Create A Babymoon Vacation Capsule Wardrobe


So you really need to have a babymoon before your little one comes into the world…but where should you go? and more importantly, what should you wear?!!

If you are planning a week away in the sun to de-stress and relax, I want to help you to create a babymoon vacation capsule wardrobe.

The idea behind creating a capsule wardrobe for your babymoon vacation is that you will take with you interchangeable pieces that can be mixed and matched, depending on where you are going and what the weather will be like.


You will be able to pack the basics and add a few key pieces. By sticking to a capsule wardrobe, you will also be able to save money and buy more stuff for your baby!

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If you are planning on going somewhere hot (after all summer is just around the corner!) then you will want to stay comfy and cool all day.

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If you are looking to create a capsule wardrobe for your pregnancy, and have been finding it difficult knowing how to style your blossoming baby bump take a look at my other posts on building a capsule wardrobe during pregnancy.

I have been searching (in another post) for amazing finds for your capsule wardrobe during pregnancy, with key pieces that will see you through spring, summer and beyond.

I have selected some must-have items that will keep you looking amazing but are also easy to wear.

Here is a breakdown of what you will need to create a babymoon vacation capsule wardrobe for that much needed week away in the sun……


Take three to four tops with you, mixing and matching patterns with plain cotton.

Simple cotton vests will mix and match with both shorts and skirts.

Looser fitting tops will be perfect to keep you feeling cool in the warmer climate.


Take one skirt that you can dress up or dress down.

A longer flowing skirt will be good for the beach or later when going out for dinner.

They also have a laid-back boho look, that is soo pretty!


Take one pair of shorts – again so you can mix with different tops for the beach or to go out at night.


Take two dresses, one for the day and one for the night.

There are so many cool cotton dresses out there that would be perfect for the day, to stroll through narrow shopping streets or to have lunch by the sea.

For the evening, you could dress up your day dress with glam accessories or go for a different look with a floor-length maxi dress.

Maxi dress + tan + accessories = serious glam!


Take one pair for the day and a sexier pair for at night.

Something comfortable to walk around in, like Birkenstocks or trainers. If you are afraid of ruining your Birks on the beach (I know I am!) take a pair of flip-flops.

There is a pretty and comfortable choice from Havainas, like the leopard print pair pictured below.

For the evening, take a pair of trendy gladiator flats. They go with everything!


Take one swimsuit or bikini to wear and a cover-up too.

From brights, patterns and neutrals, you will find something to suit your taste.

Bright cover-ups look stunning when paired with black swimwear and neutral accessories.


Take a scarf/pashmina for a cover-up, jewellery, sunglasses and a hat.

A scarf will make sure you can cover up from the sun or later if it gets cooler.

Take some select pieces of jewellery to wear with your chosen capsule babymoon pieces.

Gorgeous sunglasses and a hat will keep you protected from the suns glare and looking stylish!


Take one bag for the beach and a bag for the evenings.

A large beach bag to carry all of your essentials could also double as a flight carry on or shopping bag (local jewellery and crafts? yes please!).

For the evening a smaller bag or clutch will do. Black or tan will go with everything.

If your key pieces are neutrals, you could opt for a colourful clutch to add a juicy vacation pop of colour!

Are you going on a #babymoon?

Let us know what you are taking with you in the comments below!

**All images sourced from Pinterest**

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