Free Knitting Patterns That Rock!


Are you looking for a new knitting project? Then take a look at these free knitting patterns that rock!

There are patterns here you can start as a beginner knitter, plus there are some that will help you advance your skills.

Knitting is an amazing way for you to relax, and even though it has been around for hundreds of years, the techniques of the craft keep growing with more and more people picking up the needles.

Learning how to knit might not be at the top of your to-do list, but it should be.

Check everything you need to know about knitting here. – Knitting Lessons

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Knitting Has Health Benefits

Knitting is no longer seen as a hobby that grandmothers do when they babysit their grandkids (like my own gran used to do!) but it has a wide variety of benefits to your health.

Once you get into it, knitting can be very relaxing – likened to meditation, simple knitting projects use the same few stitches repeatedly, so you can zone out and chill, whilst creating.

woman with knitting needles casting on knitting stitches

Knitting is great therapy

Knitting therapy can also help you if you have high-stress levels, anxiety, and/or depression.

When you sit down to knit, it can reduce your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, so when you feel anxious or the depression cloud is taking over you, it can help to reduce the symptoms.

Furthermore, you can make amazing gifts for friends and familylike accessories, socks, and even a garment like a sweater.

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5 knitting patterns that rock

Free Knitting Patterns That Rock!

The patterns in this post are just a small taste of what you can create with your knitting skills, if you want to see a wider range of projects, take a look at my knitting pattern library, with patterns for women, men, babies, kids, pets and the home.

In this pattern roundup, you will see some classic techniques used in the projects below.

If you are a beginner, practice your skills by making simple knit hats or a cowl, or get creative with more advanced patterns, like the frozen Elsa doll or the knitted bird.

The patterns below will walk you through – step-by-step instructions from beginning to end, so grab your needles and get started!

1. Knitted Dog Toy Pattern

Treat your dog to a knitted toy for hours of fun and enjoy the easy, knitting pattern by KrisKnits.

Make one or many in an array of different colors, making sure to tie in any loose ends carefully – if your pet is anything like mine, he would find a weakness somewhere and pull it out!


2. Knitted Sassenach Cowl Pattern

If like me you love the TV show Outlander, you can make yourself a Sassenach cowl like Claire’s with this Outlander Cowl Knitting Pattern (Claire Season 1).

This free scarf knitting pattern is a great easy project for new makers.

Click on this link for more Outlander Patterns. – Outlander Patterns {Beginner + Intermediate}


3. Free Knitted Bobble Hat Pattern

Try this easy, beginner project, make an adult knitted hat with this free pattern from Lion Brand Yarn Company, where one size fits all!

The hat is knit flat on straight needles and then seamed when complete.

If knitting in the round is more your thing, you can easily adapt the pattern to knit on your favorite circular needles.

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knitted hat with pom pom pattern

4. Frozen Elsa Doll Knitting Pattern

Knit this Elsa from Frozen dolly with an intermediate, knitting pattern by Raynor Gellatly.

If you have any Frozen fans in the family, this knitted doll will be an awesome gift.

This pattern is for the more intermediate knitters and uses lots of shaping for the required body parts and clothes.

knitted Elsa doll

5. Blue Tit Bird Knitting Pattern

Knit something different, with this amazing blue tit bird intermediate knitting pattern designed by Lesley Stanfield and available from Lion Brand Yarns.

*Update June 2020 – This pattern is no longer available from Lion Brand.

blue tit bird knitted

I hope you have enjoyed my selection and if you want to see more free knitting patterns that rock, follow me on Pinterest.

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  1. The bobble hat. What size needles must you use. I used 4mm needles and chunky wool. The circumference only measures 27 cm and could only fit a dolls head. Knitting 21 rows was miniature so I carried on and did 21 cm instead. As I say its too small for a human head and definitely not one size fits all.

    1. Hello, 4mm needles are too small for this type of yarn – did you check the link to Lion Brand where the pattern is originally from? They recommend using chunky yarn (Lion Brand Hometown USA) and size 15 (10mm knitting needles). The link is in the post. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m trying to knit the blue tit pattern for my grandson but having trouble trying when you do the 15th row which is when you start with 4needles it just won’t work. Can you help me please