27 Men’s Knitted Scarf Patterns


In this post, you will see 27 men’s knitted scarf patterns.

A scarf is the ultimate all-year-round accessory,

It always helps to tie an outfit together and renew your look but it has also practical usage as it keeps you warm and toasty in the lower temperatures, wrapping a scarf around your neck in the winter can feel like a warm hug. 

However, scarves are not only worn in the winter but in the warmer months too, you only need to trade the chunkier and warmer materials for lighter and airier ones. 

Men's Knitted Scarf Patterns

Knit Your Own Scarf

There is nothing better than a handmade scarf; as a maker, knitting a scarf is never boring, as there are various styles and designs you can try. 

You can knit a warm and squishy simple scarf using basic stitches like the knit stitch and the purl stitch, which are great if you are learning how to knit, or more complicated ones like the seed stitch, a cable stitch, or the hurdle stitch for example. 

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Cable knitted scarf

There are simple knits for beginners too

There are so many scarf knitting patterns online you can follow and make the perfect knit scarf for you, newbies, and experienced knitters.

Also, If you are a beginner knitter or you are learning a new stitch and want to practice, a scarf knitting pattern is a great project as you will need to repeat the same stitch multiple times and practice makes perfect.

simple knitted scarf

Choose Your Favorite Design

Moreover, there is a variety of patterns you can follow and styles you can make depending on your personal fashion approach, like buffalo plaid scarfs, tartan patterns,  harry potter scarfs in different colors depending on your Hogwarts house, the classic but never-out-of-style ribbed pattern scarfs, infinity scarves that wrap around easily and never fall off.

Also, the size and warmth of your scarf depend on your materials, the yarn, and the knitting needle size you will choose.

If you want a warm scarf for the winter a wool mix yarn is ideal, preferably a chunky or super bulky yarn or even a dk weight yarn.

These yarns are ideal for a fall/winter chunky scarf.

A scarf for the warmer months should be made with lighter yarns like dk weight yarn, worsted weight yarn, and lighter yarns (if you are feeling brave).

men's knitted scarf pattern

27 Men's Scarf Knitting Patterns

If you are looking for a scarf pattern to make for yourself or to gift to a friend take a look at these awesome patterns below and you might find your next project.

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