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Outlander Knitting Patterns


This post explores the stunning knits seen in the TV show Outlander, including many beginner, intermediate and advanced Outlander knitting patterns.

If like me you have been watching the Outlander TV series, you have probably noticed the beautiful knitted pieces that the main character Claire wears.

Scroll down to see the list of free patterns or grab all 39 Outlander Patterns here.

Outlander…What’s it about?

The story follows a married nurse Claire Randall who travels to Scotland with her husband.

Upon finding some ancient ruins, she time travels to Scotland in 1743 and meets up with the handsome Jamie Fraser.

*All images of the Outlander cast are copyrighted to Starz.com and have been sourced here*

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Outlander Knitting Patterns

Romance and adventure follow in all three seasons, going from Scotland to 1950s America – but I can’t say too much because it will spoil it for you!

I have bought the Outlander book series written by Diana Gabaldon so I can find out more about the story but I’m still on the first book.

Throughout the show’s seasons, Claire is often seen wearing a variety of knitted items, including – shawls, capes, cowls, and infinity scarves.

View more patterns here – Outlander Patterns Season 6

Make your own versions…

The patterns in this roundup are mostly easy for beginners, with some intermediate choices too.

Basic knowledge of knitting is all that is required for you to get started.

The Outlander knitting patterns below have been chosen with variety in mind, from knitted cowls and hats to fingerless gloves, there is something for everyone.

Inspired By The Outlander Series

If you haven’t watched it already – you really should!

The story is really great, with a bit of everything thrown in there – romance, action, plot twists, period costumes, and fantasy time travel.

I ordered the box sets for my mom for Christmas and she binged watched them over a weekend – she couldn’t get enough! (and she is a HUGE fan of Jamie of course!)

Outlander knitting patterns

A bit of time travel and amazing costumes!

My favorite type of drama is a period drama and this series goes from various years (with the time travel) from early 1700’s Scotland to France ( in the court of Louis XV) and then to the USA in 1948.

The knitwear in the series is mainly seen in Scotland and as you can see from the image below, the Outlander costumes are just amazing!

Claire wearing her brown knitted Outlander scarf
Above – Claire Beecham Randall from Outlander wearing a chunky knitted infinity scarf.

Visit the Outlander Pattern Collection Ebooks in my shop below:

The ebook pattern collections below are all ad-free and easy to print out.

The Outlander Patterns…

1. Claire’s Cowl Knitting Pattern

Claire’s cowl pattern by Handy Little Me is available as an ad-free PDF in my pattern shop.

View the free pattern here.


2. Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Donalda Gilchrist Samhain fingerless gloves pattern by Polly Foo Foo.

View the pattern here.


3. Highland Beret Knitting Pattern

The MacTavish hat pattern by Marly Bird is available for sale on Ravelry.

View the pattern here.


4. Claire’s Castle Leoch Cable Cuffs Knitting Pattern

The cable cuffs knitting pattern is available for free by Handy Little Me.

View the pattern here.


5. Claire’s Rent Shawl Knitting Pattern

This Rent shawl pattern from Handy Little Me can be made in a range of sizes.

There is also a video to help you make the shawl.

Grab the printable ad-free PDF from my shop here or View the free pattern here.

Outlander Claire Rent Shawl

6. Claire’s Shrug Pattern

Claire’s shrug pattern by Kalurah Hudson is available as a free Ravelry pattern.

View the pattern here.


7. Claire’s Cable Knit Arm Warmers

Make a pair of twisted cable knit arm warmers with this free pattern from Handy Little Me.

Grab the printable ad-free PDF from my shop here or view the free pattern here.

Claires hand knitted wrist warmers outlander knitting patterns

8. Fingerless Gloves Just Like Brianna’s!

Make a pair of fingerless gloves inspired by the gloves Brianna wears in the reunion episode in season 4.

Designed by Handy Little Me.

Grab the printable ad-free PDF in my shop here or view the free pattern here.

Outlander Brianna green knitted fingerless gloves

9. Claire’s Carolina Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Make a pair of easy beginner fingerless gloves inspired by the gloves/arm warmers Claire wore in seasons 1 and 4.

Designed by Handy Little Me.

Grab the printable ad-free PDF in my shop here or view the free pattern here.

Fingerless gloves knitting pattern

Are you an Outlander fan?

Which pattern do you want to make?

Let me know in the comments below.

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    1. Hello, sorry, I don’t have a code for any of the patterns that are for sale on Ravelry. You could always search Pinterest for free pattern alternatives? Thanks for visiting the site πŸ™‚

    2. This is a wery strange komment “Is there a code to get them free?” This person have put a time and effort to make this patterns, it is a huge work to make a pattern, I know because I have tried to make a few. You are asking in real : Can I get this for free, do you need a mooney for your work???? Well if you dont neet yours salary, send them to me πŸ™‚

      1. Hello Kristin, thanks for understanding how much work goes into making the patterns, writing them up, getting testers, photographing/editing them (or paying for a photographer) and then getting everything together!
        It does take a lot of work and the ads on the site help to pay for me to make all of these patterns – plus everyone who buys a copy to download πŸ™‚
        I am currently making a new Outlander collection so that will be coming this year!
        Thanks for your support, I hope you enjoy the patterns,

  1. I would love to find the ‘real’ knitting pattern for the wrap around shawl. I can’t seem to find that pattern. Patterns close to the wrap around but not pne that actually wraps all the way around your waist. Do you have that pattern?

    1. Hello, Lion Brand have a shawl pattern you may like here -http://www.lionbrand.com/outlander-the-series-wavering-both-sides-now-shawl-knit.html which could possibly wrap around. There is also this one on Etsy -https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/560703218/pdf-knitting-pattern-claires-rent-shawl?ref=related-1
      I don’t have any patterns for that shawl in my own collection. Thanks for reading and I hope that helps! πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely knits! What do you think of the sleeveless knitted pullover/vest that Claire wears in the early season when she is in Scotland just after the WWII? Three rows of vertical cable in a stocking stitch garment.

    1. Hello Margaret, Thank you for your comment, I will have to have a look for the knitted pullover you mention, I can’t think of what it looks like! I need to re-watch the entire series of Outlander soon! I just love the costumes πŸ™‚

  3. That wrap around shawl is a basic design that living historians like myself use in our presentations. It was worn in the 18th and 19th centuries throughout Europe and North America. It is called a Sontag or a Bosum Buddy. If you Google these names you will find knitting and crochet patterns, some in Ravelry even. Lots of fun to knit and believe me on a cold day they keep you warm (along with a good shawl and fingerless gloves).

    1. Hello Dottie, thank you for your comment, I am really interested to know more about the history of the shawls/wraps.

      I will definitely be doing some research into this and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge πŸ™‚

      Thanks for visiting and happy knitting!

  4. I recently discovered the Outlander series and was searching around for a pattern similar to the #5 Highland Traveling Shawl listed. I’m a beginner but it looks quite simple on Claire so I figured I could replicate it with a bit more knowledge.

    I don’t know why but it never occurred to me someone else would have already done the work of tracking down the pattern and conveniently labeling it as “Outlander inspired”. πŸ™‚ I could have saved myself a lot of time if I had just typed “Outlander” and “Knitting Patterns” into google. lol.

    Anyway, thank you so much for putting this list together! I greatly appreciate it!!

    1. Hello Jessica, I’m so happy you like the list of patterns, I hope you find something that you want to make! πŸ™‚