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Geillis Fingerless Gloves Pattern (Cable Knit)


This Geillis fingerless gloves pattern will allow you to practice a 4-stitch cable and the finished mitts will look great made in any color.

I wanted to share with you another free knitting pattern that has been inspired by the TV show Outlander.

This is the perfect accessory for any Outlander fan and a great project if you love knitting cables.

Scroll down for the free pattern or you can purchase a printer-friendly ad-free PDF here.

Fingerless gloves pattern

Inspired By The Outlander Costumes

Inspired by the character of Geillis Duncan, these mittens are perfect for the witching time of the year!

Geillis is seen wearing a range of fingerless gloves, arm warmers, and capelets from cabled patterns to simple garter stitch knits.

They are also in many neutral colors, from shades of grey to brown.

This pattern is featured in my Outlander collection, where you can see patterns from all seasons of the show.

Check out all of the Outlander free knitting patterns here. – Outlander Pattern Library

cable knit fingerless gloves
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Who Is Geillis Duncan?

Geillis Duncan is a pivotal character in the Outlander series, known for her intelligence, determination, and involvement in the political and supernatural aspects of the story.

She is a time traveler from the 20th century, just like Claire Fraser.

She developed an interest in witchcraft and the occult, which eventually led her to become involved with the Jacobite cause. 

Claire and Geillis from Outlander

More Outlander Patterns

Claire, Brianna, and most of the main characters wear a lot of knits through the seasons, especially in the earlier seasons that are set in Scotland. 

You can see fingerless mitts, cuffs, berets, shawls, and even a cardigan or two. 

There is a huge variety of fingerless mittens, you can recreate.

Outlander claire cabled fingerless gloves

Knitting Lessons

Check out the knitting lessons to find more knitting tutorials.

For example, how to cast-on stitches, how to knit the basic stitches like the stockinette stitch (how to knit the stockinette stitch (for beginners)), how to knit ribbing, how to make knitting increases and decreases, how to fix knitting mistakes, and many more.

The majority of the blog posts include a video tutorial to help you along.

Perfect for beginner knitters who want to learn a new technique or experienced knitters who need a refresher. 


  • The mittens are knit flat on straight needles and seamed leaving space for your thumb. 
  • You can wear them either way, as wrist warmers or as mitts, which makes them very versatile for the cold weather.
  • Basic knowledge of knitting is all that is required for you to get started and a basic 4-stitch cable, which if you haven’t done this before, is quite easy once you practice. – Knitting For Beginners -The Complete Guide Step-By-Step
  • This pattern is featured in my Outlander collection, where you can see patterns from all seasons of the show. – Outlander Pattern Library
  • Wearing fingerless gloves, arm warmers, and hand warmers is a great way to keep your hands warm in the cooler weather while keeping your fingers free for knitting, writing, and scrolling.
  • Moreover, a pair of fingerless gloves will be a great gift for you or for a loved one in the cooler months and chilly spring days.
  • The fingerless design and the cable stitch will make this a fun and exciting project.
  • If you want to convert this pattern to knit in the round please see this guide – Knitting Cables In The Round {A How To Guide}

Copyright Info

  • Please do not copy, sell, redistribute, or republish this pattern. 
  • If you wish to share this pattern, link to the pattern page only.
  • You may sell items produced using this pattern.
  • Do NOT use copyrighted photos for your product listing.
  • For the copyright T&C please read my Terms of Use.


  • Women’s small/medium
  • Length of the mittens = 10 inches
  • Width (laying flat) = 4 inches

*To make the gloves in a larger size – add more stitches when you cast on, for example for a large size, cast on – 40 or 47 sts.

Gauge – 20 sts / 26 rows in 4 inches/10 cm/in stocking stitch.

The Supplies You Need…




Grey cable knitted fingerless mittens

Abbreviations / Knitting Abbreviations And Terms (US And UK) List

  • CO – cast on
  • Cont – Continue
  • C4B – (K2 and 2), slip the next 2 sts onto a cable needle and hold at the back of the work, K2 from the left-hand needle, then K2 from the cable needle.
  • K – knit
  • M1 – Make one stitch
  • P – purl
  • St(s) – stitch(es)
  • Rep – repeat

Where it says to work each stitch in the manner it presents – this means to knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches.

Pattern Instructions

Cable fingerless gloves – make 2 pieces/gloves.

Both gloves are knit flat and then seamed.

With the 5mm (US 8 needles) CO 33 sts (for a larger size cast on 40 sts or 47 sts)

  1. Row 1 – K1, *P3, K4*, rep from * to * to last 4 sts – P3, K1
  2. Row 2 – Work each stitch in the manner it presents
  3. Row 3 – Work each stitch in the manner it presents
  4. Row 4 – Work each stitch in the manner it presents
  5. Row 5 – K1, *P3, C4B* rep from * to * to last 4 sts, P3 then K1
  6. Row 6 – Work each stitch in the manner it presents

Rep the 6 rows above until the piece measures 10 inches from the CO edge.

Cast off – in the stitch pattern from row 6.

Making up

Cable knit gloves

Share your work with us…

I love seeing your finished projects on social media.

If you enjoyed making this pair of knit gloves, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, be sure to tag me @handylittleme.

If you are on Facebook, stop over to the Facebook group and share a photo. 

I’d love to see your work.

Happy Knitting!

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  1. I’m so excited to have found this beautiful pattern! I’m a newbie knitter & these are going to be my first-ever gloves. If I want to make a larger size, can I cast on any number of stitches that I want? Or does it have to be a multiple of a certain number? Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. Hello Freya,
      You could try casting on 45 sts for a larger size or 54 sts.
      The cable pattern is a simple 4 stitch cable.
      You need 7 sts for the cable (P3, K4) + 1 edge st on each side.
      I hope that helps!