How To Wear Your Knits This Fall


In this post, you will see the inspiration for how to wear your knits this fall.

Instagram’s most influential fashionistas have spent autumn and winter sharing with us their daily outfit choices, enjoying the colder weather in style.

This means that we regular folk can scroll through their fall photoshoots set out in picturesque parks and city spaces getting ideas for our own fall outfits.

The great thing about seeing our favorite Instagram influencers in autumn is getting to pick apart their fall wardrobes, ideally being able to find the same items they are wearing or making our own if they are knitted.

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how to wear your knits this fall
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Trends From Instagram

There are some clear trends from the Instagram elite, including huge oversized knitted scarves, knitted beanies, and cozy-looking oversized coats.

What could be better for us knitters who like to make our own hats, scarves, and sweaters than to look to these influencers for some knitting inspiration?!

With baggy knit sweaters paired with denim, skirts, and trousers, there is also a trend for gorgeous neutrals.

Fall sweater outfits

Fall Outfit Ideas

Gathering fall outfit ideas can make you want to go shopping right away, but for those of you who prefer to knit your sweaters, scarves, and hats you will be able to find many patterns with similar designs.

There are so many great oversized sweater knitting patterns that are available for free, just take a look at this post and find something you can make for fall. – 8+ Stylish Ideas For Your Fall Oversized Knits

Looking for something a bit more simple to cast on?

There are also many scarf knitting patterns that are perfect for fall and winter that you can easily make yourself.

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How To Wear Your Knits This Fall

For more fall outfit ideas, take a look at this post. – Fall Outfit Ideas (Including Must Have Knits!)

1. Viktoria Rader

Viktoria Radar is a mom, a creative mind, and the co-founder of @glamometer, currently in Marrakech.

Her Instagram shows a collection of fashion-forward knitted pieces mixed with everyday photos and other inspiration.

Throughout the seasons you can get awesome outfit ideas.

The knitwear that you can see below has been matched with pieces that explore not only the practicalities of the seasonal weather but Viktoria Radar’s own personal style.

2. Irina Lakicevic

Irina Lakicevic is a stylist, writer, and painter.

Sharing with us all an insight into her everyday life, you will see modern edgy outfits mixed with elegance.

Irina gives us fall outfit ideas that are manageably showing us how to look amazing, while still being comfortable and practical.

The pieces in the photos below would be perfect for a fall work wardrobe – I just love oversized sweaters!

3. Syana

Syana, who is based in both Paris and London, shows us high fashion through an everyday lens.

The awesome outfits and accessories on the show give us an intricate insight into Syana’s world.

The knit sweaters below are paired with coveted accessories and a pop of color from that mustard sweater.

4. Arantza Bellerose Otsoa

Arantza Bellerose Otsoa shows us modern edgy fashion looks through her personal style on Instagram.

Her knitted sweaters are matched with bold prints, colors and textures.

Never afraid to mix things up, she selects some accessories that really make her style unique.

5. Margaret Zhang

Margaret Zhang started her career as a fashion blogger, then moved into photography, styling, and writing, and is known as a prominent digital influencer.

You will see many cool-girl outfit ideas as well as travel pics and other inspiration through her inspiring Instagram fashion photography.

Her choice of knitwear ranges from ribbed knits in unique shapes and neutral colors.

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