Tropical Leaf Decor Ideas


I am loving the trend for tropical leaf decor ideas, seen everywhere from fashion, interior design and party accessories.

You might already have noticed the rise of all types of tropical leaf prints, large leaf tropical plants and wallpapers, from restaurant to fashion collection and even wedding decor.

This is a trend that has been here for a while now and will probably be going strong for a little while longer.

tropical leaf

In this post, I have gathered a wonderful collection of bold tropical leaves including how they have been used in home decor and fashion.

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This delightful fresh take on greenery is so exciting I just had to share these stunning images with you!

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fresh greens and tropical leaf

Tropical Leaves In Interiors

Tropical leaves have been seen everywhere – from clothing patterns to patterns for parties, the home and beyond.

It’s such a fresh and inspiring take on greenery that stems away from succulents and aloe vera plants to being bold with large leaf tropical plants.

I have enjoyed seeing images of leafy greens used as decor in unique ways devoid of the typically potted plants you see in decor magazines and the like.

Of course – you can bring this trend into your home in other ways than bringing in live plants, just look at the wallpapers, wall decals, textiles and accessories that can be found.

Tropical Leaf Prints

You can bring this trend into your home or office by adding a few leaves to a pretty vase, a large potted plant, leaves on a table, framed wallpaper and more.

The gorgeous effect of the fresh greens in your environment will give your space a calming and relaxed vibe.

Beautiful artwork and prints featuring tropical leaves are on display below >

Large Leaf Tropical Plants In The Home

The tropical leaf decor is just jaw-dropping!

The huge, layered prints work so well as wallpaper, with a fresh modern look.

The rooms in the images below all define this trend, working in living rooms, bathrooms and home offices.

If a full wall with a leaf printed wallpaper or wall mural is too much for you, then adding framed prints will be a more subtle addition to your space.

Tropical Leaf Prints In Fashion

The tropical leaf print trend also works so well in fashion, with tops, trousers, swimwear and skirts looking fresh and light with leafy prints.

The accessories are chic with shoes, and bags offering summer vacation vibes.

In the images below you will see how the leaf prints can work paired with simple white and fresh accessories.

Tropical Leaf Party Decor

This trend has even crossed over into party decorations – weddings are picking up on this and are rolling out tropically themed table decorations and more.

If you search on Pinterest, you will see so many ideas of how this can be used for party decor.

Take a look at the lovely image below that has simply yet effectively capitalised on this trend >

tropical leaf

Are you using the tropical leaf trend in your home at the moment? or wearing it?

Do you love it too?

Let me know what you think in the comments below >

*All images found on Pinterest*

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