What Is Lace Weight Yarn?


Lace weight yarn is used to make items that are worn in the warmer months.

Normally used in more delicate patterns like shawls and wraps.

You can work this yarn holding two strands together to create a fingering weight yarn.

knitted shawl made with lace weight yarn

As this yarn is very thin and normally used for more complex knitting or crochet projects, it is not an ideal choice for a beginner.

Lace patterns for shawls and wraps often include complicated motifs that look like leaves, flowers, diamonds, chevrons and other geometric shapes.

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This yarn is also sometimes used to make hats, gloves and sweaters.

Sweaters are less common because the thickness of the yarn makes the projects difficult to work.

lace weight yarn

Lace Weight Yarn

When lace weight yarn is used in knitting or crochet projects, the fabric is normally very thin.

Yarns with this texture have a gauge of 8 or more stitches per one inch.

The needle or hook size recommended to use with this yarn is very small – 2.25mm (US 1) or smaller.

But most patterns will give a larger needle or hook size so that when the patterns are worked, the stitches stand out.

Types of Yarn:

  • Crochet Thread – this is normally cotton and sold in balls in all different colors and sizes.
  • Light Fingering – this yarn can be really thin but there is also fingering, which is categorized as slightly thicker, so make sure you select the right type of fingering for your project.
  • Lace – If you are on a yarn shop website doing a search, most likely they will have the option to search by weight – so you can select lace and browse the yarns on offer.
knitted shawl made with lace weight yarn

Most knitters or crocheters prefer to use worsted weight or more bulky yarns, as thinner yarns can be difficult to work with.

It is likely that the lace yarn will break during knitting or crocheting and this can also happen when a piece is being blocked.

You can also get a lot for your money, as the lace weight yarns are very economical – with 50g or 100g having much more yardage than other balls in similar size and weight.

openwork knitted shawl knit with light fingering yarn

What Number Is Lace Weight Yarn?

This is known as 0 – and has other common names; thread, cobweb, lace and light fingering.

The standard yarn weight system puts all very fine yarn into the lace weight category.

Fingering weight yarn, which is used for socks is thicker than lace and is known as ‘superfine’.

crochet lace weight yarn and hook

What Ply Is Lace Weight Yarn?

This is 1ply/2ply or 3ply yarn.

For more information and to see a yarn weight chart please read this post – Yarn Weights | A Beginners Guide.

cascade lace weight yarn

Cascade Lace Weight Yarn

Lace Weight Yarn Patterns

1. Sugar Bush Showery Knit Shawl from Yarnspirations.

Make a pretty shawl with this free knitting pattern.

*Update May 2022 – This pattern is no longer available on the Yarnspirations website.

knitted lace weight shawl

2. Crochet Nightfall Shawl from My Crochetory

Make a beautiful openwork shawl with this free crochet pattern.

crochet light weight shawl

3. Julian Shawl/Manos del Uruguay Manos from Laughing Hens

Make a pretty lace shawl with this free knitting pattern.

knitted lace triangle shawl

4. Presence Crochet Shawl Pattern from Expression Fiber Arts

Make a lovely light lacy shawl with this free crochet pattern.

lace weight crochet shawl

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