Crochet Shamrock Pattern (+ Four Leaf Clover)


In this post, you will see a crochet shamrock pattern and a four leaf clover.

You can easily make the leaves of a shamrock by crocheting flat panels that are heart shaped and sewing them together, adding a stem, and voila!

This is a fun project and a great way to use up scrap yarns in your stash.

Please scroll down to view the free crochet pattern, or grab your printable PDF in my shop here.

Crochet shamrock pattern (+ Four Leaf Clover)

Crochet Shamrock Pattern

Make a lucky crochet shamrock with a stem to applique onto a bag, wear as a pin, as earrings, or make into a bookmark.

A shamrock has three leaves, and the four leaf clover has an extra leaf to make four.

This quick crochet project will be great for stash-busting and using yarn scraps.

This easy crochet pattern and finished product is for personal use only.

Grab a printable version of this pattern here.

Skill Levels – Beginner to Advanced beginner

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crochet shamrock

Size Information

The shamrock and four-leaf clover both measure – 2 inches wide.

The bookmark length measures – 9 inches long.

The stem measures – 1.5 inches long.

simple crochet shamrock

The supplies you need…


  • Fingering weight yarn/4 Ply.
  • Amount of yarn – around 10g/40 meters for two shamrocks and the bookmark length.
  • I used a small amount from two mini skeins of fingering yarn hand-dyed in spring green.
  • You could use any yarn weight and hook size for this project, but it will affect the finished size of the shamrock.

Hook Size

  • (US E-4) 3.5 mm crochet hook


  • Darning needle/tapestry needle or yarn needle
  • Scissors
St Patricks Day crochet bookmarks

List of Crochet Abbreviations

The pattern is written using US crochet terms and abbreviations.

  • ch – Chain
  • dc – Double crochet
  • rep – Repeat
  • sc – single crochet
  • sl-st – Slip stitch
  • tr – Treble crochet
shamrock leaves

Easy Crochet Shamrock Pattern Instructions

  • ch 3, sl-st into the first ch to create a magic ring (or circle).
  • 3 tr, 3 dc, ch 1, tr, ch 1 into the ring.
  • 3 dc, 3 tr, ch 3, sl-st into the center.
  • Secure.
  • Make 2 more the same for the shamrock.
  • Make 3 more, the same for the four-leaf clover.


For the shamrock, sew together the three leaves (in a shamrock shape) on the wrong side of the work (the back), connecting all three from the pointed end of the leaves and connecting the sides half-way up.

Weave in any yarn tails.

Then make a small stem – ch 12, sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, and in each to end, cut yarn and secure with a sl st.

Fasten off, leaving a long enough tail for seaming the leaves and securing the ends.

Sew one end of the stem to the back of the shamrock, pushing the needle through to the front and back a few times.

Secure with a knot and weave in any loose ends.

For the four-leaf clover – add a fourth leaf and secure it into place with small stitches on the back of the work.

back of the crochet shamrock
You can see the stitches and stem on the back of the shamrock.

The Bookmark

You will need two shamrocks or two four leaf clovers.

With your 4-ply yarn and a 3.5 mm hook/US E-4, ch 60, sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, and in each to end, cut yarn and secure (leave a tail long enough to sew the shamrock or four leaf clover into place).

Sew one shamrock (or one four leaf clover) to each end of the single crochet length.

To make the bookmark wider you can repeat row 1 – and continue to single crochet until the bookmark width is what you desire.

shamrock bookmark crochet

What Can You Do With A Crochet Shamrock?

Crocheted shamrocks are versatile, charming little projects that can be used in a variety of ways to add a touch of Irish flair or to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Whether you’re looking to create festive decorations, personal accessories, or thoughtful gifts, here are some creative ideas for using crocheted shamrocks:

  1. Brooches or Pins: Attach a safety pin or brooch pin to the back of a crocheted shamrock to create a festive accessory. Wear it on your lapel, hat applique, hair clips, or bag to show off your St. Patrick’s Day spirit.
  2. Garland or Bunting: String several crocheted shamrocks (perhaps in a worsted weight yarn like Red Heart Super Saver) together on a piece of yarn or twine to create a festive garland. This can be hung on mantels, doorways, or windows as a charming decoration for St. Patrick’s Day.
  3. Greeting Cards or Invitations: Glue a small crocheted shamrock onto the front of a blank card for a unique, handmade touch on St. Patrick’s Day cards or party invitations.
  4. Hair Accessories: Attach a crocheted shamrock to a hair clip, headband, or hair tie to create a festive hair accessory. This is a fun way to dress up for St. Patrick’s Day, especially for children.
  5. Appliqués for Clothing or Accessories: Sew crocheted shamrocks onto clothing, such as hats, scarves, sweaters, or socks for a festive touch. They can also be attached to bags, purses, or keychains as a decorative element.
  6. Table Decorations: Use crocheted shamrocks as part of your table decor or table setting for a St. Patrick’s Day feast. They can be placed on the table as confetti, attached to napkin rings, or used as coasters.
  7. Bookmarks: Stiffen a crocheted shamrock with fabric stiffener, attach it to a strip of cardstock or a thin ribbon, and use it as a bookmark. This can make a lovely gift for book-loving friends.
  8. Gift Toppers: Attach a crocheted shamrock to the top of a gift as a decorative and thematic embellishment. This is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or as a special touch on any gift.
  9. Fridge Magnets: Glue a small magnet to the back of a crocheted shamrock to create a festive refrigerator magnet. This is a simple and fun way to decorate your kitchen for the holiday.
  10. Lucky Charm: Carry a crocheted shamrock as a lucky charm or give them to friends and family as a symbol of good luck and fortune.

When crocheting shamrocks, you can experiment with different sizes, colors, and yarn types to create unique variations.

These small projects are not only fun to make but also offer endless possibilities for adding a touch of creativity and festivity to various items and occasions.

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shamrock crochet bookmark

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crochet four leaf clover bookmark

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