How To Create A New Baby Capsule Wardrobe


You just need a few basics to get going with your new baby capsule wardrobe.

The best thing about planning ahead for your new arrival is that you get to go shopping and buy cute clothes for your baby!

As well as planning the nursery in your own style, planning a wardrobe collection for your newborn can be just as exciting! Baby Nursery Ideas


You can fill a baby’s closet with interchangeable pieces that can be mixed and matched for any occasion or type of weather.

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This will form the main clothing staples your newborn will need.

After that, you can add smaller items, such as mittens for the winter or a swimsuit for the summer.

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new baby capsule wardrobe

How To Create A New Baby Capsule Wardrobe

This new baby checklist of items they will need to wear – is just a guide, depending on where you live – you may need fewer or more of certain items.

Babies do need quite a few items of clothing because as most of you know the following >

  • They dribble spit or food on their clothes.
  • They grow fast! They don’t always fit into the sizes that are meant for their age – for example, 0-3 months might be small for a baby of that age – they are all different.
  • Baby clothes are extremely cute – can you walk past any baby clothing without stopping to look and want to buy everything?! (OMG how CUTE is this! etc, etc)
  • You can coordinate almost anything – get a few white rompers and match with various other items and you are good to go!

baby cardigan

Suggestions Of What You Will Need

What you need to have in your new baby capsule wardrobe …

14 Bodysuits or Tops >

This will give you more than enough bodysuits or tops for a fresh change every day.

Through all of the mess that can happen when your baby spits up, drops food or has other explosive accidents, fresh clean bodysuits/tees will be a must-have.

You can aim to have a range of styles, from plain cotton, button-downs or sweet prints.

7 Pairs of Pants / Shorts / Skirts >

Babies can mix and match their pants/shorts/skirts with cute tees.

You don’t need as many of these as bodysuits, as a baby can go out in a bodysuit and look super cute.

10 Footie Pyjamas >

After the baby has had a bath and is ready for bed, changing into footie pyjamas will make for a good night’s sleep.

While babies often wear bodysuits to sleep in, footie pyjamas add extra comfort and offer a good change-up from being in play clothes all day to wearing sleep clothes.

2 Rompers >

Rompers are the best outfits for your baby! They are stylish and come in a range of designs.

They are easy to get on and off when you are in a rush and they make sure the baby is comfortable.

They are great for the warmer weather, with many cotton options available on Etsy.

2 Gowns >

Newborn gowns seem to be some momma’s going home from the hospital outfit choice.

They are good for changing diapers with ease but can ride up when baby moves around.

2 Sweaters >

New baby sweaters are normally gifted from the knitter in the family!

If your baby is going to be born in the winter or in a cold climate, more sweaters may be necessary as you can also add cardigans or sweatshirts if you need to.

2 Dresses >

There are so many cute dresses out there that you will be spoilt for choice.

You may not need many so be careful when you go shopping and fall in love with the cute offerings available.

Newborns will not need many dresses, so try to hold back until your baby is a little older.

But if you see something super sweet – then go for it!

1 Going Home Outfit >

A going home outfit will be used a few times, for meeting the family, to visiting your workplace (your colleagues will love to see your babe in a sweet little outfit that rocks!).

Choose something that reflects your style.

You can shop the outfit here.

10 Pairs of Socks >

You will need plenty of socks, at least one pair for every day so that you are not constantly doing the laundry.

You also need spares, because they are so little, they are easily lost. You can also knit some yourself for the colder weather.

1 Pair of Shoes >

Depending on where you live and your climate, you may not need any shoes for baby.

You can knit or crochet some baby slippers or find a charming pair on Etsy.

There are some sweet little newborn shoes out there though, so take a look and see what you like.

2 Pairs of Scratch Mittens >

Your baby will only need scratch mittens for about one month, so you don’t need to buy a lot.

For cute do it yourself mittens, there are many patterns available on Pinterest.

Some bodysuits and pyjamas come with fold-over sleeves, designed to cover baby’s hands to act as scratch mittens.

2 Beanie Hats >

Some babies detest beanie hats and pull them off when they can and other babies love them.

If you live in a colder climate you may need more than 2 beanie hats.

There are many cute hats available to make in the baby knitting section of this website.

Capsule Wardrobe

Other items you may want to add >

Not everything you may need is included in this new baby capsule collection.

There are other items of clothing or accessories you may need depending on the seasons.

You might also want to consider having pacifier clips, which can be attached to shirts.

Hair bows and tiny bow ties are also popular accessories for baby.

For special occasions, you may want to buy something special, like a tutu or a mini suit.

Baby Summer Style >

In the summer months, you will need a swimsuit, swim diaper, rash guard and sun hat.

There are so many cute outfits on Pinterest that will give you some ideas – pretty cotton rompers and floral dresses for the girls, as well as the cotton tees and shorts for the boys.

Baby Winter Style >

In the winter you will need more items of warm clothing, like a thick wool pom hat, mittens, sweaters, cardigans and cosy bodysuits.

So what do you need to buy?

  • Most of the newborn capsule wardrobe should be composed of cotton bodysuits and footie pyjamas.
  • These are the key pieces that you will use every day.
  • You will need them in the night and feel happy that they are easy to get on and off when you have to change baby at 4 am.
  • They also allow the baby to move around and feel comfortable.
  • Most newborn clothes are purchased as sets, with 5 packs or 7 packs of cotton bodysuits easy to get hold of.
  • When you have your newborn wardrobe set up, start looking to add pieces in the next size up as baby will be growing fast.
  • Don’t clutter up your nursery space by adding to your existing new baby capsule wardrobe.
  • Try to look for new pieces that baby can start to grow into.
  • Make sure you follow your own style and buy whatever suits your lifestyle.

Nursery Storage

Arrange your newborn outfits in a well-organised closet.

Keep everything hung up and arrange items together so that you know where everything is.

This will also be easier when others are dressing baby, although bets are that dad will still somehow become confused!

Take a look at the stunning baby closet inspiration on Pinterest, with so many ideas and organising tips to be found.

Now all you need is a trip to Ikea or Target!

What have you bought for the baby?

Want to share some tips on how you created your new baby capsule wardrobe?

Tell us in the comments below……

**All images sourced from Pinterest**

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  1. Simply too much. Babies might go through each size as quickly as every 2 months. Clothes depend on age, time of year, how often you prefer to do laundry, how often you go out and what others will see. For example, having a baby i December might mean you don’t go on many walks and if you do no one will know whether she wears an outfit or a footsie coverall under the outer layer. Also short sleeves are useless in January. And footsies are most comfortable and easy to change

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  3. Love this! Thanks for the helpful list. It’s going to be a great way to organize gifts from excited family members that all want to get something *right now*

    1. Hello Jodi, that’s great you find the list helpful! Thanks for visiting and taking a look around! 🙂