try them on.

staghorn cable knit fingerless mittens


Knitting the thumb section is optional – you may wish to leave your mitts as they are or you may want to add the thumb.

If you have no thumb, they can also be worn as arm warmers.

This is up to you!

  • Using your 4.5 mm (US 7) circulars pick up and knit 8 (10, 12) sts on each side (16, 20, 24) sts total.
  • Starting from the top of the thumbhole.
  • I picked up 8 sts on each side (16 in total) to have a tighter thumb section.
  • You may wish to make this larger for your thumb/hand size – so you can add 2 sts – go up to 10 sts on each side (20 total) or 12 sts on each side (24 total).
  • Knit 1 round.

Start the shaping:

  • Round 1: (RS) – K until 2 sts from the end, W+T,
  • Round 2: (WS) – P until 2 sts from end, W+T,
  • Round 3: K until 2 sts from last wrap, W+T,
  • Round 4: P until 2 sts from last wrap, W+T.
  • Rep the short rows 3 and 4 once more.
  • K all sts in the round picking up the wraps and knitting them together with the accompanying stitch.
  • Next round: K1, P1 to the end of the round.
  • Cast off in rib.

underside of cable mittens

I love seeing your finished projects!

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Cable knit fingerless mittens pattern

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