How To Undo A Knit Stitch; Tinking Knitting Stitches


In this blog post, we will learn everything about how to undo a knit stitch.

There will be examples shown in garter stitch and in stocking stitch.

How to undo a knit stitch

Why Would You Need To Undo A Knit Stitch? 

There are several reasons why someone might need to undo a knit stitch:

All knitters, intermediate or beginner knitters, make mistakes, and sometimes you might need to fix an error in an old stitch before you add a new stitch.

If you notice a dropped stitch, an unwanted stitch, or a pattern mistake, take a deep breath, and undoing the stitches back to the error point allows you to correct it and continue knitting.

Sometimes, you might want to adjust the length or width of your knitting project.

By undoing the stitches, you can unravel the fabric to the desired length or width and then start knitting again; you might need to undo a few stitches or a couple of rows.

Undoing knit stitches can correct the tension in loose stitches or tight stitches.

If your tension is too tight or loose in a section of your knitting, undoing the stitches and reknitting them with the correct tension can help you achieve a more consistent look and more even stitches before you resume knitting.

It’s worth noting that undoing knit stitches can be tricky, especially if you’re dealing with many stitches or complex patterns. 

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how to undo knitting stitches

Do You Undo All Knitting Stitches The Same Way? 

No, there is no general technique for undoing knitting stitches. 

You can undo a purl stitch similarly as you would do a knit stitch.

But for more complicated stitches, it is better to do some research before you start to undo, as you don’t want to do it the wrong way and ruin your project. 

undoing knitting stitches

How To Undo A Knit Stitch Using Knitting Needles

To unknit stitch, you can follow these steps:

  1. The first step would be to stop knitting and look closely at your knitting to locate the problem area and the stitch you want to undo. It will appear as a “V” shape on the front of the work.
  2. Insert the left needle tip into the stitch you want to undo, going from left to right.
  3. Carefully pull the working yarn (the yarn attached to the ball or skein) to unravel the stitch. Keep pulling until the stitch is completely undone. The stitch will slide off the working needle.
  4. Once you’ve undone the stitch, check the surrounding stitches to ensure they are intact and correctly positioned. Make any adjustments if needed.
  5. If you need to undo multiple stitches, repeat the process for each stitch, working backward row by row until you’ve undone the desired number of stitches.

Note: If you accidentally undo more stitches than intended, you can insert the left-hand needle into the last stitch you want to keep and gently pull the working yarn to recreate the undone stitches, one by one, until you reach the desired point.

Undoing knit stitches can be helpful in fixing knitting mistakes or adjusting your project.

Remember to proceed slowly and carefully to avoid further unraveling, ladder rungs, or mistakes. 

You might need a smaller needle size to make sure while undoing stitches. 

how to tink knitting stitches

How To Undo A Knit Stitch Using A Crochet Hook

  1. The first step would be to identify the problem stitch you want to undo and insert the crochet hook into the stitch from front to back, going through the loop of the stitch.
  2. With the crochet hook, catch the working yarn (the yarn attached to the ball or skein) and pull it through the stitch, creating a loop on the crochet hook.
  3. Slide the stitch off the knitting needle, transferring it onto the crochet hook.
  4. Pull the working yarn through Gently pull the working yarn through the loop on the crochet hook, gradually unraveling the stitch. Continue pulling until the stitch is completely undone.
  5. If you need to undo multiple stitches, repeat the process for each stitch, using the crochet hook to catch the working yarn, transfer the stitch, and pull the yarn through.

Using a crochet hook to undo knit stitches can be handy if you don’t have a knitting needle or find it easier to work with a crochet hook. 

Just ensure that the crochet hook size is appropriate for the weight of your yarn to avoid any snagging or difficulty in maneuvering the stitches.

how to undo knitting stitches with a crochet hook

How To Undo Brioche Stitches or Tink Stitches

Undoing or tink-ing brioche stitches can be a bit more complex due to the nature of the stitch pattern, which involves working with slipped stitches and yarn overs. 

However, it is possible to undo brioche stitches with patience and careful attention if needed.

Here’s a general approach to undoing brioche stitches:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the brioche stitch pattern you are working with. Brioche stitch often involves working with two colors of yarn and utilizing unique stitch combinations.
  2. Determine which brioche stitches you need to undo. Brioche stitches typically consist of a slipped stitch paired with a yarn over or a knit stitch worked together with a yarn over from the previous row.
  3. Carefully identify and separate the slipped stitches and yarn overs, ensuring they are correctly aligned and untangled. It can be helpful to use your fingers or a crochet hook to assist in this process.
  4. Begin working from the most recent row and undo the brioche stitches in the reverse order they were worked. For slipped stitches, insert your needle or crochet hook, remove the loops, and unravel them. For paired knit stitches and yarn overs, carefully separate the stitches and remove them one by one.
  5. Continuously check your work as you undo the stitches to ensure you’re correctly reversing the brioche pattern. Take care not to drop any stitches or lose track of the yarn overs.
  6. If you need to undo multiple rows of brioche stitches, continue this process row by row, working backward until you’ve undone the desired number of stitches.

It’s important to note that brioche stitch patterns can be quite intricate and may involve specific stitch combinations.

If you are uncertain or struggling with undoing brioche stitches, it can be helpful to refer to brioche knitting resources, such as tutorials, videos, or knitting guides, for guidance on working with the specific stitch pattern you’re undoing.

Additionally, having a lifeline or placing stitch markers at regular intervals in your brioche project can help make it easier to undo stitches and keep track of your progress if you need to go back and fix mistakes.

Remember to take your time, be patient, and double-check your work as you go to ensure that you maintain the integrity of your brioche project.

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