Baby Nursery Ideas With A Pop Of Colour!


Oh, the awesome amounts of joy when decorating a nursery!

When you are super excited for the arrival of your little one, you can channel that energy into your nursery design.

Expressing your feelings and being creative, choosing gorgeous colour palettes and accessories.

Interior design for your nursery has never been more modern, with pretty, simple and eye-catching ideas to be found on Pinterest.

bright nursery

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Whether you crave a clean living space, with a white palette and colourful accents, or favour a more contemporary patterned style.

There are so many gorgeous pins out there, that will give you the design inspiration you need.

From artistic animal prints, enchanting themes and small space nursery storage ideas, this post has it covered!

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nursery decor

A gender-neutral nursery can transform your space into gorgeous baby heaven!

It can make the baby room versatile, opening it up to future design possibilities.

A popular nursery style is modern eclectic, which often showcases quirky pieces in bright colours.

These pieces can make the room have a colour ‘pop’ against a neutral background.

When you’re faced with the task of designing your nursery, take a good look around before you decide on your main theme.

Most nurseries reflect the personalities of the parents, including items that have meaning.

You can include furnishings, artwork and accessories that hold special significance to you.

For example family photographs, paintings, illustrations, items collected from travelling etc.

Need more ideas?

Take a look at my post Baby nursery ideas – it’s just full of delightful inspiration!

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Have you started decorating your nursery?

Let me know how you are doing yours in the comments below!

**All images found on Pinterest**

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