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Crochet Acorn Garland Free Pattern (Fall Decor)


In this post, you will see how to create your crochet acorn garland.

At this time of the year, many people decorate their homes for autumn with pine cones, acorns, pumpkins, and other things that celebrate the season.

Please scroll down to view the free pattern, or go to my shop and grab the ad-free printable PDF here.

crochet acorn garland hanging in a fall tree

Make Your Own Autumn Garland

This season is the perfect time to go on fall walks in those crunchy leaves, drink hot chocolate by the fire, and get out those WIPs (works in progress) that need to be finished.

Making this sweet autumn garland will allow you to bring some of those lovely autumnal colors inside.

You can add more or fewer acorns depending on how long you want the garland to be.

I also used some twine to thread through the stems of the acorns so that the rustic look was just right.

Crochet acorn garland
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What You Need To Get Started

From crocheting or knitting your own pumpkins to creating your very own crochet acorns, you can make garlands, table displays, and more.

All you need to get started are a few materials, including leftover yarns from your stash, fiberfill, and makers tools, including scissors and a darning needle.

The acorns are really easy to make and measure around 3″ when finished.

crochet acorn garland free

Great For Stash Busting too!

I used light brown and dark brown scraps left over from another project.

But you could use any colors to make your precious acorns; they don’t have to be in those colors.

Making your own fall decor can give your home a gorgeous rustic look.

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crochet acorn in fall colours

Resources and tutorials you may find helpful in following this pattern

This free crochet pattern is excellent for any advanced beginner.

crochet acorn garland hanging from a tree in fall
Crochet acorn garland pattern

Crochet Acorn Garland

Grab the inexpensive, ad-free, PDF printable pattern (digital download) in my shop here.


Make a cozy home decoration with this simple design.

Place a few in a bowl or basket on your coffee table.

The acorns can be strung together with twine to make a versatile garland in your autumn-themed home (this is the best way to display them!).

Great for Thanksgiving decor or Halloween, you can also make an Oak leaf with this pattern here – Leaf Crochet Pattern With Acorns.

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Copyright Info

  • Please do not copy, sell, redistribute, or republish this pattern. 
  • If you wish to share this pattern, only link to the pattern page.
  • You may sell finished items produced using this pattern.
  • Do NOT use copyrighted photos for your product listing.
  • For the copyright T&C, please read my Terms of Use.

Gauge – 18 sc sts in 4″

The finished acorn measures – 3″ long by 2″ wide without the stem.

The Supplies You Need


  • Any DK yarn (around 10-20g for one acorn)
  • You can make acorns in different sizes using different yarn weights and corresponding crochet hooks.
  • I used scraps of acrylic yarn and wool for this project.

Crochet Hook

  • 3.5 mm crochet hook (US E/4)
  • 4 mm crochet hook (US G/6)


  • Stitch marker
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors

Other Materials

  • Polyester fiberfill for stuffing
Crochet acorn garland strung together with twine


The pattern is written using US crochet terms and abbreviations.

You can find a free PDF of US and UK terms and abbreviations here. – Crochet Abbreviations And Terms (US + UK)

  • CH – chain
  • Rem – Remaining
  • Rep – Repeat
  • SC – Single crochet
  • SC2tog – Single crochet 2 stitches together
  • Sl st – Slip stitch
  • St(s) – Stitch(es)
  • PM – Place marker

Acorn Crochet Pattern

Acorn Instructions

Using the 3.5 mm (US E/4) hook

  1. Ch 2, 6 SC in 2nd ch from hook (PM).
  2. 2 SC in each st around.
  3. *SC in the next 5 sts, 2 SC in next st*, rep from * to * twice.
  4. SC in the next 2 sts, * 2 SC in the next st, SC in the next 2 sts*, rep from * to * until the end of the round.
  5. SC in every st
  6. SC in every st
  7. SC in every st
  8. SC in every st
  9. SC in every st
  10. SC in every st
  11. *SC in next st, SC2tog* Rep from * to * until the end of the round.
  12. *SC2tog* Rep from * to * until the end of the round.

Using the yarn tail and darning needle – weave in and out of the stitches, pulling tight together to close the hole.

Weave in the loose ends.


Using the 4 mm (US G/6) hook

  1. Ch 2, 6 SC in 2nd ch from hook.
  2. 2 SC in each st around.
  3. *SC in the next st, 2 SC in the next st*, Rep from * to * until the end of the round.
  4. *SC in the next 5 sts, 2 SC in the next st*, Rep from * to * until the end of the round.
  5. SC in each st around.
  6. SC2tog, SC in rem sts.
  7. Cut yarn a length of yarn about 6″ long.
  8. Close the loop and weave loose ends at the top of the cap.
  9. Leave the long length of yarn, as this is needed to stitch the acorn into place.


Using the 4mm (US G/6) hook

  1. Ch 7, SC in 2nd ch from hook.
  2. SC in each st around.
  3. Leave a yarn tail and stitch it into place on the top of the cap.

Making Up

Place the acorn into the cap, and using the long tail/length of yarn from the cap, stitch it into place.

Weave in any loose ends.

acorn garland crochet

What Are Quick Crochet Projects?

Quick crochet projects are perfect for when you want the satisfaction of completing something beautiful in a short amount of time.

Here are some ideas for quick crochet projects:

  1. Crochet Dishcloths: These small, functional items are perfect for practicing different stitch patterns and can be completed in a single sitting. – Crochet Dishcloth Pattern Set (Quick Designs For Beginners)
  2. Crochet Coasters: Coasters are quick to make and can be a great way to experiment with colors and stitches.
  3. Crochet Headbands: A stylish and quick accessory that can be completed in an evening. Great for using up leftover yarn. Crochet Headband Pattern (Beginner Friendly!)
  4. Crochet Keychain or Bag Charm: Make a tiny amigurumi creature or a small motif and attach it to a keychain or use it as a bag charm.
  5. Crochet Scrunchies: These are trendy and can be made in various colors to match different outfits.
  6. Crochet Flowers: You can make a bouquet of flowers in no time. Attach them to hair clips or headbands, or use them for decorative purposes.
  7. Crochet Bookmark: A quick and functional project. You can experiment with different stitch patterns and colors.
  8. Crochet Bracelets: Create simple and stylish bracelets using basic crochet stitches.
  9. Crochet Mug Cozy: Keep your hands protected from hot beverages with a cute mug cozy. They work up quickly and are great for practicing new stitches.
  10. Crochet Baby Booties or Hats: Tiny baby items are quick to crochet and make for adorable gifts.
  11. Crochet Potholders: These can be worked up quickly and are both functional and decorative.
  12. Crochet Granny Squares: Use granny squares to make small blankets or scarves, or even join them together to create a larger project. Check out a granny square top pattern here – Granny Square Top Crochet Pattern (Free + Easy)
  13. Crochet Appliqués: Make small motifs like hearts, stars, or animals that can be attached to other projects or used as patches.
  14. Crochet Coffee Cup Sleeve: Keep your hands cool and your coffee stylish with a quick-to-make cup sleeve.
  15. Crochet Earrings: Delicate and quick to make, crochet earrings can add a unique touch to your accessories.

These projects are not only satisfying to complete but are also great for honing your crochet skills and trying out new stitches or techniques.

They make excellent gifts or are perfect for when you need a creative break that results in a finished product.

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Share your work with us…

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I’d love to see your work.

Happy crocheting!

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  1. Thank you so much for the Pattern. I can’t wait to make this! It’s just what i was looking for , to hang from my mother’s hutch.

    1. Hello Barb, Thank you so much for your kind words – I am so happy you like the pattern. Happy crocheting! 🙂

  2. This is darling I can not wait to make for my squirrel friends they will think I have gone nuts 😉
    Thank you
    Kay Swanson Torrence