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Fall Home Decor Ideas {Cozy + Chic}


In this post, you will see fall home decor ideas.

The best thing about fall is those chilly mornings when you get to wrap yourself into a blanket and enjoy a nice cup of coffee next to your window.

That’s what fall is all about – warmth and comfort.

textured home accessories on a bed

The best way to emphasize this is to decorate your home in the spirit of this season.

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So, to help you transform your home into a cozy haven, here are a few fall décor ideas that might inspire you.

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Fall home decor ideas

Lots Of  Throw Blankets And Pillows

Blankets are an inevitable part of the fall-like atmosphere, and it’s not really hard to understand why.

There is no better way to keep warm and comfy, and you can never really have too many of them.

Make them a part of your décor by arranging them on top of your armchairs and sofas, so they are always nearby when you get chilly.

fall home decor ideas woman reading by a log fire

To finish off the fall look of your furniture, add lots of pillows.

You can use them for adding pops of the seasonal colors, and they can increase the feeling of warmth in your cozy home.

You can have many small pillows, or you can have a few bigger ones; their softness is the only thing that really matters.

chunky cable knit blanket on large circular needlesChunky Cable Knit Blanket Pattern

More Textures

Nothing says cozy like soft, fuzzy, and furry things.

Whether you prefer faux fur, fleece, or yarn, make sure to incorporate plenty of soft textures into your décor.

Moreover, if you’re into knitting, you can even make your own stylish sweaters, scarves, blankets, pillows, and throws.

Once you get really good at it, you can also make stuffed toys or fancy hats for your loved ones.

All that’s left is a furry pet that you can cuddle, and you’re all set for a cozy and warm fall.

dog sleeping on a hand knit throw blanketEasy Squishy Knit Throw Blanket Pattern

Spice Up The Fireplace

Fall is the perfect season for spending time near the fireplace.

You can read a book next to the calming fire, or you can simply snuggle with your pets.

No matter what you decide to do near it, your fireplace can be great for expressing your love for fall.

You can decorate it with your favorite books, scented candles, or some decorative branches and foliage.

This way, you’d increase the comfort factor, and your time by the fire would be even more enjoyable than before.

fall home decor ideas people relaxing with coffee next to a fall fireplace

Decorate Your Bathroom

There aren’t many things better than a warm bubble bath, especially when the weather outside is chilly or rainy.

So, since you’ll be spending quite some time in your bathroom, might as well decorate it to fit the season.

Scented candles are made for creating a soothing atmosphere, and you can add some string lights as well – perhaps around the mirror so they can be both beautiful and functional.

Also, if you happen to be remodelling your bathroom, there are many bathtubs that can fit any style, so rest assured that you’d find one perfect for your bathroom.

bathroom with glass windows and view

Show Off Your Mugs And Candles

Fall is the time for all the delicious warm beverages, from healthy tea to sweet hot chocolate.

So, to show off your love for such heartwarming drinks – and to make preparing them quicker – display all your mugs in your kitchen or dining room.

You can hang them on the wall by the handle, arrange them on a shelf, or simply group them on the dining table.

Similarly, scented candles are also one of the seasonal symbols, and they are a great decorative element as well.

You can group them above your fireplace, arrange them on the coffee table in your living room, or you can place them in different corners of your home so you can enjoy the sweet scent all day.

Just don’t forget to put out the candles before bedtime.

fall home decor ideas tea and candles on a wooden tray

Layer The Rugs

When the weather becomes cold, it can be uncomfortable to walk across wooden or tile flooring.

Therefore, consider adding some soft rugs to your living room and bedroom and perhaps placing a couple of warm mats in your bathroom as well.

The rugs would match your throws and pillows perfectly, and you can even layer them to increase the cozy factor – your feet would definitely be thankful.

fall home decor ideas a woman reading on a faux fur rug with tea

Just make sure they actually fit the style of the room – you want it to look comfy, not cluttered.

Fall can sometimes be chilly and depressing, which is why you should make sure your home is as warm and comfy as it can be.

Surround yourself with soft things, engage your sense of smell with scented candles, enjoy delicious warm beverages, and it might even become your favorite season (if it isn’t already).


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