20 Knitted Shawl Patterns You Need To Make!


In this post, you will a huge list of knitted shawl patterns you need to make!

If there is one accessory that we can say can be worn all year long is shawls…..

You can really have a shawl for every season. 

knitted shawl patterns including triangle shawls

It just depends on the material that the shawl is made of.

An openwork lace shawl is ideal for summer but a chunky blanket shawl is perfect for the winter. 

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Simple crescent shawl

Knitted Shawl Patterns

There are so many shawl patterns, you can choose from, large but light shawls you can wear in the summer, at the beach, and even use as a bathing suit cover-up, plus smaller light shawls that barely cover your shoulders. 

Or you can knit chunky shawls that you can wrap around you and keep you warm in the winter, and Sontag shawls that wrap around your waist and tie behind your back. 

journeycake knitted shawl patterns

A Little History of Shawls

Throughout fashion history, the shawl has been a statement piece. 

They originated in India and made their appearance in Europe in the late 1700s, especially in France and Britain. 

Shawls were originally worn by the upper classes as they were very expensive, were passed down, and were considered an heirloom.

It wasn’t until the early 19th Century that more inexpensive pieces were being produced and the shawls finally reached the middle class.

Shawls for the masses

As the 1800s progressed so did the shawls and their manufacturing towards the end of the Century, even working-class women would wear shawls of lesser quality.

But as the 20th Century rolled around and women’s fashion was introduced more fitted shawls faded away.

They did a small comeback in the late ’90s, and early 2000s in the form of pashminas, a cashmere shawl that would accompany the strapless and sleeveless dress.

And if you want to learn all about Sontag shawls check out this post The Sontag Shawl {History and Patterns}

bosom friend sontag shawl
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The Best Shawl Is The Knitted Shawl

If you are a knitter and there will never ever be a better shawl than the one you can make on your own… 

Knitted shawls are better because if you make them you will adore them and you can really make the shawl of your dreams and needs. 

You can consider all your likes (different colors, shapes, etc) and needs and find the best pattern that suits you and make little changes here and there to make it fit you exactly as you want. 

knitted shawl patterns Outlander shawl

All kinds of knitted shawls

And before anyone says that knitted shawls are only for winter. 

That’s absolutely not true! 

The season to wear your shawl really depends on two things. 

The yarn weight you choose and the knitting stitches of your choice. 

Claire's rent shawl from Outlander

The right yarn for shawls 

The yarn weight you will choose to use for your shawl will determine how warm it will keep you. 

If you choose a light yarn, like lace weight yarn, fingering weight yarn, fine weight yarn, or DK weight yarn your shawl will be light and airy and perfect to wear in spring and summer, 

But if you go for a worsted weight yarn, bulky weight yarn, or super bulky weight yarn your shawl will be quite warm for summer and spring but perfect for autumn and winter. 

knitted shawl patterns for summer in pink yarn

And the right stitch…

Another factor is also the knitting stitch pattern you will choose. 

If you go for an open work stitch, dropped stitch, or something similar your shawl will be quite light and airy. 

You can see shawl video tutorials on my YouTube channel here.

close up knitted shawl

Why Knit A Shawl 

Shawls are very fun to make as they can be an ideal project for beginners, as they can introduce light shaping.

An easy-to-make triangular shawl is ideal for a newbie.

And shawls made with the basic knit stitches, like the knit stitch, the simple garter stitch, and the stockinette stitch

And if you are a more intermediate knitter you can choose a more complex pattern that includes textured or asymmetrical designs.

Asymmetrical shawl knitting pattern

Shawl Knitting Patterns

The shawl knitting patterns in this list are the most beautiful, versatile, and intriguing all around.

 Here are some of the most interesting and gorgeous shawls for you to make.

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