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10 Crochet Blanket Patterns To Make For Fall


In this post, you will a round-up of 10 crochet blanket patterns to make for fall.

One of the most comforting feelings in the world is coming home and snuggling with your favorite blanket after a long day at work. 

Choosing the yarn and stitch patterns yourself is a great way to make something special for yourself or to gift. 

granny stripe crochet blanket in fall colors

Why You Need A Blanket 

Not only are they snuggly and comforting but they keep you warm in the colder seasons.

They can also be used as decor, you can throw a blanket over your bed and make your room decor warmer.

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Or, over your couch as a cover if you want to change up and warm up your living room decor. 

And if you are done snuggling you can also fold them up and use them as a practical and decorative pillow. 

woman making a granny square blanket

Crochet Your Own Blanket 

If you are a crocheter this is a prime opportunity to get your softest yarn, your hooks and browse the internet for the perfect patterns that fit your skills and preferences.  

While making your own is more difficult than choosing to just buy one it definitely has its perks, as you can literally make the blanket of your dreams when it comes to design, softness, and color.

Grey tones crochet blanket

Choosing A Stitch Pattern

There are many designs online that you will absolutely love no matter your style like the granny square, granny stripe, shell stitch, alpine stitch, corner to corner, basketweave, and many more.

Moreover, a crochet blanket makes an amazing gift for a loved one, as everyone will be moved and impressed that you took the time and effort to make a blanket for them.

It’s an excellent housewarming gift or for a baby shower.

Granny stripe blanket

Great For Beginners Too

A crochet blanket or crochet afghan is a big project for a new crocheter and might look intimidating but it’s actually a good project to practice your stitches. 

As the action is repetitive and will make you the master of any stitch. 

There are many crochet blanket patterns that are perfect for anyone who is new to crochet.

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crochet blanket folded

10 Crochet Blanket Patterns To Make For Fall

There are many crochet patterns online for all skill levels, check out the patterns below and you might find your next project. 

Free Crochet Patterns

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  1. Thanks for more ideas for crocheted afghans. I have made 5 since the pandemic began, 3 granny square ones, a pineapple blossom one and one a circle in a square one. I have donated one to my local Project Linus group. I am thankful I had the time to slow down and crochet some blankets/afghans, so soul satisfying. Again, thanks for your timely ideas♥

    1. Hello Susie,
      Wow! That’s amazing you have made so many afghans and donated them.
      I bet they were truly appreciated.
      I hope you find new patterns to inspire you to keep making more.
      Happy crocheting!