How To Stay Warm In Winter


In this post, you will see tips on how to stay warm in winter.

I LOVE the snow and it inspires me to want to knit more and be cozy inside.

Obviously, it has a negative side too, with bitterly cold temperatures, icy winds and not to mention the transport becomes a nightmare.

Winter has many ways of putting you into the cold, but there are many ways to get through it and make the most of it.

10 tips for staying warm and cozy

 Do You Love To Knit In Winter?

Winter is one of my favorite times of the year – walking in the snow and then getting cozy inside is such a great feeling!

Christmas is just around the corner, and there are endless ways to enjoy the cold weather without getting bored or breaking the bank.

Knits That will help you to keep warm…

When the snow comes, try these tips, they will keep you warm, cozy, and occupied until it melts.

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How To Stay Warm In Winter

Take a look through my top tips on how to stay warm in winter, including making your own knitwear!

1. Wear Layers

Wearing lots of layers helps to insulate your body, you can wear as many as you like with at least 3 to keep your body warm.

You can wear a base layer, for example, a long-sleeved shirt, a middle layer, like a sweater, and an outer layer, a thick jacket, and pants.

  • The first layer of clothing you should wear is the one that’s worn next to your skin. You can wear a long-sleeved shirt, a tee or thermals if you have them.
  • The middle layer is meant to help to keep you super toasty, by keeping the heat inside, wear something like a woolly sweater or fleece pullover.
  • The last layer is the outer layer, which you need for this kind of weather! Wear thick pants and a warm waterproof jacket.

A fabric like cotton or wool will help to keep you warm also.

winter layers

2. Stay Dry

Make sure you stay dry, wearing a waterproof coat, snow boots, waterproof pants if you have them, and an umbrella.

When you are walking in the snow, ice-cold temperatures, you can encounter freezing rain and ice, which can dampen your clothes and make you feel glacial.

Being prepared for this type of weather can have many benefits, invest in a good waterproof coat and snow boots, there are so many snow boots out there to choose from, and it’s well worth getting a pair (I recommend Sorel snow boots).

3. Wear a Hat and Gloves

There’s nothing better than wearing a hat in this kind of weather!

You can lose lots of body heat through your head, so wearing a hat is essential for staying warm in the winter.

Any exposed skin will feel the cold air and icy temperatures, so wear gloves and a scarf too.

If it’s really bright, wear your sunglasses too.

The sun’s UV rays are stronger, so wearing sunglasses is a good idea.

Obviously, if you are going to a Skiing place for a break, wearing sunnies or goggles is a must!

4. Drink Lots

Don’t get dehydrated and remember to drink plenty of fluids, water, and hot drinks will keep you both hydrated and warm.

Make a pot of tea and keep nice and toasty in front of the fireplace (or heater) while working or relaxing (a hot water bottle can help too).

I really like to have hot tea when it is cold, as it really helps me to stay warm and feel cozy, even if I am outside in the town or traveling.

5. Move Your Body

If you are outside, try to keep moving, this will help you to keep your body warm.

Take the dog for a walk, walk to the shop for groceries, play with the kids or have a snowball fight with friends.

If you are inside a lot, remember to move around, get up and walk around a bit, stretch your body, and move your hands and feet.

I have to do this anyway because I sit and type a lot and forget to move! So I try to take regular breaks to move and stretch.

6. Stay Cosy Inside

If you are stuck indoors, there are plenty of things you can do to stay cozy, light some candles, close the blinds, get the winter blankets on the sofa, wear comfy clothes, make some tea and watch a movie with your pets.

If you are having to work from home, get comfortable and make sure you are warm, with breaks scheduled.

A humidifier, heating pad, electric blanket, and wearing extra layers (like long underwear as an insulating layer) can all help to beat the cold inside.

A hot bath or hot shower can also help to elevate your body temperature.

If the kids are home because school is closed, you can get crafting, playing games, cooking, or catching up on homework.

7. Make Something

One way to occupy your time when stuck inside because of the bad weather is to make something new.

One of the things I like best when I can’t get outside is to watch an old movie and knit.

You can make cozy accessories for yourself or your family members to keep warm during the winter with free knitting patterns.

8. Catch Up With Netflix

When you have a snow day and you want to stay inside, cozy and warm, what could be better than catching up with your shows on Netflix?!

I also like to catch up with shows on the BBCiplayer because I love their crime dramas like Strike, McMafia, and Collateral.

But I do enjoy watching Netflix and knitting when the weather is bitter cold and the heating is on. Here are my top picks for shows that I have been watching recently >

  • Peaky Blinders – Ok so I have watched this series more than once! I can’t get enough of the story, the moody sets, and the vintage costumes. It’s an excellent drama, with compelling storylines, actors, and humor. I want to go to a Peaky Blinders bar or do the tour next time I am in the UK.
  • Vikings – I want to watch this series again now too, it is so good! It gives me ideas for knitwear and of course, it is compelling viewing. I remember learning about the Vikings at school and visiting places in Northumberland, learning about illuminated letters and Lindisfarne. It’s an ingrained part of the history of the people living in the North of England (where I am from).

9. Bake

What could be better than having homemade soup with freshly baked bread on a freezing cold day?!

Bake something and warm yourself up with sweet or savory goods.

The only chef that I get recipes from these days is Akis Petretzikis, not only is he easy on the eyes ladies, but his recipes are so easy and delicious to make. his website allows you to create your own recipe book and you can store your faves in there.

I use this all of the time for ideas, for everything, cakes, crepes, soups, mains, and bread.

10. Skype Friends and Family

If it’s too cold to meet up then video chat from the comfort of your own sofa.

It’s super easy to video call anyone, anywhere which means you don’t have to step outside into the cold if you don’t want to or can’t.

Just get cozy, with the heating on, have a hot chocolate and call up your besties, mom/dad, or grandma and chat for hours.

I hope you have enjoyed the tips and are keeping yourself warm in the cold weather.

If you have any other tips please let me know in the comments below.

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