17 Rainbow Activities For The Whole Family


In this post, you will see 17 rainbow activities for the whole family.

Rainbows are the definition of happiness, colourfulness, and joy, they symbolize peace and serenity.

They almost always they appear right after an intense rainstorm bringing along with them a powerful message. 

The message of hope and positivity  – telling us that better times will come.

rainbow craft in the window

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Rainbows In Windows

During these uncertain times, rainbows have been made by people all over the world.

People all around Europe (and other parts of the world, including the UK) want to spread the message of hope to each other, by hanging rainbow drawings and crafts in their windows.

The rainbow movement started in Italy one of the most affected countries and expanded around Europe.

Rainbow activities

Rainbow Crafts To Promote Positivity

Kids are making rainbow crafts and hanging them up in their windows in order to brighten up their neighbourhoods and make every passer-by smile.

They want to give them a little bit of hope that we will get through this.

You can check out all the amazing rainbow displays with the hashtag #chasetherainbow on Twitter.

rainbows in windows

Rainbow Crafts For Kids

Moreover, rainbow making has an additional purpose to keep us busy and unstressed.

Being cooped up at home can be quite challenging as its a huge difference from our everyday routine, especially for kids who are used to going to school and to their extracurricular activities.

Rainbow crafts and drawing can be a fun activity for both the kids and adults, as it is fun and keeps the hands and mind occupied helping you relax for a little while. 

rainbow crafts for kids

Rainbow Activities

Although times are hard and we are all stir-crazy and stressed we can always count on a rainbow on a window to make us smile as we walk down the street and give us hope for all the amazing things waiting for us after this storm.

If you are a knitter or a crocheter and you want to participate in the rainbow movement you can always make your own rainbow using brightly coloured yarns from your stash.

If you’re looking for a way to cheer up your neighbourhood and pass some time creatively check out the crafts and patterns below to find your favourite.

rainbow yarns

More Rainbow Crafts

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17 Rainbow Activities Ideas For The Whole Family

Make a rainbow or two to hang in your window to spread the positive message of hope to your neighbours and people in your local area.

Choose from rainbow crafts for kids, rainbow crafts for toddlers, rainbow knitting patterns and rainbow crochet patterns.

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