Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Last minute Halloween costume ideas

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Guest Post written by Nancy Cooper / *All images sources from Pinterest*

Halloween is coming fast! Are you ready for Halloween night?

I love this spooky holiday and usually give a lot of attention to it, but planning a costume can be a bit of chore if you are short on time.

As so often happens, you think that you have enough time to prepare your Halloween costume and then suddenly find yourself in a pickle.

Halloween has now arrived, but you don’t have anything to wear – you don’t have a creepy costume!

Don’t panic – There are many looks you can put together on the cheap or from stuff you already have in your closet at home.

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Last minute Halloween costume ideas


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Last minute Halloween costume ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

For some people Halloween is the one time of the year when they get to be really creative, making costumes and putting together their outfit with meticulous detail.

For others though, it is the last thing on their mind and something that they need fast, especially if they have a party or gathering to go to.

This post will show you easy to put together outfits – and link to some items you can buy, that will be perfect for these Halloween costume ideas.

You can shop the looks featured in this post below:

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Here are 5 of the best last-minute Halloween costume ideas that will help you create an excellent scary look, simply and on a budget.

1. Morton Salt Girl Halloween Costume

One of the quickest DIY Halloween costumes is Morton’s Salt Girl.

If you already have a yellow dress (or even a yellow coat), an oversized umbrella and a container of Morton salt, you are ready to create this iconic image.

Of course, it would be better if you add a blonde bob wig and rain boots in order to conform fully to the famous logo.

But even if you don’t wear a wig and boots, most people will appreciate your pretty costume.

Morton Salt Girl

2. Romantic Cowgirl Halloween Costume

Just grab your blue jeans, plaid shirt and cowgirl boots and your great Halloween costume is ready!

Don’t forget to style two simple braids and complete this gorgeous image with a cowgirl hat.

That’s truly a very simple idea that will help you create an amazing Halloween look in just a couple of minutes.

romantic cowgirl halloween costume

3. Bank Robber Halloween Costume

You can really find everything you need for this costume in your wardrobe.

Well, you need a striped shirt or T-shirt (although it can be a black one), black jeans and black and white sneakers or just black boots.

Finish your costume with a black eye mask or go heavy on the eyeliner.

Don’t forget to put on a black beanie to be a real bank robber and take a money bag.

If you don’t have a dollar sign bag, take an old pillowcase and a black marker to draw a dollar sign on the front.

Bank robber Halloween costume

4. Real Nerd Halloween Costume

One more simple idea for a quick Halloween costume is a nerd as all you need to do is to look smart and a bit silly.

First of all, you should wear a high-waisted skirt or pants with a tucked in white shirt or blouse.

Then complete your look with suspenders and taped glasses, plus remember, your hairstyle must fit the look.

Choose pigtails or a neat bun to finish off this cute Halloween costume.

Real nerd Halloween costume

5. Easy Skeleton Halloween Costume

If you don’t have much time and want to make a spooky look in a few minutes, this easy skeleton costume is just right for you!

  • Firstly, take a white T-shirt and a long sleeve black shirt.
  • Then cut out sections of the white T-shirt to create a rib cage illusion and put it over the black shirt.
  • Finally, add a Halloween skull makeup to finish off the look.

Easy Skeleton Halloween costume

What costume are you going to wear for Halloween?

Do you like any of the last minute Halloween costume ideas?

Please, share your thoughts below in the comments.

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