Purple Hats For Newborns


In this post, you will learn all about purple hats for newborns and why they are needed.

I recently read an article about how many makers are knitting and crocheting purple baby hats for newborns infant crying to raise awareness about the ‘Period of PURPLE crying’.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health National Center has been asking for donations of purple knit caps to be sent to various destinations.

PURPLE is an acronym that stands for:

  • P – Peak of crying
  • U – Unexpected
  • R – Resists Soothing
  • P – Pain-like face
  • L – Long-lasting
  • E – Evening
Purple hat for baby

The Period of Purple Crying

It has been reported (by Doctors/experts and caregivers) that from the age of 2 weeks to about 3 or 4 months, some babies will cry and cannot be soothed.

Babies can cry for hours, but they are neither sick nor in pain, they are just crying.

It is usually called colic, but some doctors are trying to move away from that diagnosis, saying it could mean there is something wrong with the baby.

But they also say it could be a part of their normal development.

That’s why they’re trying to change it from colic to “The Period of PURPLE Crying.

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purple hat for baby

Purple Knit Caps Are Needed

From the children’s hospital, prevention program, and health officials, there are those also from the department of health that has found that this is the time that babies are at risk for Shaken Baby Syndrome. 

What is Shaken Baby Syndrome? 

The shaken baby syndrome is a serious brain injury resulting from forcefully shaking an infant or toddler. It’s also known as abusive head trauma, shaken impact syndrome, inflicted head injury, or whiplash shaken infant syndrome.Info Source

To spread awareness and understanding, the Oklahoma State Department of Health will distribute thousands of purple knit caps to every baby born who is at risk and showing incidences of SBS.

purple baby hat

The Hat Guidelines

There are guidelines you should follow when making the purple hats;


  • Please make your hats with new, clean, soft to the touch, and washable yarn. Some ‘value’ yarns are made with scratchy fibers, so please double-check that the yarn you are using is super soft and perfect for a newborn’s head!


  • The hats are intended to be worn by 1-2 day old infants, the average newborn head circumference is 14″ (13-15″) and hats should be approx 4-6″ high.


  • Hats need to be 50% or more of any shade of purple.


  • Please use gender-neutral (Unisex) styles or an equal number of girl/boy-friendly styles.


  • In order to keep the babies safe from choking hazards or strangulation risks, please do not add straps, ties, pom poms, tassels, bows, ribbons, buttons, or any other additional decorations.


  • The hats are meant to keep babies’ heads warm in colder conditions, a more minor stitch results in a warmer hat. If the stitches are more extensive and looser (for example if it has been created on a loom) they will not provide enough warmth.


  • This type of knitting is allowed but should be used with caution. Please ensure that the hat is not too loose or tight for a comfortable fit around the baby’s head.

Free Knitting Pattern – Gender Neutral Ribbed Beanie

Here is a free knitting pattern for a unisex purple hat designed by Olha from Halifax Charity Knitters.

Yield: Purple Hat

Purple Hats For Newborns

Purple Hats For Newborns

Here is a free knitting pattern for a unisex purple hat designed by Olha from Halifax Charity Knitters.

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy/beginner


  • DK weight (Light #3) soft acrylic yarn in purple (MC), 43m (47 yrds), and green (CC) 6m (7 yrds); 3.25 mm (US#3)


  • 4 mm (US 6) double-pointed needles or circulars
  • Tapestry needle
  • 1 stitch marker


Pattern Note: This pattern is written for a smooth, ‘jogless’ colour change. Do not cut the contrasting color between stripes; carry up the inside.

With two smaller needles held together, cast on 60 sts using MC yarn. Pull one needle out. Distribute sts evenly on 3 double-pointed needles (20 on each); mark the beginning of the round and join, being careful not to twist.

  • Rnds 1-22: K1, p1-tbl.
  • Switch to larger needles.
  • Rnds 23-28: MC. Knit.
  • Rnd 29: CC. Knit.
  • Rnd 30: Sl 1, knit to end.
  • Rnd 31: MC. Knit.
  • Rnd 32: Sl 1, knit to end.
  • Rnds 33-34: Knit.
  • Rnd 35: CC. Knit.
  • Rnd 36: Sl 1, knit to end.
  • Rnd 37: MC. Knit.
  • Rnd 38: Sl 1, knit to end.
  • Rnds 39-42: Knit.
  • Shape Crown
  • Rnd 43: (K8, k2tog) 6 times. (54 sts)
  • Rnd 44: Knit.
  • Rnd 45: (K7, k2tog) 6 times. (48 sts)
  • Rnd 46: Knit.
  • Rnd 47: (K6, k2tog) 6 times. (42 sts)
  • Rnd 48: Knit.
  • Rnd 49: (K5, k2tog) 6 times. (36 sts)
  • Rnd 50: (K4, k2tog) 6 times. (30 sts)
  • Rnd 51: (K3, k2tog) 6 times. (24 sts)
  • Rnd 52: (K2, k2tog) 6 times. (18 sts)
  • Rnd 53: (K1, k2tog) 6 times. (12 sts)
  • Rnd 54: (K2tog) 6 times. (6 sts)

Cut yarn, leaving a 15 cm (6″) tail. Using tapestry needle, thread tail through remaining sts and pull tight. Weave in ends.

To knit a hat in one colour, read the pattern as follows: Rnds 23-42: Knit.

Sizing tip: change the size by adjusting the cast-on number by 6 sts. The decreases are worked over 6 sections (2 sections on each of 3 needles).

Calculate the number of stitches in each section when you start decreasing (Rnd43) and work knit to last 2 sts of the section, k2tog, in each section, alternating decrease and knit rounds until you have 42 sts left.

Then follow the pattern as given, starting from Rnd48.



k = knit

p = purl

p1-tbl = purl through the back loop

k2tog = knit 2 stitches together

sl (slip)= transfer a stitch purlwise from the left needle to the right without knitting

sts = stitches

MC = main colour

CC = contrast colour

Gauge:  23 sts and 32 rounds over 10 cm (4″) in stockinette st on larger needles.

Head circumference: 37 cm (14.5 inches), average newborn size.

PLEASE NOTE:  the hat’s cast-on edge must be very stretchy to fit comfortably over a baby’s head. Please follow cast-on instructions.

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Free Knitting Pattern – Simple Baby Hat

This Newborn Hat Pattern (Circular Needles) can be knit with ease, fairly quickly on circular needles >>

purple hat
Yield: Purple newborn hat

Purple Hats For Newborns

purple hat

This simple baby hat can be knit with ease, fairly quickly on circular needles.

Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Difficulty Easy/beginner


  • Baby Yarn (Rico Essentials BIG 50%acrylic 50% wool) 1 ball in Aubergine 039 / or alternatively for 100% cotton use Rico Creative Cotton Aran (Violet 16) on smaller needles (4-5mm) or double strands worked if used with 8mm (US 11) needles.


  • 8 mm (US 11 Circular needle
  • Stitch marker
  • Darning needle
  • Tape measure


  • Cast on 34sts. Join in rnd, placing a marker on first st.
  • 1st rnd: Purl.
  • Knit in rnds until work from beg measures 4½ (5)” [11.5 (12.5) cm].Next rnd: (K6. K2tog. K7. K2tog) twice. 30 sts.
  • Next rnd: Knit.
  • Shape top: 1st rnd: *K3. K2tog. Rep from * around. 24 sts.
  • 2nd rnd: Knit.
  • 3rd rnd: *K2. K2tog. Rep from * around. 18 sts.
  • 4th rnd: Knit.
  • 5th rnd: *K1. K2tog. Rep from * around. 12 sts.
  • 6th rnd: *K2tog. Rep from * around. 6 sts.
  • Break yarn. Draw end through rem sts and fasten securely.



To fit 0-3 months


Approx = Approximately

Beg = Begin(ning)

Cont = Continue(ing)

K = Knit

K2tog = Knit next 2

stitches together

Rem = Remaining

Rep = Repeat

Rnd(s) = Round(s)

St(s) = Stitch(es)

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Where To Send

Take a look at this list to see where you can drop off or mail your hats to by the 1st October 2017.

Mail purple hats to:

Oklahoma State Department of Health

ATTN: Maternal and Child Health

1000 NE 10 St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299.

Volunteers can obtain patterns for caps and campaign guidelines at clickcampaign.health.ok.gov


Click for Babies: A Period of Purple Crying Program has all the needed information for the purple cap program.

Including knitting and crochet patterns for purple caps and booties, you can make and donate to a cause near you. 

And if that’s not available to you, you can mail your purple makes to their offices and they will distribute it accordingly.  

If crafting it’s not your cup of tea, you could also donate to the Click campaign. 

Volunteers can find the information and a copy of the purple program here https://www.clickforbabies.org/index.php

The public response has already been so great, you too can join this wonderful cause and spread positive messages. 

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