What Is Worsted Weight Yarn?


In this post, you will see answers to the question – What is worsted weight yarn?

There are thousands of yarns out there waiting for you to choose what you want and turn them into beautiful knit or crochet items.

In order to pick the right yarn for your project, they are separated into categories taking their weight into consideration.

But, when we are talking about yarn weight, we are referring more to the thickness of the yarn strand than its actual weight. 

worsted weight yarn

What Is Worsted Weight Yarn?

Worsted weight yarn is classed as a medium weight yarn according to the standard yarn weight system from the Craft Yarn Council.

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When you buy worsted weight yarn it will normally say the weight of yarn, needle size, crochet hook size, and tension on the yarn label (or ball band).

There are many different fibers you can get including; wool, alpaca, acrylic, cotton, and blends.

The knitted fabric often can give crafters great stitch definition.

There are many knitting projects you can try using this yarn, either knit with a single strand of yarn or with two strands together to make a heavier weight.

Even beginner knitters can use this yarn to make a number of projects like dishcloths, shawls, and more.

Worsted Weight Yarn FAQ’s

How Do I Know If It’s Worsted Weight Yarn?

The yarn weights vary from lace to jumbo yarn (0-7) and worsted yarn falls right in the middle, it’s a medium weight yarn (4).

Thicker than DK (double knitting) yarn (3) but thinner than bulky yarn (5), also in the same medium group, we will find other yarns such as Aran and afghan which are a little heavier than worsted but not enough to move into the next group.

The worsted yarn has a knitting gauge of 16-20 sts per 4 inches using 7-9 (US) knitting needles.

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worsted weight yarn in yarn cakes

What Kind Of Yarn Is Worsted Weight?

The name worsted originates from Worstead a village in Norfolk, England where woven textiles were made from 1200-1800, the woven cloth produced there was called worsted.

Depending on where you live in the world you can hear different names for worsted yarn which is this medium yarn’s American name.

In the UK and Europe, yarns are called by their symbol number so the worsted yarn would be number 4.

If you live in Australia or New Zealand where they call yarns by their ply then the worsted yarn would be 10 ply yarn.

Yarn cakes of worsted weight yarn

What Is Worsted Yarn Used For?

Worsted yarn is one of the most famous yarns as its medium weight makes it easy to work with, you can knit up your project quickly without adding bulk which also makes it perfect if you are new to the knitting and crochet world.

Also one of the perks of its popularity is that is very easy to substitute if you choose a pattern to follow that requires worsted yarn.

But, if you don’t have access to this particular yarn or you just don’t like it, there are hundreds of other yarns of the same weight for you to choose from.

You can knit or crochet pretty much anything with it, a pair of mittens, dishcloths, blankets, baby blankets, sweaters, scarves, shawls, and a pair of socks, the prospects of this yarn are pretty much endless.

mens mariner hat pattern

Worsted Weight Yarn Patterns

If you want to try worsted yarn and start your own knitting or crochet project with it, take a look at the free patterns below and see what you can make next!

What is worsted weight yarn

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