How To Make Tassels {Photo + Video Tutorial}


How to make tassels that you can add to your raffia bags this summer!

Tassels are something that adds a little something extra to those summer bags but can also be used to make keyring tassels or even tassel earrings.

This post is for those of you who want to make easy tassels that can be used in a number of ways.

How to make a tassel

Learn How To Make A Tassel Out Of Yarn

In this tutorial you will find;

  • Step-by-step instructions (photograph tutorial)
  • A video tutorial
Raffia tassel lying on a notebook

Making Tassels

Tassels are really easy and quick to make and can look great in a number of materials.

In this tutorial, I have made the tassels from raffia, but they can also be made from yarns, string, tissue paper, and other materials.

I love making tassels to add to knitting projects and to crochet bags, often with woven charms, and beads added to the top part of the tassel.

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Raffia tassel lying on a notebook next to thread

Beaded Tassels

On some of the crochet bags I have made, I made raffia and yarn tassels in various sizes adding pom-poms and beads for extra texture.

These decorative tassels can also be a great addition to necklaces, a blanket, shawls, scarves, and other home decor items (like cushions).

I like to buy gorgeous beads from my local craft shop and use them in my projects where I can (as you can see in the photo below of this raffia tassel).

Video Tutorial

You can watch a video tutorial over on my YouTube channel here.

How To Make A Tassel (DIY Tassels)

  1. What You Need To Begin

    Yarn (or raffia/string – other materials)
    Embroidery thread, cotton, ribbon, cotton cord, strips of suede – for the wrapping.
    A needle.
    Sharp scissors and a notebook.Step one - how to make a diy tassel

  2. Wrapping the Yarn

    You need the notebook (or a piece of cardboard) and the yarn for this first step. Wrap your yarn a number of times around the notebook until you have a suitable thickness. This will make the body of the tassel thick or thin depending on the number of wraps. Step 2 - how to make a diy tassel

  3. Securing The Yarn

    Cut a length of yarn and place it underneath the yarn that is wrapped around the book, push it up to the top, and tie, securing with a knot. If you want to add pom poms or beads on top of the tassel, it is a good idea to cut a longer length of yarn. This will make it easier to add extra items on top and secure them onto a key chain.Easy tassel tutorial

  4. Cut The Yarn

    With the scissors, cut the yarn at the bottom of the tassel. making tassels

  5. Wrapping Yarn Around The Head Of The Tassel

    Gather the tassel together and select the embroidery thread, cotton, piece of yarn (or another wrapping) that you want to tie and wrap around the top part of the tassel about an inch down. Leave a length at the top end and make a loop shape at the other end before you start to wrap many times around the top section. When you have as many wraps as you want, cut the yarn, threading the end through the loop. As in the image below, you should have one thread end near the top of the tassel and the other through the loop – pull both together tightly and cut the loose ends. This secures the thread and hides the end of the thread. (You may want to use a needle to do this last part).how to make a raffia tassel

  6. Add More Than One Color

    You can add more than one color, wrap yarn again and repeat the looping process (as in step 4) to secure both ends of the yarn. You can add cords, yarn, ribbon, etc. raffia tassels

  7. Cut The Ends Of The Tassel

    Trim the excess at the end of the tassel to make it all the same length.Tassel

  8. Extra Notes

    You can add beads, pom poms, and a key chain to clip onto your bag or backpack.
    Make in any size and with any yarn, string, and other materials.
    How to make a tassel

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