Spa Bathroom Ideas


While visiting a spa is definitely something we should all treat ourselves with from time to time, not all of us have the time nor the funds needed for such an endeavour.

However, not all hope is lost as there are ways you can create a true spa-like oasis right at the comfort of your own home.

With just a couple of neat tweaks and some smart decorating tips, you can turn your boring old small bathroom into a true oasis that fosters relaxation and comfort.

If you are wondering how you can achieve that, please read on.

Natural materials in the bathroom

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Getting rid of all the (visual) clutter in your bathroom will have a hugely positive effect on your peace of mind.

Clutter can seriously affect our mood, making us feel nervous which is definitely something you wish to avoid in your bathroom.

So, to create a peaceful, clutter-free environment, get storage containers of different sizes – preferably the ones made of natural materials – and hide all of your beauty products, as well as other personal-care items, in them.

This way, all of your items will still be easily accessible, without creating an unnecessary visual mess, thus making your bathroom look and feel well-organized at all times.

Spa essentials for the bathroom

Add Greenery

Filling any room with greenery can instantly change the vibe of the entire space.

Adding a cluster of potted houseplants to your bathroom will instantly make it feel more inviting and soothing as houseplants are known to have numerous positive effects on both our bodies and minds.

However, when deciding on the types of plants to incorporate in the design, think in terms of succulents and other similar plants because they favour warm and damp environments.

Lucky bamboo is also an excellent choice as doesn’t even require soil to thrive – so, place it in a clear container with some colourful pebbles and filtered water and enjoy its raw natural beauty.

Adding greenery in the bathroom

Stick To Earthy Tones

If you want to create a true spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, refrain from using colours that are too bright or loud.

Instead, opt for more neutral and natural hues.

Think in terms of light beige, grey and off-whites which will act as the perfect base for the rest of your bathroom design.

Alternatively, you can even opt for pure white as your base colour and only introduce other colours, such as beige, brown or even light blue or green, through accent decor pieces to make the space feel less sterile.

Besides, the lighter shades of green and blue are known to have a soothing effect on our psyche, which makes them a perfect choice.

Small bathroom ideas

Use The Power Of Aromatherapy

Another staple of a true spa-like design is aromatherapy.

Various scents and aromas have the ability to positively affect our mood, so you should definitely implement them in your design as well.

Scented oil diffusers are definitely worth considering, but if you want to take the overall mood of the room up a notch, consider scented candles.

Filling your bathroom with beautiful scented candles will not only make it smell amazing, but it will also create a perfect romantic atmosphere that is bound to help you relax and enjoy some quality “me” time.

Aromatherapy candles

Take Care Of Comfort

Personal comfort also plays a huge role in any spa-inspired bathroom.

What this means is that you should fill your bathroom with some spa favourites – such as a big, fluffy bathrobe, some comfortable, soft slippers and extra-soft towels made of organic cotton.

Additionally, implement a bamboo bathroom mat in the overall design, because the natural beauty of such a piece will only enhance the look of your bathroom.

woman in a bathrobe

Rethink The Lighting

The importance of having proper lighting simply can’t be stated enough, especially if we’re talking about bathroom lighting.

Here, you’ll have to have enough light to be able to perform all of the bathroom activities safely, but the fact is that light that is too bright can seriously hinder your relaxation efforts.

Therefore, consider installing light dimmers in your bathroom that will allow you to be in complete control over the amount of light you wish to have at any given moment.

Lighting in the bathroom

As you can see, there really is no need to spend both time and money on booking an appointment at your nearest spa.

Instead, you can turn your bathroom in a true spa-like oasis and enjoy spending some time there whenever you feel like you need it.

After all, why not provide yourself with a bit of luxury right at the comfort of your own home?

Spa bathroom ideas to try


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