How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe During Pregnancy


In this post, you will see how to build a capsule wardrobe during pregnancy.

Now spring is here, you may find it difficult to know how to style your blossoming baby bump.

I have been searching for amazing finds for your pregnancy capsule wardrobe, with key pieces that will see you through spring and beyond.

Take a look through this list of do’s and don’ts below and then take a look at my roundup of top maternity pieces.


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The Do’s + Don’ts of Maternity Style

  • DON’T buy your normal clothes in larger sizes. By doing this, the clothes will make you look bigger and they will not fit properly.

There are so many affordable maternity clothes out there, invest in some key pieces that fit well and give you a flattering shape.

  • DO aim to have at least 10 basic items of clothing in your perfect pregnancy wardrobe.

Then you can mix and match pieces to create different outfits, from day to night, jazzed up with various accessories.

Fitted trousers, skirts, and dresses in black and dark grey are perfect for the office (depending on where you work that is!).

Add splashes of color with tunics, camisoles, and accessories to add glitz to your outfit.

  • DON’T break the bank! – remember you’re only pregnant for nine months.

Just select your 10 core pieces, then glam them up by adding gorgeous accessories like scarves, bags, jewelry, and shoes.

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Pregnancy capsule wardrobe ideas

How To Build A Killer Capsule Wardrobe During Pregnancy

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maternity summer fashion

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I have selected some must-have items that will keep you looking amazing but are also easy to wear.

Here is a breakdown of what you will need to create a killer capsule wardrobe during pregnancy >

Pregnancy Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

The Little Black Dress

Choose a simple comfortable shape for the office, that can easily be glammed up in the evening. with statement jewelry and a luxurious clutch.

The Maternity Jeans

Jeans are always a good idea!

They are a wardrobe staple and they go with anything.

They can be worn to go out in the evening or more casually during the day.

Darker colors are really slimming.

If you opt for a bootcut or a straight leg – this will give balance to your beautiful silhouette.

The Dress

Choose a colorful print to make yourself feel bright and breezy this spring, especially for any functions you are going to.

A popular style of dress for maternity is the wrap dress.

They are amazing! They expand with you during your pregnancy and are also great for breastfeeding.

The Shirt

Make sure to invest in a couple of good-quality cotton t-shirts.

They go with anything, from jeans to shorts (for the warmer weather!).

Your skin can feel sensitive during your pregnancy, so wearing super soft cotton can make things a little easier.

The Skirt

A flattering long skirt will give you a good shape, while also being comfortable.

Bright colors or simple stripes will enhance your figure.

The Trousers

These will be one of your key pieces in your capsule wardrobe, get a pair with a comfortable jersey panel or over bump supportive bandeau.

For an edgy look, turn up and wear with pixie boots.

For a comfortable fit buy baggier trousers that will look stunning but keep you cool in the warmer weather.

The Tunic

A tunic can add color or a fresh print to your maternity capsule wardrobe.

Light florals worn with jeans and flats or pixie boots can be a comfortable but casual look.

The Vest

Maternity vests come with supportive, built-in bras are essential for your capsule wardrobe list during pregnancy.

They are perfect for layering. Hormonal changes will mean that you feel the heat more when you’re pregnant, so wearing a vest is perfect when you have to peel off those extra layers!

The Underwear

A supportive bra that fits well is another essential you will add to your list of key pieces.

There are so many to choose from you will be spoilt for choice!

The Swimwear

Choose something that is flattering, comfortable, and supportive – the ultimate in #babymoon chic.

There are many wonderful choices out there, in an array of colors and styles.

When I was researching on Pinterest, there were so many gorgeous pieces – in bold colors to florals.


The Handbag

Add to your outfits with classic bags, but make sure they’re not too heavy.

From tote’s to shoulder bags – see what suits you and what is practical – you don’t want to carry anything that’s too heavy or that cuts into you uncomfortably – like a messenger bag.


Add some jewelry to your outfits to enhance your beautiful figure.

Simple jewelry can look timeless. Add statement pieces to plainer outfits.


Your feet will swell during pregnancy, so opt for flats in a timeless leopard print, they will go really well with all of the key pieces in your capsule wardrobe collection.

For warmer weather, you will have very comfortable feet in a pair of Birkenstocks.

They have adjustable straps, so can be made tighter or looser depending on your feet.

With many colors and styles to choose from, I bet you end up with more than just one pair!

The Scarf

A splash of color to add to your outfits! In cotton or linen, a lightweight scarf is perfect for spring.

Scarves are always practical in any situation – from traveling, going to the beach or for a coffee with friends.

Have you got a maternity capsule wardrobe?

Share your tips on how you made yours work for you with me here in the comments below…

**All images found on Pinterest**

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  1. This is just what I’ve been looking for! I’m 12 weeks pregnant and not showing yet, but I know it’s coming. Thank you for this wonderful list. I’ve printed in, pinned it, and have it ready to go shopping with me!

    1. Hi! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m so happy you enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading and happy shopping 😉

  2. So sensible, yet stylish. Thanks for the post! It is helping me focus my search for the "right" maternity clothes!

  3. Invest in a very good pair of shoes. I bought an expensive pair with a slight heel/wedge rather than flats and they really help

    Don’t wear cheap flat shoes they aren’t good for posture

  4. Can anyone tell me where that white top with the tassels is from? 😍 (The one under the handbag category) I’ve been searching everyone for one like it and can’t find anything even close to it 🙁

  5. Hi, this is an amazing post. I am also 12 weeks and can’t fit into any of my bottoms, but didn’t want to invest in maternity clothes yet since I figured my belly was large due to bloating and my body is going to change a lot more. But your article has great advice and is just what I needed!