37 Easy Crochet Dishcloth Patterns (+ Free Beginner Pattern)


This post will show a collection of 37 Easy Crochet Dishcloth Patterns (+ Free Beginner Pattern).

Crochet dishcloths are one of the most essential items in our kitchens; you can never have enough. 

They give us makers the perfect excuse to grab our hooks and browse our yarn stash to see what we have that we can use up.

37 Easy Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Free Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

The list below has 37+ crocheted dishcloths for you to make, including some with great texture.

This is a way for you to learn a new stitch technique (including basic stitches) while you work on square dishcloths.

Crochet beginners often start with easy crochet dishcloth patterns to learn different stitches.

You don't need much yarn and can experiment with your favorite cotton yarns.

Grab your favorite crochet hook, choose your next crochet dishcloth pattern from the list below, and see what you need to get started!

Make Your Crochet Dishcloths

Crochet dishcloths can complete the decor of your kitchen and make it look a bit more colorful and homely while being 100% useful.

You can make a set of dishcloths in any color palette you like and in any stitch pattern your heart desires.

They are also great gifts for a friend or a family member, and they are easy and fun to make.

crochet dishcloth patterns with different textures
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Why do dishcloths make such great projects?

Dishcloths are a great project to do if you are on the go!

Take it with you in your bag on the bus or while on a road trip in the car.

They are also often easy patterns that, once you start, you can memorize fast, making them perfect for working on while you watch a movie.

They also work up fast as they are small squares, often measuring around 10×10 inches.

Plus, you can test out new stitch patterns and designs using various yarns from your stash.

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woman crocheting using up her yarn stash

Choose Your Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

Plus, they can be a good project for new crocheters to practice their skills and learn new stitch patterns.

This is because it is a small project, but it is still long enough to get used to repetitive actions. 

Moreover, they are a great way to make your life a little bit more eco-friendly.

They are durable and can completely replace single-use paper towels or sponges. 

For simple single crochet, you may like this pattern – Crochet Washcloth Pattern {Beginner Friendly!}

What Do You Need To Crochet Dishcloths? 

To crochet dishcloths, you’ll need a few essential materials. 

Aside from the yarn and hooks, you will also need a few more supplies.

Other essential tools include scissors for cutting yarn, a tapestry needle/yarn needle for weaving in ends, and stitch markers if needed to keep track of stitch counts or pattern repeats. 

With these supplies on hand and a basic understanding of crochet techniques, you’ll be well-equipped to crochet durable and functional dishcloths for your kitchen.

What size crochet hook is best for dishcloths? 

The best crochet hook size for dishcloths depends on personal preference, yarn weight, and the desired texture of the fabric. 

However, a commonly recommended hook size for crocheting dishcloths with worsted weight cotton yarn is typically between US G-6 (4.0mm) and US H-8 (5.0mm). 

These hook sizes create a fabric that is tight enough for effective scrubbing while still allowing the dishcloth to maintain flexibility and absorbency. 

Experimenting with different hook sizes will allow you to determine the best fit for your individual crocheting style and the specific needs of your dishcloth project.

What’s the best yarn for dishcloths?    

The best yarn for crocheting dishcloths is typically a durable, absorbent, and easy-to-care-for fiber, such as cotton or a cotton blend. 

Cotton yarns are particularly popular for easy crochet dishcloth patterns due to their ability to absorb water effectively and withstand frequent washing. 

Look for yarns labeled as “dishcloth cotton” or “kitchen cotton,” as these are specifically designed for use in kitchen projects and have been treated to be more absorbent. 

Additionally, choosing a yarn that is tightly spun and has a smooth texture will help to create a sturdy fabric that is ideal for scrubbing dishes and wiping up spills. 

Avoid using yarns with acrylic or other synthetic fibers, as they may not absorb water as well and can be less effective for cleaning purposes. 

Ultimately, selecting a high-quality cotton yarn will ensure that your crocheted dishcloths are both functional and long-lasting.

My favorites are Lily Sugar And Cream and the Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

The 10 Best Yarns For Crochet Dishcloth Patterns

Crochet Lessons

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