20 Best Spooky Knits For Halloween


Spooky knits for Halloween have never been creepier!

Make your own custom Halloween costumes with one of these free knitting patterns.

With Halloween around the corner, there is still time to make something spooky to wear.

Halloween knitting patterns free

What Can I Knit For Halloween?

There are plenty of fun and spooky knitting projects you can undertake for Halloween!

Here are some ideas to get your creative needles clicking:

  1. Witch Hat: Knit a classic witch hat in black or dark purple. You can add a wide brim and a pointy tip for an authentic witchy look.
  2. Pumpkin Hat: Create a cozy pumpkin hat in shades of orange. Add a green stem at the top for an adorable pumpkin-inspired accessory.
  3. Ghost Plushies: Knit small ghost plushies in white yarn. You can give them friendly or spooky faces, depending on your preference.
  4. Spider Web Shawl: Knit a lace shawl with a spider web pattern. This elegant accessory can be both stylish and Halloween-themed.
  5. Halloween Socks: Knit socks with Halloween-inspired patterns like pumpkins, ghosts, skeletons, or spiders. These are perfect for keeping your feet warm while adding a touch of Halloween spirit.
  6. Bat Bunting: Knit small bat shapes and string them together to create a cute Halloween bunting. Hang it up for a festive decoration.
  7. Jack-o’-Lantern Dishcloth: Knit dishcloths or washcloths with jack-o’-lantern motifs. They make practical and seasonal additions to your kitchen.
  8. Halloween Garland: Knit various Halloween-themed shapes like witches, bats, and pumpkins and string them together to create a festive garland.
  9. Halloween Mug Cozies: Keep your drinks warm with Halloween-themed mug cozies. You can knit cozy patterns like spiders, skulls, or candy corn.
  10. Candy Corn Baby Blanket: Knit a baby blanket in the iconic candy corn colors – yellow, orange, and white. It’s a sweet and festive project.
  11. Spider Web Fingerless Gloves: Knit fingerless gloves with a spider web pattern. These are both stylish and fitting for the Halloween season.
  12. Frankenstein’s Monster Doll: Knit a cute Frankenstein monster doll with green yarn and add details like a stitched face for a spooky but adorable effect.
  13. Halloween Mittens: Knit mittens with Halloween motifs like bats, witches, or black cats. They’ll keep your hands warm while adding a touch of Halloween fun.
  14. Pumpkin Pillow: Knit a pumpkin-shaped pillow in various shades of orange. It can serve as a cozy and festive accent for your living space.
  15. Witchy Leg Warmers: Knit leg warmers in black or purple with a witch’s hat or broomstick pattern. They’re a fun accessory for Halloween costumes or chilly autumn days.

These Halloween knitting projects are not only enjoyable to make but also add a handmade touch to your Halloween decorations and attire.

Get creative with colors, patterns, and embellishments to personalize your spooky and festive creations.

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Handmade Halloween Costumes

Do you like to plan your Halloween costumes months in advance? or are you a last-minute kinda person?

Whatever you want to dress up this post can give you a few ideas – from Freddy Kruger (the knitted sweater) to a cat with some black cat ears.

Making unusual Halloween costumes will get you noticed at any parties this season.

Don’t pick something you know that everyone else is going to wear, but make something that shows off your maker skills as well as your individuality!

Spooky knits for Halloween flatlay with book of spells

Knits For Halloween And Fall

If you are a knitter and love Halloween, why not make your own costume or something a little witchy-related to wear in the fall?

While you can always buy at stores everything you need, making a unique item on your own in Halloween colors is definitely more fun.

You can also bring your personal fashion sense in to make something original, which can be as spooky as you like. 

Witches hat and cat

Get The Needles Out For October

Find something to make in this Halloween knitting pattern collection, with quick last-minute costume knits (cat ears) and more complicated projects like the beautiful cat shawl.

Wear something handmade while trick-and-treating, like a Halloween hat.

If you want to make something smaller for spooky season, like pumpkins, you can find my pumpkin patterns – Fall

There is also a pumpkin-making tutorial on my YouTube channel here.

Spooky knits for Halloween white pumpkin and knitted blanket

20 Halloween Knitting Patterns

Look through the mostly free Halloween knitting patterns below and find a spooky knitting project.

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  1. PLEASE help me find the knitting pattern for that pullover sweater in the picture with the white/black cat lying on it. You also say that it’s a sweater for dressing up like Freddy Kruger. Where can I find the pattern for it??

    1. Hello Cindy,
      The photo of the cat and the sweater is a stock photo.
      Maybe check Pinterest or Ravelry for Aran sweaters?
      The Freddy Kruger sweater is on the list – it’s the Relaxed Pullover Pattern by Vogue Knitting.
      They had an image a while back with stripes but I see in the pattern the sweater has no stripes.
      Maybe you can knit this one instead and just change the colors?
      I hope that helps!