Cupcake Pattern {Great For Stash-busting!}


In this post, you will see an easy level cupcake pattern.

I like baking cupcakes sometimes, eating them and decorating them…. but this can be so dangerous to your waistline!

Why not turn the love to a non-edible version by knitting little cupcakes, with different coloured icing and adding beads/sequins for sprinkled decoration.

The cupcakes are knit flat and then assembled together, with the addition of beaded or stitched sprinkles.

An Easy Level Knitting Pattern

This is an easy pattern for those of you who are advanced beginner level, and the techniques you will need to know are knit, purl and k2tog.

Using mainly knit and purl stitches, it will also introduce you to decreasing and shaping.

Cupcake Pattern

Resources and tutorials you may find helpful in following this pattern:

This pattern is great for any advanced beginner knitters.

Cupcake Pattern

Skill Level – Easy


This cupcake pattern is knit in pieces, stitched together and stuffed.

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Gauge –  16 sts and 22 rows in 4×4 inches / 10×10 cm

The Supplies You Need


  • A small amount of the following >
  • Pink (Shade A)
  • Cream (Shade B)
  • Light brown (Shade C)
  • Light pink (Shade D)
  • All DK yarn or 4 ply wool.
  • You can choose your own colours and use beads to look like sprinkles!


  • 3.5 mm (US 4) needles


  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Darning needle
  • Sewing needle

Other Materials

  • Sewing thread
  • Beads

Abbreviations >

  • Approx = Approximately
  • Beg = Begin(ning)
  • Cont = Continue(ing)
  • Inc – Increase (either KFB or M1)
  • K = Knit
  • K2tog = Knit next 2 stitches together
  • KFB – Knit into the front and back of the stitch to increase by 1 st.
  • P – Purl
  • M1 = Make 1 stitch
  • Rem = Remaining
  • Rep = Repeat
  • St(s) = Stitch(es)


  • Pink (Shade A)
  • Cream (Shade B)
  • Light brown (Shade C)
  • Light pink (Shade D)

Using shade C cast on 10 stitches

  1. Row 1: (k1, Inc 1) rep to last st, K1. (19 stitches)
  2. Row 2: P
  3. Row 3: (k2, Inc1) to last st, K1. (28 stitches)
  4. Row 4: P
  5. Row 5: (K2, Inc1) to last two stitches K2 (41 stitches)
  6. Row 6: P
  7. Row 7: K1 (K3, Inc 1) to last stitch K1 (54 stitches)
  8. Row 8: P
  9. Row 9: K
  10. Row 10: P
  11. Row 11: K
  12. Row 12: P
  13. Row 13: K4 (K1, Inc 1, k6) rep to last 7sts, K7 (61 stitches)
  14. Row 14: P
  15. Row 15: K
  16. Row 16: P
  17. Row 17: K4 (K1, Inc 1, K7) rep to last 6 sts, K6 (68 stitches)
  18. Row 18: P
  19. Row 19: K4 (K1, Inc 1, K4) rep to last 4 sts, K4 (80 stitches)
  20. Row 20: P
  21. Row 21: Change to Shade A. K row
  22. Row 22: K
  23. Row 23: K
  24. Row 24: K
  25. Row 25: K2, (K2tog 5 times, K10) Rep to the end of the row, K3.
  26. Row 26: K
  27. Row 27: *K1, K2tog – *Rep to the end of the row.
  28. Row28: K
  29. Row 29: K2 tog to end.
  30. Row 30: K2 tog to end.
  31. Row 31: Break yarn and thread through stitches, draw tight & fasten off


Using shade D cast on 4 stitches

  1. Row 1: P
  2. Row 2: P
  3. Row 3: K
  4. Row 4: P
  5. Row 5: K
  6. Row 6: P
  7. Row 7: P
  8. K2tog to end

Break yarn and thread through stitches, draw tight & fasten off.


Using shade B cast on 9 stitches

Rows 1–78: Knit all rows in Garter Stitch

Cast off.

Pick up 29 stitches evenly along one of the long sides.

  1. Row 1: P
  2. Row 2: K4 (K2tog x 4, K3) twice, K4
  3. Row 3: P
  4. Row 4: K1 (K2 tog, K2) to end.
  5. Row 5: P
  6. Row 6: K2 tog to end.
  7. Row 7: Break yarn and thread through stitches, draw tight & fasten off.
  8. Sew bottom and side together to form a cupcake case.

Making Up

  1. Sew together cupcake edges leaving a gap to stuff.
  2. Stuff with stuffing and sew up the gap.
  3. Sew in any loose ends.
  4. Sew a running stitch around the edge of the cherry and pull tight to give a ball shape.
  5. Fasten off and attach to the top of the cake.
  6. Sew on small round beads to look like sprinkles!
  7. Or add French knots with embroidery thread.

I love seeing your finished projects!

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Happy Knitting! xoxo

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  1. I am trying to make this for a friend. I can’t get the stitches to work out. I.e 10 stitches cast on then knit 1 inc 1 does not make 15 but 20 stitches. I am quite confused by this and having to calculate the amount of stitches as I go. Am I not understanding something. Thanks

    1. Hello Shirl, I have amended the stitch counts, so you should ok now!
      Thanks for letting me know about that.
      Louise 🙂

  2. My row 25 isn’t adding up. I’m left with 38 stitches on my left needle after (k2tog 5 times, k10) twice instead of one. Any advice please?

    1. Hello Amelia,
      You can work row 25 like this – K2, (K2tog 5 times, K10) Rep to the end of the row, K3.
      Repeat the K2tog, 5 times, K10 to the end of the row, you should have 3 sts left.
      I hope that helps,