27 Modern Knitting Patterns For Fall (Free + Easy)


In this post, you will see 27 Modern Knitting Patterns For Fall.

After a long summer season, fall is finally here.

The weather is getting chillier; the tree leaves are turning from vibrant green to orange and are starting to fall.

We are trading our beach days for afternoon walks, our iced coffee for pumpkin spice lattes, and we are all ready to be surrounded by fall goodness.

And there is nothing that represents autumn more than knitting. 

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Modern knitting patterns for fall

Fall Knits You Will Love Making

You can make so many fall knitting patterns to prepare for this season.

Favorites include cozy blankets to cuddle with and watch the new episodes of your next TV show.

Plus, hats + headbands, mittens + gloves, fingerless gloves, fluffy socks to keep your feet warm, etc.

Including Knitting Patterns For Dogs

You can also make knitted garments to keep you warm and upgrade your fall wardrobe, like oversized sweaters with jeans and leggings. – 8+ Stylish Ideas For Your Fall Oversized Knits

Cardigans to keep you toasty, scarves, wraps, and shawls to complete your outfits.

Moreover, fall knitted fashion can include your furry best friend’s fall dog sweaters to keep your buddy warm during your walks together. – 17 Beautiful Fall Dog Sweater Knitting Patterns

dog sweater knit with a turtleneck

What To Knit For Autumn?

Autumn is a beautiful season for knitting, with its cool temperatures inspiring warm and cozy creations.

Here are some knitting ideas for autumn:

  1. Scarves and Cowls: Keep warm and stylish with a beautifully textured scarf or a snug cowl. Experiment with different stitch patterns ( like seed stitch) and yarns to capture the essence of fall. Scarf patterns are ideal for beginners.
  2. Sweaters and Cardigans: Autumn is the perfect time to knit sweaters or cardigans that provide the right amount of warmth for the changing weather. Choose autumnal colors like deep reds, oranges, and browns. Sweater patterns are for the advanced beginner or intermediate knitter.
  3. Hats and Beanies: Knit a selection of hats or beanies to keep your head cozy during brisk autumn days. Pom-poms and cable stitches can add extra charm.
  4. Fingerless Gloves: Ideal for those chilly mornings when you need to keep your hands warm but still want the freedom to use your fingers. Choose soft yarns like alpaca or merino for added comfort.
  5. Blankets and Throws: Create a chunky knit blanket to wrap yourself in as you enjoy the crisp autumn air. Earthy tones or rich jewel colors work well for this season. A cozy blanket can also make a great gift.
  6. Boot Cuffs and Leg Warmers: Accessorize your fall boots with knitted cuffs or leg warmers. They not only add warmth but also a touch of style.
  7. Pumpkin Decor: Knit small pumpkins or decorative gourds to adorn your home. These can be great for seasonal table centerpieces or as cozy additions to your autumn decor. Check out an easy pumpkin pattern here – Pumpkin Knitting Pattern (Beginner Friendly!)
  8. Shawls and Wraps: Knit a shawl or wrap to drape over your shoulders during cool autumn evenings. Lace patterns can add a touch of elegance.
  9. Mittens: For colder days, knit a pair of mittens to keep your hands toasty. Fair Isle or stranded colorwork patterns can be particularly charming. Check out a free knitting pattern here – Easy Mittens Knitting Pattern
  10. Plaid Blanket Scarves: Capture the timeless and cozy look of plaid with a blanket scarf. Use autumnal colors to enhance the fall vibe. Check out a free knitting pattern here – Fraser Tartan Shawl Knitting Pattern
  11. Socks: Knit yourself or a loved one a pair of warm, hand-knit socks. Choose wool or other warm yarns for maximum comfort.
  12. Ponchos: Ponchos are versatile and make for a stylish layering piece during the autumn season. You can go for classic neutral tones or experiment with bold colors.

Feel free to play with autumnal color palettes, rich textures, and seasonal motifs to truly embrace the spirit of fall in your knitting projects.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knitter, there’s a wide range of patterns and ideas to suit your skill level and style.

Pick Your Next Project With A Free Knitting Pattern

Furthermore, you can bring fall to your home decor by adding knitted decoratives like pumpkins.

Also, more oversized knits like a sofa throw and knitted cushion covers. 

Autumn is the perfect season for knitting, and if you are looking for a modern knitting project, look at the free patterns below.

Knitters, you will find cozy knits to excite you to pick up those needles!

27 Modern Knitting Patterns For Fall You Will Love!

Look through these 27 modern knitting patterns perfect for fall, including wearables, dog sweaters, and home decor.

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  1. Hi Louisa just wanted to let you know that I made 46 pairs of gloves from the patterns you sent me for the elderly. They went down a treat, so thank you for that. Here in Australia we have now come out of winter (I`m happy to say ) so will give the knitting a rest for a while and thought maybe next year I will do a beanie for them as well.
    Regards Barbara.

    1. Hello Barbara,
      Wow! That is amazing! I’m so happy you found the patterns useful and made gloves for the elderly.
      I hope you enjoy your warmer weather and go back to your knitting after a well earned rest!
      Louise 🙂