How To Create A Fall Capsule Wardrobe


In this post, you will see how to create a fall capsule wardrobe.

The crisp days of fall are finally here!

With cosy nights in knitting, walks in the park, hot chocolate and wearing oversize knits, this is by far my most favourite time of the year.

Autumn is when your wardrobe needs to be updated, with a few key pieces that won’t break the bank and will make you look amazing but more importantly protect you from the elements.

Woman wearing a white knitted hat and mustard coloured sweater

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Make A Cozy Capsule Wardrobe

There are a ton of essentials that are needed for your fall outfits, including new long sleeve tops, oversize sweaters, jeans, leggings and boots.

The transition from fall to winter does not require loads of new items, so taking what you have already in your closet with a few new things will see you through the colder months in style.

Fall capsule wardrobe outfit ideas for women

Fall Outfit Ideas

Wearing cute fall outfits can sometimes be a little expensive once you decide to go shopping, so perhaps really looking at what you need can help you to save and look stylish.

Investing in certain pieces can pay off in time, with leather totes and boots being used year after year, just getting better with age.

You can also knit oversized sweaters instead of buying them, choosing your own sweater style and yarns. – 25 Fall Sweaters To Knit (Simple + Cute)

fall capsule wardrobe ideas - woman wearing a grey oversized sweater walking on the beach

How To Create A Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Whether you prefer a plain sweater, chunky cable knit sweater, an oversized baggy cardigan or raglan knit there are many fall sweaters on Pinterest that can give you some inspiration.

I have selected some must-have items that will keep you looking chic but are also easy to wear.

Here is a breakdown of what you will need to create a fall capsule wardrobe >

*All of the images were found on Pinterest*

1. The Oversize Sweater

Wearing a HUGE oversize sweater was definitely going to be first on my list!

In fall you want to wear some layers, so when you get hot or cold you can peel off your sweater and then throw it back on when it gets chilly.

2. Long-Sleeved Shirt

Wearing a long-sleeved shirt with any outfit is a must in the fall.

It’s tough wearing a chunky over-sized sweater or cardigan without a long-sleeved top underneath.

It serves as a thin layer to balance out wearing a chunky knit on the top of it.

If you get hot and take off your knitted sweater or cardigan, you can still feel warm in long sleeves.

3. Thick Leggings

Wearing leggings with oversized sweaters and tees is a trend that I hope never goes away!

I think this always looks good – for any casual occasion, wearing leggings with boots or trainers to run errands, go to lectures, shopping or have a coffee.

The key is to purchase a pair that is insulated and thick enough to not only provide sufficient warmth but not be see-through – that is something you don’t want!

4. Skinny Jeans

Owning a few pairs of skinny jeans is worth it, as you can wear them with trainers and boots all through fall.

from light denim, dark denim, stonewash to grey and black, they really do go with anything and lighter jeans can easily be coupled with winter accessories to create a perfectly chic winter vibe.

5. A Midi Coat

Midi coats in my opinion just look so smart!

Not only do they make you look chic, but they can also protect you from fierce winds, keeping you nice and cosy.

6. A Jacket

Whether you prefer a blazer or a biker they are crucial for any fall wardrobe and can dress up your outfit or give it an edge.

A fall jacket can give you an extra layer when you go out for drinks etc and don’t want a bulky coat to spoil your outfit.

7. Chunky Scarf

Keep yourself warm and cosy in the chilly autumn air with a big thick scarf.

Choose a scarf that has super soft materials so that you can snuggle into it, from cashmere, knits and fleece there are plenty of options available.

8. Autumn Beanie Hat

You most definitely need a beanie hat for your fall capsule wardrobe!

You might be having a bad hair day, it’s freezing at 7 am when you leave for work or you just like to wear a beanie because it’s super cosy…. whatever the reason it is a wardrobe staple for this season.

9. Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are just perfect for fall and can be worn with your leggings or skinny jeans – well literally any outfit!

They can also go with dresses or skirts when you don’t want to wear heels in the rain.

10. Knee High Boots

Knee-high boots are also a classic must-have for any fall capsule wardrobe, they are a must in rainy and cold weather.

They protect your feet and legs from the cold while also looking great with leggings, jeans and your other fall staples.

11. Trainers

Also great for fall is a good pair of comfortable trainers that you can wear with skinny jeans, leggings and other fall faves.

A darker pair of trainers will see you through fall and beyond, easy to throw on for errands, college, coffee with friends or any casual occasion.

12. Tote Bag

One thing I really can’t live without in the fall is a good-sized tote bag.

I take it everywhere with me – from shopping in town, meeting friends, meeting clients and travelling.

If you can afford to, it is a good idea to invest in a leather tote so that it will last for years and always be on-trend.

Or you can go for a vegan tote like the one in the image below – click on it to view more.

Tan leather bags never seem to go out of fashion and go with anything.

What are your go-to fall essentials?

Let me know in the comments below >

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