What Is Jumbo Yarn?


In this post, you will see answers to the question – What is jumbo yarn?

If you are new to knitting or crochet one of the essential things you need to learn is yarn weights. 

Yarn weight or better the thickness of the yarn strand is the method we use to divide yarns into groups.

There are eight groups from thinnest to thickest (0-7) from lace to jumbo. 

Learn everything about the different yarn weights here – Yarn Weight Guide (+ Conversion Chart)

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Jumbo weight yarn

Jumbo Weight Yarn FAQ’s

What is jumbo yarn?

Jumbo yarn it ls the last category, therefore, the thickest yarn.

It has a symbol of 7 and a gauge of 6 stitches and fewer per 4inches using 17 or larger (US) knitting needles. 

As a matter of fact, it was recently added to the yarn weight system by America’s Craft Yarn Council in 2014 to accommodate the thick yarns that kept popping in the yarn market but couldn’t be considered as super bulky yarns. 

jumbo weight tape yarn

What can I make with jumbo yarn?

There are a lot of big stitch projects (both knitting and crochet patterns) you can do with jumbo yarn, especially in home decor.

Due to its thickness, it adds instant drama to your projects so you can knit up blankets, throws, big floor pillows, pillow covers, rugs, baskets, and winter wear such as chunky sweaters, ponchos, and hats. 

In addition, jumbo yarn is perfect for arm/hand knitting as it is very thick, you can make a cowl with just your arms and a jumbo yarn ball.

Or if you are a more experienced knitter you can make bigger and more complicated patterns with your chunky yarn.

This weight of yarn is normally knit on a large needle size 25mm (US 50).

Arm knitting is a very good starting point if you want to teach a child how to knit.

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chunky cable knit blanket on large circular needles

What is the thickest yarn you can buy?

There are many different types of jumbo yarns for sale including popular yarns from Loopy Mango.

This is often made from merino wool and comes in large thick strands of soft fibers.

It has many names including giant wool yarn, chunky arm knitting yarn, and wool roving.

Jumbo yarn can be substituted by knitting with two strands of super bulky yarn together.

A chunky knit blanket knit with jumbo yarn is seen in the image below.

wool roving jumbo weight yarn white

Why is jumbo weight yarn so expensive?

This yarn is expensive because of the merino wool used to create the yarn.

The jumbo yarn can come in 200g balls but to make a chunky blanket you will need a fair bit, for example, 4kg of wool, which can be priced at $150+.

For a full-size blanket, you will need quite a bit of yarn, probably around 13-18 balls or skeins of yarn.

The yardage of this yarn does not get you far for the price that you pay, but it is a quick yarn, so making a blanket will take no time at all!

jumbo yarn

Jumbo Weight Yarn Patterns

Jumbo yarn is one of the trendier yarns and if you are a person that likes keep in touch with the latest fashion trends and you want to make the very cool, very chunky and impressive knits that are popping up in all our social media the last few years then this yarn is perfect for you.

Take a look at the free patterns below to find your next project!

What is Jumbo yarn weight

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