6 Interior Design Trends That Will Rule 2019


As 2019 is almost around the corner, it’s about time you find out more about interior design trends you can’t make a mistake with.

Here are six of them you will absolutely adore, so check them out and upgrade your interior in a few simple steps in the upcoming year!

dark green velvet sofa

Jewel tones will never go out of style

If you’re a die-hard fan of millennial pink, a shade which has been a massive hit over the last few seasons, you’ll definitely have to say your farewells in 2019 because it will be replaced with fabulous jewel tones!

Even though they have always been popular among the people, they will actually gain momentum next year, with emerald green at the top of our list.

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A large number of designers are already favoring it, as well as an elegant beige shade that matches it perfectly, so bear this combo in mind if your living room craves a huge makeover!

coral pink armchair in a jewel tone painted room

Colorful couches as the most fabulous statement pieces

Getting a colorful couch is undoubtedly the best choice you can make if you want to make a statement and give your home a new life, so ditch that neutral, boring sofa and go for a vibrant couch instead!

Yes, we know these usually are a pricey investment, but you know what?

These are completely worth your money, as they are a true wow factor that will give your home a beautiful touch of color and elegance you were hoping for.

teal velvet couch in a coffee shop

On the other hand, matte black can be considered a new neutral shade

However, if too many colors aren’t really your cup of tea, opting for a matte black will probably do the trick for you in 2019.

In fact, this shade can be considered a new neutral, and it will give you a pop of contrast – especially when matched with other neutrals, such as beiges, browns, and gold.

Such a warm and layered minimalist design will make your interior more contemporary yet so stylish at the same time, so give it a try and you won’t regret it!

matte black sofa in a modern living room

Embracing eco-conscious materials as a huge step towards more sustainable living

Focusing on sustainability and incorporating eco-friendly materials will be a big hit in the following year, and you can always start by replacing the items you already have with ethically-sourced ones.

This also includes embracing materials with a lower carbon footprint and reducing your energy consumption by installing quality window awnings in the first place, since these are more effective at reducing heat than your existing internal blinds.

Replacing your flooring with bamboo flooring is also a great idea, so try to be as eco-friendly as possible and you’ll see a great improvement!

Eco conscious design in a bedroom with exposed rock surface walls

Large-scale art will be a huge deal…

If you’re a fan of pieces of art hanging on your walls, you’ll be thrilled to hear that large-scale art will be a big deal in the following year.

Original prints, paintings, etchings, and lithographs will certainly catch everyone’s attention for both simple reasons – their design and their size, so don’t be afraid to go for them if you want a color punch in your home.

Large-scale photography will be a massive hit as well, so let your favorite photos adorn the walls in your living room and you’ll see what we were talking about!

Large scale art and greenery in the living room

… As well as pink marble

Last but not least, pink marble is another home décor trend that will catch everyone’s attention in 2019.

Everyone knows that 2018 was the year of black-and-white marble; however, it comes with a little twist now, introducing the loveliest shade of pink.

Apart from being quite durable and natural, marble is also very aesthetically appealing at the same time, which is exactly what makes it perfect for any kitchen and bathroom finishing.

So, if you’re into this girly shade in combination with a sturdy material like marble, this will probably be your favorite design trend in 2019!

pink marble texture

As you can see, there are a lot of fabulous design trends that are likely to steal your heart in the upcoming year.

These six are definitely the hottest of them, so be sure to bear them in mind and upgrade your interior in the best possible way in 2019!

Interior design trends 2019



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