30 Free Halloween Knitting Patterns (Spooky + Fun)


This blog post will show 30 free Halloween knitting patterns that are spooky and fun!

Halloween is almost here… 

And that means that the spooky season is upon us!

30 free Halloween knitting patterns

The Origins of Halloween 

Halloween is a holiday celebrated annually on October 31st. 

It originates in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. 

The Celts believed that on that night, the boundary between the living and the dead was blurred, allowing spirits to roam the Earth.

They would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off these spirits.

Over time, Halloween evolved and incorporated elements from various cultures and traditions. 

In medieval Europe, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day were celebrated around the same time as Samhain.

These Christian holidays eventually merged with the Celtic festival, leading to the modern celebration of Halloween.

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How To Celebrate Halloween

Halloween has become a major cultural phenomenon and is widely celebrated in many parts of the world.

It’s a time for people to have fun, express their creativity, and enjoy spooky and supernatural entertainment.

There are many ways to have spooky fun, from decorating your house with pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, ghost figures, spider webs, and more spooky accessories. 

Kids and teenagers enjoy trick-or-treating around their neighborhoods. 

People of all ages enjoy a Halloween party where you dress up in fun or spooky costumes and enjoy the festivities.

But there are also organized events like hunted houses and pumpkin- carvings you can enjoy and take photos of for your social media! 

If you are not a big fan of activities like these, you can enjoy Halloween by watching classic Halloween movies like Hocus Pocus and other more scary movies. 

Knitting For Halloween

Halloween is an excellent excuse to pull out your fanciest yarns and favorite needles and cast on a new project like any holiday. 

The possibilities of what to knit for Halloween are endless.

You can make decorative items, like pumpkins, wreaths, bats, black cats, ghost figures, skulls, and toys like witches, mummies, and zombies. 

Also, you can make accessories and garments like hats, gloves, sweaters, mittens, cowls, and scarves with Halloween designs. 

Or you can even knit parts of your Halloween costume! 

For example, you can knit a witch hat and shawl to complete your witch outfit. 

What Can I Knit For Halloween?

Knitting for Halloween is a fun and creative way to add a festive touch to your decor or create unique costumes and accessories.

Here are some Halloween knitting ideas to get you started:

  1. Pumpkin Hat: Knit a bright orange pumpkin-shaped hat complete with a green stem on top. It’s a playful and cozy accessory for Halloween parties or chilly trick-or-treating nights.
  2. Spider Web Coasters: Create spider web-shaped coasters in black or purple yarn. These are perfect for setting up a spooky table for your Halloween party.
  3. Witch Hat: Knit a classic witch’s hat in black yarn with a curled-up brim. Add a buckle or a spider embellishment for an extra witchy touch.
  4. Ghost Toy: Knit little ghost-shaped stuffed toys to scatter around your home for a friendly Halloween atmosphere.
  5. Bat Garland: Craft a garland of knitted bats in various sizes and colors. Hang them across your fireplace mantle or in doorways for a subtly spooky effect.
  6. Skeleton Fingerless Gloves: Knit gloves with skeleton motifs using white and black yarn. They’ll add a touch of macabre charm to your Halloween costume.
  7. Halloween-themed Dishcloths: Knit dishcloths with motifs like pumpkins, bats, or cats. They can be both practical and decorative.
  8. Candy Corn Bunting: Knit candy corn-shaped bunting flags in orange, yellow, and white yarn. String them together for a sweet Halloween decoration.
  9. Frankenstein’s Monster Hat: Create a green hat with bolts and stitched “scars” to resemble Frankenstein’s monster. It’s a fun accessory for a Halloween costume.
  10. Black Cat Plushies: Knit little black cat stuffed animals with bright green or yellow eyes. These make great Halloween decorations or gifts.
  11. Skeleton Scarf: Knit a long scarf with a skeleton design running down its length. It can be a striking addition to your Halloween attire.
  12. Halloween Mug Cozies: Craft cozy little Halloween-themed mug cozies with spooky motifs like ghosts, witches, or pumpkins.

These are just a few ideas to spark your creativity.

With knitting, you can personalize your Halloween decorations and costumes while indulging in the cozy and creative aspects of the season.

Knitting Lessons

If you don’t know where to start, check out the knitting lessons for more knitting tutorials. – Knitting Lessons (With Video Tutorials) 

For example, knitting abbreviations and terms (US and UK), how to measure gauge in knitting, how to cast on knitting, how to knit the basic stitches, how to knit garter stitch, how to knit stockinette stitch (view – how to knit stockinette stitch (for beginners)), how to knit purl stitches (view – how to knit the purl stitch (for beginners + a video tutorial), how to knit ribbing (view – how to knit rib stitch patterns (1×1 and 2×2 ribbing)), how to knit with circular needles (view – how to join knitting in the round with circular knitting needles), how to fix knitting mistakes, and many more stitch patterns.

Most of the blog posts include a video tutorial to help you along.

Perfect for a beginner knitter who wants to learn a new technique or experienced knitters who need a refresher. 

Check out more video tutorials on my YouTube channel here. 

Happy Halloween Knitting!

3O Free Halloween Knitting Patterns

If you are ready to make your own Halloween festive knits, take a look at this round-up, and you might find your next project!

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