45 Best Yarns For Hand Crochet Chunky Blankets


This blog post will show the 45 best yarns for hand crochet chunky blankets.

From favorites like Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick to the array of Bernat yarn choices.

Best yarns for hand crochet chunky blankets

What Is Hand Crocheting? 

Hand crochet, also known as finger crochet, is a technique of crocheting using just your hands and fingers, without any crochet hooks or tools. 

Instead of manipulating a crochet hook to create stitches, you use your fingers to work the yarn directly.

Similarly, you can also knit without using knitting needles, just your arms.

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chunky crochet blanket

What Is The Best Yarn Weight For A Hand Crochet Blanket?

When crocheting a blanket by hand without using a crochet hook, it is best to use bulky, super bulky yarn or jumbo.

These yarn weights are thicker and require fewer loops to cover a given area, which makes the process more manageable and faster when using your hands and fingers.

Learn about yarn weights here – Yarn Weight Guide {+ Conversion Chart}.

Bulky (5), super bulky (6), and jumbo (7) yarns create larger stitches, and as a result, the blanket will work up more quickly.

This is especially important when hand crocheting, as using a finer yarn weight would require significant time and effort due to the smaller stitches.

Additionally, bulky and super bulky yarns are softer and more comfortable, making them ideal for creating cozy and warm blankets.

Remember that the best yarn weight depends on your preference and the look you want for your hand-crocheted blanket.

If you prefer lightweight yarns and are comfortable with smaller stitches, you could use a worsted weight yarn (4) or DK (3) yarn.

However, thick yarn is the most practical and enjoyable choice when hand-crocheting a blanket for most people.

Wool ease thick and quick

What Materials Do You Need To Hand Crochet A Blanket?

To hand-crochet a blanket, you’ll need the following materials:

  1. Yarn: Choose the yarn you want to use for your blanket. 
  2. Scissors: You’ll need a pair of scissors to cut the yarn when starting and finishing your project and for any yarn changes or weaving in ends.
  3. Tapestry Needle: A tapestry needle, also known as a yarn needle, helps weave in the yarn ends when you finish the blanket. It is a large, blunt needle that makes it easier to work with yarn.
  4. Measuring Tape or Ruler: Depending on the size of the blanket you want to create, you may need a measuring tape or ruler to keep track of the length and width as you progress.

That’s it!

Hand crocheting a blanket is a simple and enjoyable process, and you don’t need any specialized tools other than the yarn, scissors, and a tapestry needle. 

It’s a great craft to explore if you enjoy working with your hands and want to create a cozy, handmade blanket without crochet hooks.

How Many Skeins Of Chunky Yarn Do You Need To Hand Crochet A Blanket?    

The number of skeins of chunky yarn you will need to hand-crochet a blanket depends on several factors:

  1. Desired Blanket Size: The size of the blanket you want to create will be the most significant factor in determining the number of skeins of yarn needed. Larger blankets will require more yarn, while smaller ones will need less.
  2. Yarn Weight and Yardage: The weight and yardage of the chunky yarn you choose will also impact the number of skeins needed. Skeins come in different sizes, typically 100 to 200 yards or more.  Check the label on the yarn to see how many yards are in each skein.
  3. Crochet Tension: Your crochet tension or gauge can influence yarn usage. If you crochet tightly, you might use more yarn than someone who crochets loosely using the same pattern and yarn.
  4. Stitch Pattern: Your stitch pattern will also affect how much yarn you use. Some stitches use more yarn than others due to their structure and texture.
  5. Border or Edging: To add a border or edging to your blanket, you must account for additional yarn.

To estimate the number of skeins you need, you can follow these general guidelines:

  • Step 1: Determine the blanket dimensions you want (length and width in inches or centimeters).
  • Step 2: Check the label on the chunky yarn you want for the blanket and find the yardage per skein (e.g., 120 yards). Learn how to read a yarn label here – How To Read A Yarn Label (Step By Step) 
  • Step 3: Calculate the total yardage required for your blanket by multiplying the length and width dimensions from Step 1. For example, if your desired blanket size is 40 inches x 60 inches, the total yardage needed would be 40 x 60 = 2400 square inches.
  • Step 4: Divide the total yardage needed (from Step 3) by the yardage per skein (Step 2) to get the approximate number of skeins needed. For example, if each skein has 120 yards, then 2400/120 = 20 skeins (rounded up).

It’s always a good idea to buy more yarn than you think you’ll need to account for any differences in gauge or tension and ensure you have enough for the project.

The Best Yarns For Hand Crochet Blankets

From Chunky yarn to medium-weight yarn, you will find all types of yarn in this list below that is perfect for making crochet blankets.

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