Craft Room Ideas For Small Spaces


Getting craft room ideas for small spaces can be hard, and even more difficult if you are a crafter or blogger and need a dedicated workspace.

If you have enough space in your home, why not make a crafting space inside it?

It will allow you to separate from the housework and get an organized workspace where you can create.

Take a look at these ideas and see how you can get a craft room makeover.

Craft room with a long desk and yarn storage

1. The Location Matters

A craft room or workspace can be almost anywhere in your home and come in different sizes.

Maybe it’s just a corner in your living room, a separate room, or even a spot in your bedroom.

The key to finding the right location is to identify where you can put your desk and supplies away and have enough space to let those creative juices flow.

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livig room with a small office space

2. The Lighting

Natural light is the best option, as it is the most balanced source of white light, which is good for your eyes and focus.

Still, the amount of natural light depends on the geographical position of your workspace, so maybe you will be forced to get other sources of light.

In that case, the perfect solution is to combine general and task lighting.

Craft room table with sewing machine

Task lighting of high quality is especially important on cloudy days or when you have to work at night after you put your kids to bed.

You should get ergonomic task lighting for your work table that allows you to adjust the intensity of light at any moment.

To prevent glare, don’t put your computer screen directly in front of the source of lighting or under it.

craft workspace with desk and sewing supplies

3. Keep The Essentials Close

You want to be able to get into your projects without interrupting your workflow in order to get yarn, your hooks, or a tape measure from another room.

Identify which items you frequently use and make sure you can access them quickly, add trays, shelves, drawers, racks, bins and storage boxes, a rolling cart, and even a small closet if you can, to store all of your essentials.

Plus if you use storage boxes or bins with lids, and can’t remember where things are labels will be a lifesaver.

For larger items like yarn, you may need a good shelving unit for this, organized in baskets, buckets, or in other storage containers with room to breathe.

And for smaller items like pens, markers, colored pencils, and scissors, mason jars are a great idea.

Craft room essentials

4. Decoration To Inspire

Besides the essential work items, you also need to surround yourself with decorative, as well as personal items that fit your own style.

They are great for motivation and inspiration when you sit at your crafting table and go to work.

woman decorating her workspace

Add photographs to the space

That means putting pictures of your loved ones around you, hanging inspirational quotes, plus adding some of your own DIY projects.

This could be a touch of cozy comfort through a knitted throw covering your chair, decorative wall hangings, and a crochet rug under your desk.

Your creative space needs to be a place of joy for you.

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 small craft room and chair with a chunky knit blanket

5. Craft Room Storage

Many people working at home neglect the importance of craft storage.

If you don’t pay attention to where you put your craft supplies, art supplies, and necessities, it will affect your productivity.

You need storage baskets and enough shelving in order to be as organized as possible.

Yarn storage basket

Think about the items you use – where are they while you’re using them and where they go after you’re done with them.

A pegboard is often used by creatives in their studios to hang smaller items, like yarn, thread, ribbons, etc.

The more you use some of your craft supplies, the more you need them in arm’s reach.

The less you need certain items, the further they can be from your reach.

Your storage space needs to effectively cover your everyday work necessities and the ones you occasionally use.

workspace in the living room

6. Craft Room Organization

It’s easy to make a mess in the craft room or work area, especially if you don’t have too much time tidying up everything after you’re done because you have your kids waiting or house chores to do.

Built-in wall units used for storage are another luxury item for your craft room to prevent clutter.

A great way to get this at an affordable price is to purchase from Ikea, they have many options that can fit together, for all of that yarn!

Yarn storage shelves

Creating a craft room in a small space has its challenges.

That’s why it is important to get organized and source out an area that you can utilize.

That way, you can organize the space just the way you want, to work on your hobby, Etsy shop, or blog.

Craft room ideas for small spaces

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