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57 Stash Busting Knitting Patterns


In this post, you will see 57 stash-busting knitting patterns.

All knitters have a yarn stash full of one-skein wonders and leftovers from other projects.

A great way to use them up is to choose projects like knitted dishcloths, trendy hats, gloves, or baby knits.

You could also choose larger projects like striped sweaters, striped baby blankets, or a scrap yarn throw blanket with stripes.

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57 stash busting knitting patterns
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What Does Stash Buster Mean?

A “stash buster” refers to a project or pattern that is designed to help knitters use up their yarn stash, particularly leftover or odd bits of yarn from previous projects.

Knitters often stockpile various yarns over time, and sometimes they end up with small amounts of yarn that aren’t sufficient for larger projects on their own.

A stash buster pattern typically uses multiple colors or different types of yarn and blends them creatively to create a new and interesting design. 

These patterns can range from simple and repetitive projects like scarves, hats, or blankets, to more intricate and complex designs like multi-colored garments or accessories with colorwork.

They can also be a fun way for knitters to experiment with color combinations and test their creativity by mixing and matching different yarns to achieve unique and eye-catching results. 

Mini skeins for stash busting

Shopping Your Own Stash

If you feel like you need to make room in your collection for a new yarn or two.

Shop your own stash, and make fun projects with the fun yarns you already own!

Our yarn stashes are just waiting to be used up.

stash busting your own yarn stash in a basket

How Do You Organize A Yarn Stash?

Keeping track of your yarn stash is essential for any yarn crafter to stay organized and make the most of their supplies. 

Here are some easy tips you can use to manage your yarn stash:

  • Inventory spreadsheet: Create a spreadsheet using software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Include columns for yarn brand, color, weight, fiber content, quantity, and any notes or project ideas. This method allows you to easily sort and search your stash by various criteria.
  • Yarn tags or labels: Attach labels or tags to your yarn skeins or balls with relevant information like yarn type, color, and yardage. You can use physical tags or create printable labels and attach them using a string or safety pin.
  • Ziplock bags or clear bins: Sort your yarn by color or type and store them in clear plastic bags or transparent bins. This way, you can easily see what you have without having to open every container.
  • Yarn stash notebook or binder: Use a dedicated notebook or binder to write down details about each yarn skein or ball, including its origin, price, and intended use.
  • Yarn sample cards: Create small swatches of each yarn in your stash and attach them to index cards with relevant information. This method is particularly useful for color matching and comparing textures.
  • Digital photo catalog: Take photos of your yarn stash and organize them in folders on your computer or smartphone. You can add descriptions or notes to the image files.
  • Categorize by project: If you have specific projects in mind for certain yarn, group those yarns together so you can easily access them when you’re ready to start the project.
Yarn for stash busting

One Skein Knitting Patterns

A great way to use up the leftover skeins you may have is to look for one skein patterns.

You can make hats, mittens, fingerless gloves, a tea cosy, and perhaps even a cowl.

These all make great gifts, so even if you don’t want them for yourself, you can donate them or gift them.

easy mittens knitting pattern free

What About A Stash Busting Blanket?

Smaller projects may take you a while to use up those leftovers but a larger project like a blanket will do it much faster.

Think of a patchwork blanket or stripes and those yarn scraps will definitely become useful.

Baby blankets or larger throw blankets can be made with lots of different colors, weights, and textures.

More Yarn Stash Patterns

If you want to see more patterns that will help you to use up your scrap yarn, then take a look at this post: 20 Patterns To Use Up Your Yarn Stash.

This pattern roundup includes both knitting and crochet patterns.

There are many small projects to choose from as well as larger projects like blankets.

You may also like this crochet pattern round-up – 50 Stash Busting Crochet Patterns (Quick Projects)

The round-up includes patterns like face scrubbies, baskets, granny square designs, and more. 

57 Stash Busting Knitting Patterns

Choose a new project to cast on and use up those yarns you have in your yarn stash.

There are 57 patterns to choose from, ranging from smaller projects to larger projects.

Share your work with us…

I love seeing your finished projects on social media.

If you enjoyed making any of the items listed, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, be sure to tag me @handylittleme.

I’d love to see your work.

Happy knitting!

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  1. Thank you for these ideas. I’m pretty excited that I just got a great deal of some Lion Brand yarn and I’m going to make your chunky cable blanket! I’ve been thinking and thinking about that pattern since I saw it. I already had size 50 needles so now I’ll be all set come fall to start it. I usually knit in the fall and winter as it’s too warm now.

    1. Hello Maria, that’s great! The Lion Brand yarn will be great for the cable blanket pattern, I saw one knit in the deep purple colour and it looked amazing!
      I hope you enjoy making it 🙂
      Happy Knitting!

      1. Hello Claire,
        I don’t have any full-fingered glove patterns on the site.
        Only mittens or fingerless mitts/gloves.
        Sorry about that!