How To Create A Monochrome Nursery


Having a monochrome nursery is becoming more and more popular, with parents choosing black and white over bright colours or neutrals.

But how do you create a black and white room for a baby, without it looking too dark, or too minimal?

I’m going to share with you some tips and pointers, as well as plenty of visual inspiration.

A monochromatic colour scheme is regularly used in homes, often looking at the Scandi interior design for ideas.

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This has been so popular over the last decade or so, that people are still using their crisp, calming, clean interiors for inspiration in their homes.

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For those of you who really want to get into the monochromatic trend, take a look at the images below and see how you can incorporate it into your nursery.

From half wall decals, painted furniture, statement pieces and prints – you can go subtle or bold depending on your preferences.

Here are some ideas of how to use black and white in the nursery >>

1. Pattern

Black and white in solid, block colours are going to look either bland or too much. By adding pattern into the room, you can make it more interesting and fun.

Polka dots, stripes, arrows or stars; you can combine any number of these to bring about something visually interesting.

As long as the patterns are simple, they won’t compete or become too busy.

As you can see in the first image below, the star-patterned wall makes a focal point in the room. In the second image, patterns are added through the rugs on the floor.

The third image shows how furniture can be made to look more interesting with the addition of a raindrop pattern.

The fourth image shows a simple yet effective polka dot wall.

By adding a pattern to the nursery it can make the space feel cosier, without overwhelming you. It can turn the space into a more playful area.

2. Balancing Colour

You can choose whether you want to have black or white as the dominating colour, using one as the main colour and the other to support it.

For a nursery, it would probably be better to have more white space, keeping the room as open, clean and calming as possible.

Black can take away from those vibes and make the space feel dark and heavy.

To ensure that your nursery design becomes a success using black and white, you need to make sure you have more white than black.

If you wanted to split the colours evenly, the room may become too busy.

Bringing in some grey tones or wooden tones can help to make the room feel lighter and soften it up a bit.

3. Artwork

Finding suitable artwork for your baby’s room can be a fun task!

Trawling Etsy and other cool stores for hours to look for the perfect prints or photographs, like those images below can add a playful vibe to the nursery.

Drawings, prints and photographs will make the space feel complete, especially if you have predominantly white space.

Choosing artwork in grey tones can soften the space, while bold black prints can look a little edgier.

4. Introducing Accents

If you think that the nursery might feel too cold or bland with just black and white, then bring in a flash of colour!

An accent tone can really make the space look and feel brighter and more inviting.

The colour you choose must integrate well into the room, for example, peach, mustard/yellow, mint/golds work really well.

These colours are cheerful and bright, bringing positivity with them.

Make sure that you are only bringing in hints of your chosen accent colours because if you bring in too much, it can overwhelm the space and veer it away from the monochromatic look.

This can then look a little cluttered and busy. The images below show good examples of adding accent colours >>

5. Accessories

There are many cool accessories out there, that you can add to your nursery.

From handmade mobiles, play mats printed pillows and toys.

They can enhance the design/look of the room as well as being fun for baby!

6. Furniture

A monochromatic nursery can look crisp and clean, but sometimes feel a little bit cold.

If you add textures – through furnishings or accessories, things will start to feel warmer and cosier.

By adding wood or blonde woods to be more exact, they will bring that warmth into the space that is needed.

If you look at the images below, the cribs and shelving add texture to the rooms.

A wooden crib in the first image adds playfulness and a contrast of colour to the darker wallpaper.

If you don’t want your crib to have a natural wood texture colour, you could add smaller items, like shelves or storage boxes.

If you have a few different textures in the space, the feeling of warmth will grow and the nursery will feel super cosy.

Have you decorated or thought about having a monochrome nursery room before?

I would love to get your thoughts and ideas about it.

Leave a comment below and share.

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