The Best Christmas Decorating Ideas


In this post, you will see the best Christmas decorating ideas.

You can feel that recognizable festive spirit in the air…yes, the holiday season is just around the corner and the countdown has begun!

We all know what that means – beautiful and magical decorations, ornaments, inviting home ambiance, family gatherings, and thoughtful gifts.

Christmas decorating ideas

However, we also know that all of this comes with a hefty price tag that can easily bring tension along with the holiday mood.

Luckily, you can easily avoid this by embracing charming, whimsical, and budget-friendly DIY Christmas décor ideas and yes, there are many!

Holiday cheer can come easily with a few bits and pieces in our homes, including decorating the front porch, the staircase, and the Christmas mantel.

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wrapped Christmas gifts in brown paper

The Best Christmas Decorating Ideas

1. Pick Your Christmas Colours

Christmas comes in many colors and you just need to pick your favorite ones.

There’s so much color scheme inspiration that we’re tempted to try a new combination each year.

However, you should go with your favorite color theme and stick to it or choose one main theme with a pop of color and some accents.

This will enable you to build your holiday decor collection gradually instead of starting from scratch every year.

living room with red and white Christmas decorations

As for your color theme, you should consider what look you want to create.

For instance, if you want to create a winter-inspired setting, blue, silver and white are the perfect combo.

On the other hand, a more traditional Christmas look calls for classic red, green, and gold, while of course, other color palettes are also available, so pick one that you find the most inspiring.

blue and silver Christmas decor

2. Bring Out Those Fairy Lights

You cannot have Christmas without fairy lights!

They will fill your home with a magical atmosphere and a cozy vibe.

The moment you introduce these charming lights, your home will start sparkling.

coffee table with tea pot and Christmas decorations

You can place them on your windows, wrap them around the banister, use them to line the interior doors, line them along the fireplace mantel and decorate your Christmas tree.

Placing them outside will give your home a whimsical and welcoming look, as well.

What’s more, you can also experiment with different light colors or go with the classic, yet charming white Christmas lights.

Christmas home decorations

3. Get Your Kids Engaged

Christmas is one of the kids’ favorite holidays, so try to engage them as much as possible.

Not only will you have fun together, but you’ll also give your home your personal touch by decorating it with the decorations that your little ones made.

Trying out various Christmas crafts is a great way to get your family some festive cheer!

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mom and daughter crafting at Christmas

You can buy plain tree decorations and let your children paint and embellish them or make an advent calendar for the family to enjoy.

They can also make decorations out of paper, cute buttons, pine cones, and other materials that you probably already have.

Purchasing red ribbons, a hot glue gun, glitter, cotton, and craft supplies are more affordable than fancy decorations, yet you’ll get the most inspiring Christmas décor.

Plus the kids can help with the gift wrapping, using their craft skills and charm to putting the finishing touch to any wrappings.

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Pom pom Christmas tree with gold stars

4. Give Your Existing Décor A Christmas Flair

If you introduce too many Christmas decorations, you’ll clutter up your space and none of them will stand out.

Instead, you should create a balanced, harmonious look where each detail can contribute to the festive atmosphere.

A great way to achieve this is to give your existing design a Christmassy look, with plaid or vintage fabrics.

best Christmas decorating ideas with bedding in white and red

For instance, when decorating your living room, you can decorate your sofa with comfy and stylish silver pillows for instant sparkle.

You can then make your lovely pillows pop by pairing them with glossy silver picture frames.

You can achieve a similar effect in other rooms – just use a few new details in a similar color palette to accentuate other Christmassy elements and give your space the festive spirit.

Christmas decorating

5. Create Christmassy Decorative Arrangements

Placing a few Christmas-inspired decorative arrangements around your home will undoubtedly make it sparkle.

You can use these arrangements to embellish your coffee table, dining table, nightstands, and other surfaces in your home.

For instance, you can grab a couple of scented candles and pair them with snow globes or a couple of Christmas figurines.

coffeee table with Christmas decorations and white lantern

Place this on the console table in your entryway and you’ll welcome your guests in a festive manner.

If you have a wooden tray, embellish it with pines cones, evergreen branches, and a few candy canes and you’ll get a beautiful Christmas arrangement in a heartbeat.

Of course, don’t forget to create a mesmerizing centerpiece for your dining room table.

You can place a lovely garland along with, twigs and pinecones on a bare wooden table, embellish it with candles and a few Christmas decorations, and voila!

Christmas dining table ideas

6. Don’t Forget The Greenery – Garlands, Wreaths, And Candles

Designing beautiful garlands and wreaths is quite simple and affordable, yet it captures the Christmas spirit perfectly.

Choose a wired garland for your banister, intertwine it and then give it a festive flair by embellishing it with your own decorations.

You can also use garlands to line your doors, especially at the front entrance all during December.

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diy Christmas door wreath

You can use a lush, beautiful garland around your front door or decorate it with an enchanting wreath embellished with bows, candy canes, pine cones, spray, moss, red berries, and other details.

Of course, candles are also a must-have when it comes to Christmas cheer, especially those with charming wintery and festive scents.

You can welcome the best Christmas decor into your home in a stylish, festive, and affordable way and create a home that your family will love!

living room with wooden walls and log fireplace

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