What Is Bulky Weight Yarn?


In this post, you will see answers to the question – What is bulky weight yarn?

Yarn weights are our guide to choosing the right yarn for our knitting or crochet projects.

Depending on what we want to make there are different yarns that would be perfect.

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what is bulky weight yarn

Bulky Weight Yarn FAQs

What number is bulky weight yarn?

There are eight standard yarn weight categories for you to choose from that include different types of yarn – lace weight to jumbo yarns (0-7) thinnest to thickest.
Other yarn weights include medium weight like DK yarn (double knitting), worsted weight yarns, Aran yarns which can be used for hats and sweaters, plus super-fine yarn, and sport weight yarns used for socks.
The standard yarn weight system is set out by the Craft Yarn Council.
Bulky is on the thicker side of yarns, thicker than worsted yarn about double its size, and thinner than super bulky yarn.
It has a yarn weight symbol of 5, you would normally find out this information on a yarn label.

Yarn weights and categories

What is considered bulky yarn?

Bulky yarn can be referred to by other names such as chunky yarn, craft, or rug yarn.
It has a yarn weight symbol of 5 and a gauge of 12-16 stitches per 4 inches (10cm) using 5.5mm to 8mm (US) 9-11 knitting needles. 

bulky weight yarn in a basket

What can you make with bulky weight yarn?

Choosing to make something with bulky yarn has a lot of advantages as it’s thick so it knits up quickly, covers a lot of yardage, and knits up easier than thinner yarns.  
Moreover, there are a lot of bulky yarns in the market for you to choose from but thickness might vary from yarn to yarn (some may be super thick yarn compared to others).
If you are planning to make something with bulky yarn and you want to stray a little from the pattern and choose a different yarn from the recommended one it’s always good to make a stitch gauge swatch so you can see if there are adjustments that need to be made. 

ribbed beanie knit with bulky weight yarn

What ply is bulky weight yarn?

Bulky weight yarn is 12 ply yarn.
The ply is how thick the yarn is.
WPI is a term that means wraps per inch – this is how some people determine different yarn weights if there is no label to look at and weight class from the yarn manufacturers.
Some people use a pencil or crochet hook to wrap the yarn around to see how many wraps can be had in one inch.
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striped sweater and yarns

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Patterns That Use Bulky Weight Yarn

There are endless options on what you can knit with chunky yarn, its thickness makes it perfect for winter projects like a nice blanket to cozy up with, a nice warm cowl, cool stylish oversized sweaters, fancy shawls to complete your outfits, mittens, and scarves to keep you warm.

So if you want to knit up something quickly, and easily and end up with something impressive then bulky yarn is for you.

Bulky weight yarn

Bulky Weight Yarn Patterns

Take a look at the free patterns below and you might find your next project.

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