Pumpkin Patch Outfit Ideas (Cute + Stylish)


This blog post will show how to put cute pumpkin patch outfit ideas together!

Whether it’s a warm or cold day, you can build cute, versatile getups with pieces you already have in your closet. 

Fall is the time to bring out your cozy sweaters, cardigans, ankle boots, and jeans and build the perfect fall outfits.

Pumpkin patch outfit ideas

What Is A Pumpkin Patch? 

A pumpkin patch is an area where pumpkins are grown and harvested. 

Pumpkin patches provide a fun and festive atmosphere where people can engage in traditional fall activities, enjoy the outdoors, and experience the harvest season.

It’s a popular seasonal attraction for the whole family, especially during the fall months leading up to Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

Pumpkin patches are commonly visited by families and individuals looking to pick their pumpkins for carving, decorating, or cooking.

There, you will find a variety of pumpkins in different sizes, shapes, and colors. 

Visitors can stroll through the patch, selecting pumpkins that appeal to them. 

Some pumpkin patches offer additional activities and attractions, such as hayrides, corn mazes, petting zoos, apple picking, and festive decorations. 

Going to a pumpkin patch is a great choice for a sunny day if you love fall. 

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Pumpkin patch

What Should I Wear To A Pumpkin Patch?    

When going to active and fun all-day activities, comfort is the key. 

You should be able to enjoy all of your plans for the day without being constricted or uncomfortable by your clothes. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t wear cute outfits and follow the fashion trends. 

Let’s explore some cute pumpkin patch outfit ideas. 

Fall Comfort Vibes 

Fall comfort is about being comfortable and stylish. 

You can never go wrong with a sweater, a pair of jeans, and boots. 

A cream sweater with dark blue or black jeans and cute boots or sneakers will be perfect for the pumpkin farm. 

cold weather outfit by lilly style.
Photo Credit – Lilly-Style.com

A simple outfit you can complete with accessories; for example, if your sweater is oversized, you can add a belt to accent your figure.

overisized sweater by marin poe
Photo Credit – Marin Poe

Knit something yourself…

You can also add fun jewelry to complete your look.  

Plus, a comfy sweater dress with a nice oversized cardigan or coat can also be an easy look to wear. 

sweater dress with coat
Photo Credit – Hayley Tanous | Style Worthy

Rustic Chic Aesthetic

If you love the rustic chic trend for the fall season.

A fun midi floral or plaid dress with chunky booties or knee boots will be ideal. 

Add a denim jacket to complete the chic look. 

You can also wear a fedora in a neutral color. 

Don’t forget to layer your favorite necklaces. 

floral dress with chunky boots
Photo Credit – Pizza & Peonies

Farmhouse Vibes 

Be super comfortable with a pair of denim overalls with a graphic tee underneath. 

Grab your favorite worn boots or rainboots, and you are ready to go!

Not only is this the perfect practical pumpkin-picking outfit, but you will look amazing in photo ops, too. 

overalls outfit
Photo Credit – The Miller Acres

A cool utility jacket or vest will complete the outfit, but if you don’t have any in your wardrobe, one of your flannel shirts will go well with your ensemble, too. 

For accessories, adding a headband or head scarf will be perfect. 

An outfit like this will be fabulous if you plan on getting your hands dirty. 

pumpkin patch outfit farmhouse vibes
Photo Credit – Meg Yahna

Country Classic 

If you love a country outfit, choose a pair of skinny jeans, a Chambray shirt, or a gingham blouse.

And, of course, classic faux leather riding boots and a crossbody bag. 

You can add simple stud earrings and a wristwatch to complete your outfit. 

And if it’s cold, a cozy shawl will be the perfect addition. 

Check out my favorite shawl pattern here- Fringe Shawl Knitting Pattern {Snow And Ashes} 

denim on denim look
Photo Credit – Style Your Occasion

Playful Patterns

You can also choose a fun fall-themed outfit for a unique look. 

Like a graphic tee with a pumpkin or fall motif and pair it with an a-line or denim skirt. 

Add patterned tights or knee socks for extra layers.

Finish off your outfit with Converse sneakers or casual slip-ons. 

For accessories, a stack of bracelets and hoop earrings will be perfect. 

tee with a line skirt
Photo Credit –  Bows & Sequins | Jessica Sturdy

Layered Plaids 

Plaids are the ultimate autumn pattern. 

You can take a plaid flannel shirt worn as a lightweight jacket over a nice basic top and pair it with denim jeans or corduroy pants. 

A buffalo plaid shirt with blue jeans and ankle boots is a great stylish option.

Finish off your outfit with lace-up boots or ankle booties. 

Add a beanie and a cozy scarf for maximum fall vibes. 

buffalo plaid and jeans
Photo Credit – Shelly Janac||The Queen in Between Blog

What Do You Wear To The Pumpkin Patch When It’s Cold?    

If you know that your pumpkin patch day will be cold, dress warm so you can enjoy all of your favorite fall activities. 

Choose a chunky sweater that will keep you warm and toasty. 

Check out my favorite oversized sweater here – Chunky Turtleneck Sweater Knitting Pattern 

Or you can go with thermal fleece-lined shirts or leggings; make sure to wear warm socks. 

And maybe add a pair of fingerless gloves to your accessories, a comfy beanie, and a scarf. 

Plus, don’t forget your jacket; a puffer jacket is always a good choice.

puffer jacket
Photo Credit – Who What Wear UK

What Do You Wear To The Pumpkin Patch On A Hot Day?    

If you’re visiting a pumpkin patch on a hot day, you’ll want to choose lightweight and breathable clothing to stay comfortable while enjoying outdoor activities. 

A  loose-fitting, lightweight blouse or tank top with denim shorts or lightweight shorts.

Finish your outfit with sneakers or canvas shoes.

Don’t forget your hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s glare. 

jeans with top
Photo Credit – Ashley on Pinterest

The Best Accessories For A Pumpkin Patch 


You will need your hands free on a pumpkin patch, so a crossbody bag, a backpack, or a tote bag will be perfect. 


A hat is essential to your pumpkin patch day, whether hot or cold.

Choose a comfy beanie to keep you toasty, a fedora, a wide-brimmed hat, or a baseball cup to keep your head from overheating. 


There is no ideal jewelry for a pumpkin patch.

You can wear whatever you like, but make sure they don’t get in your way. 

What Do Kids Wear To A Pumpkin Patch?    

When dressing kids for a trip to a pumpkin patch, comfort, practicality, and the ability to move around freely are key considerations. 

Choose a comfortable top like a long-sleeved shirt or a lightweight sweater that provides some warmth but can be layered if needed. 

Fun and playful tops that capture the spirit of the pumpkin patch and will look amazing in your family photos.

Pair them with jeans, leggings, or comfortable pants, any bottoms that allow for easy movement and can handle a bit of dirt.

Depending on the temperature, have a jacket or hoodie or a cozy cardigan handy for layering.

Jumpsuits or overalls are great options, not only adorable but also functional for a day of exploring.

Opt for sturdy shoes like closed-toe shoes or sneakers that can handle walking around the pumpkin patch and potentially muddy areas.

Rain boots can keep their feet dry and make exploring more fun if there’s a chance of rain or wet conditions.

Make sure to keep their heads protected from the sun and add a cute accessory to their outfit with a beanie and or a hat. 

Consider bringing mittens or gloves to keep their hands warm if it’s chilly.

kids pumpkin patch outfit
Photo Credit –  Rachel Parcell

What Colors Should You Wear To A Pumpkin Patch?    

When choosing colors to wear to a pumpkin patch, it’s a great idea to select colors of fall that complement the atmosphere and the vibrant hues of pumpkins. 

  1. Earthy Tones:
    • Warm browns: These colors evoke the earthiness of the fall season and match well with the natural colors of pumpkins.
    • Olive green: Olive tones can blend harmoniously with the greenery around the pumpkins.
    • Cream and beige: These neutral shades create a cozy and classic look.
  1. Autumn Reds and Oranges:
    • Rust or burnt orange: These hues resonate with the warm colors of pumpkins and autumn leaves.
    • Deep red or burgundy: Rich red tones can stand out against the pumpkin backdrop on camera. 
  1. Harvest Gold and Yellows:
    • Mustard yellow: This color adds a pop of vibrancy and pairs well with the warm tones of the season. Your pumpkin patch photos will look amazing! 
    • Golden yellow: This shade complements the pumpkin’s natural color and captures the essence of fall.
  1. Natural and Neutral Shades:
    • Taupe or gray: These subtle shades create a clean, sophisticated look without overpowering the setting.
    • Navy blue: A deep blue can contrast beautifully with the orange hues of the pumpkins.
  1. Foliage-inspired Colors:
    • Deep green: A forest green or pine green can evoke the lush foliage of the season.
    • Maroon or plum: These colors add depth and richness, mimicking the changing leaves.

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