Newborn Baby Photography Props

Newborn baby photography props

Everyone wants incredible pictures of their new baby and by booking some time with a professional baby photographer, you will get just that!

This post will help you to think of ideas for your photo shoot and show you some newborn props that will rock any newborn photography session!

Think about the colours you want to have in your shoot, do you want to use all neutral colours or pastels?

Or a mix of looks – so you can have varied images to display in your home and give to friends and family.

A few basic newborn props and cute knitted hats can make a huge impact in your baby photographs.

Start with a simple beanie hat, and add animal hats as you go along.

The outcome will be something you will cherish forever!

Bear Bonnet

This knitted baby bear bonnet is just perfect for a neutrally themed shoot.

Available in three colours, this hat pattern is available here.

Newborn baby photography props

Simple Baby Cap

For a neutral beanie hat or bear bonnet, take a look at these images… the hat pattern is available here.


Bear Bonnet

Bear baby bonnets can make lovely images, with a range of colours being popular, like taupe, light brown and dark brown.

Newborn baby photography props

Animal Hats

Another popular choice is animal hats, these baby bear bonnets and bunny hats will make your little one look super cute.

Baby bunny hat

**Thanks to Kristen Walters Photography and Jenna Donato Photography for the images – you are both awesome! **

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