Getting Ready For Christmas {12 Tips + Ideas}


In this post, you will see some ideas about getting ready for Christmas.

Not sure what to do or how to get everything ready on top of everything else going on in your life?

Then don’t worry because these tips will help you to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home.

How to prepare for guests at Christmas

Getting Ready For Christmas

1. Decorate Your Home’s Exterior

Create an amazing first impression before your guests arrive by decorating your home’s exterior as well as the interior.

A wreath is always a good addition to the front door, but there are other ways to add festive cheer, such as hanging baubles and adding fairy lights in trees or shrubs.

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Christmas front door wreath with red ribbon

2. Make A Sleeping Plan

Write out a list of who is coming to stay and for how long and of course where they are going to sleep!

It’s best to plan this so that you don’t run out of duvets and pillows.

You could always come up with a contingency plan for the guest bedroom by having some spare sleeping bags that can be used on the sofa.

Christmas guests wearing Santa hats

For the busiest nights of the holiday season, you could allow all of the kids to sleep together on the floor in one guest room, making a camping-like atmosphere.

If you have given all of the beds to guests and you are left in a pickle, you can always look for other options, such as beds that can fold away or inflate or even lilos for the children.

You can also think about the pets – Do you have pets or do your family travel with their fur babies? They will also need somewhere to sleep.

Dog sleeping in a dog bed with blanket

3. Give The Bedrooms A Makeover

Dress up the bedrooms with festive flowers or foliage on the bedside tables, hang a wreath above the bed or baubles hung with ribbons.

You could also remove any clutter and place water bottles and glasses by each bed.

Clear out drawers for the guests, vacuum, arrange the throw pillows, get out the extra blankets, and if you want to, leave small gifts perfect for the time of year, like mini chocolates.

white bedroom with knitted blankets and mini Christmas tree

You could invest in some new cotton bed linen from California Design Den, which is good quality, luxurious and a dream to sleep on!

This linen is the type of bedding that you would expect from a top hotel, both heavy, durable and soft, making you feel properly rested after your sleep.

Once you get your bed linen ironed and ready, you could also add festive pillows or a snuggly throw blanket as a finishing touch.

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large knit blanket with cables

4. Stock Up The Bathroom

It’s the little details that can make your guests stay as comfortable as possible.

Make sure the bathroom is sparkling clean, has extra bath mats, toothpaste and has a good supply of extra toilet paper.

Leave out mini toiletries next to the sink – like shower gel, shampoo and a nice bar of soap for overnight guests to use and replace all of the towels that look a little worn.

Christmas guest bathroom with red and white bottles

5. Think Of A Menu Plan

Make a schedule of how many people you need to cook for on any given day.

Once you have worked out how many people you are cooking for, decide what you want to serve and get the grocery shopping done in advance.

There are so many inspiring recipes out there, from cookbooks to online, I personally always look to chef Akis Petretzikis for inspiration.

Christmas dining table with turkey and all the trimmings

For the busiest meals before and after Christmas day, opt for simple dishes that you can prepare in advance and freeze.

Keep breakfasts relaxed with a buffet-style approach that means guests can help themselves when they get up.

Plus you can get in extra snacks and beverages.

Christmas breakfast buffet with eggs and pancakes

6. Make A Seating Plan

Think about seating, is everyone going to be able to fit around your dining table?

Do you need extra chairs or an extra table? This can be a bit of a squeeze if you have many guests.

Not only will the guests be sitting to dine, but in other areas of the home too.

Christmas dining table with greenery tablescape

Give some thought to the living room, rearrange furniture to create as much space as possible.

You can always put some into storage, like the garage or a lesser-used room if you have space.

If you don’t have enough comfy chairs, floor pillows and pouffes are good for younger visitors.

young girl sitting next to a Christmas tree

7. Organise The Hallway

Hallways and the entryway are often cluttered with coats and shoes, umbrellas and other stuff needed for the winter weather.

Try to store as many family coats as possible in a closet space, wardrobe or storage box under the bed.

Place a basket in the hall for shoes, so that they don’t end up all over the place.

Christmas hallway with large Christmas tree

8. Create An Atmosphere

Make your home feel like Christmas with festive fragrances from a scented candle or fresh greens.

Think of spices, pine, and eucalyptus, which can be added as part of the holiday decorations.

Use room sprays, candles, diffusers, garlands, and potpourri to get your guests into the holiday spirit.

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Christmas candles with red ribbon and wooden decorations

9. Cleaning Kits

Have a cleaning kit handy, so that if there are any spillages you can get it sorted out right away.

Accidents happen and having the tools to tackle spills quickly will be worth it!

Christmas dining table with wine and guests

10. Make A Playlist

Create a playlist on Youtube or on Spotify to play during various times.

You could have upbeat Christmas pop songs or traditional classical Christmas music in the background.

You can even play a video of a crackling fire with instrumental Christmas music playing in place of a real log fire on Youtube.

Woman listening to Christmas music next to a Christmas tree

11. Entertainment

Your guests might want to play board games, cards or something else during their stay, so having a few things at hand will keep them entertained.

For those who are staying longer, you can have a few books around, magazines and puzzles.

As well as a few classic DVDs such as; It’s A Wonderful Life, White Christmas and Elf!

Family reading next to the Christmas tree

12. Keep The Kids Occupied

If the children get bored you can have a number of activities and toys ready for them to enjoy.

From Christmas crafts, baking to playing games there are so many things they can do to pass the time during the holidays.

Fill a jar with various activities and let them choose – ideas can include outdoor as well as indoor activities.

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mom and daughter crafting at Christmas

I hope you have enjoyed the tips and can now prepare for all of your Christmas guests!

Let me know how you like to get ready in the comments below.

a family lying on the floor with Christmas gifts

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