How To Dress Like Your Favorite Outlander Character


In this post, you will see how to dress like your favorite Outlander character.

Style yourself with inspiration from Claire Fraser for everyday casual or go full-on cosplay!

Make yourself something to wear, from a traditional costume to knits seen on the show.

Claire Fraser Season 6 Sontag Shawl
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The Outlander Phenomenon 

Outlander is a huge worldwide phenomenon from Dianna Gabaldon’s book series to the Starz TV Show.

We fell in love with Claire (Caitríona Balfe), Jamie (Sam Heughan), their daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton), and all of the other Outlander characters. 

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Claire and Jamie’s star-crossed lover’s story has made all of our romantic hearts beat wildly for over six years now. 

It starts in season one/book one, as Claire is a married nurse reuniting with her husband just after World War II, together they travel to Scotland and Claire stumbles upon some magical stones that lead her to 1743’s Scotland. 

There she meets the young bonny Jamie Fraser, they get married, fall in love, and get involved in games of war, politics, and more as the series develops.

Outlander Claire and Jamie
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Outlander Costumes

Just like all series set in the distant past Outlander has a lot of period costumes. 

And the Outlander costumes are truly magnificent!

Along with the beautiful knitwear, it’s another reason for the show’s popularity. 

Beautiful tartans, corsets paired with knitted shawls, gloves, arm warmers, and cowls. 

Jamie wears truly accurate and traditional kilts and clothes, and Claire and Brianna wear dresses with corsets and bum rolls under their dresses to keep the shape. 

Some costumes that stand out are Claire’s wedding dress, Claire’s red dress from the French court, and Brianna’s wedding dress. 

If you want to learn more about the Outlander Costumes check out this post – Outlander Costumes {Including The Knitwear And More!}

Claire red dress
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Dress Like Your Favourite Outlander Character

If you love Outlander as much as I do there is no way you haven’t thought ‘I would love to dress like Claire this Halloween’

And not only for Halloween, but you could also dress up as your favorite Outlander character for an Outlander-themed party or if you love to cosplay. 

You could also take inspiration from Claire or Brianna for your everyday outfits and hairstyles.

So you want to do an outlander-themed costume and don’t want to know where to start? 

Keep Reading… 

Outlander costumes Claire
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Well, the most important thing is the costume. 

Outlander is set in 1700s Scotland so you will need a costume, you can find ready-made costumes online, especially on Etsy, or sewing patterns to make your own. 

And If you want your costume to have modern touches and most importantly to be able to wear again in your everyday life, you can put together your own with modern clothes. 

All you need is a dress with puffy sleeves, a corset top for the female characters, and If you want to dress like a male character you can always fashion a kilt out of tartan fabric or buy a tartan skirt and a white dress shirt. 

how to dress like your favorite Outlander character
The model wears a dress from Zara, a white corset top from ASOS, and a knitted Rent Shawl (Claire’s Rent Shawl Knitting Pattern)
Image of Claire ©

The Red Dress

You can grab your own version of Claire’s red dress from season 2 here.

A Traditional Costume

You can buy ready-made traditional costumes on Etsy here.

Or this one on Amazon here.

Tartan Skirts

A tartan skirt like this one on Etsy would look amazing as part of an Outlander costume.

A Corset Top

Corset tops have been in fashion and can be easily found in many online stores.

A Simple White Shirt

A simple oversized white shirt worn with jeans, boots and a knitted shawl can also look very Outlander inspired.

how to dress like your favorite Outlander character

Making Your Own Costume Tutorials

Make Your Own Costume Sewing Patterns

Simplicity Outlander pattern - how to dress like your favorite Outlander character

Outlander Knitwear

The next thing you are going to definitely need is knitwear. 

Outlander has beautiful knitted pieces, like shawls, cowls, arm warmers, fingerless gloves, capelets, and more. 

All the characters wear knitted pieces so to make your costume more authentic, knitwear is going to be needed. 

You can’t possibly dress like Claire and not throw on her famous Carolina shawl (Outlander Carolina Shawl Pattern ) and a pair of arm warmers. 

Or like Brianna without her trademark reunion capelet. – Brianna’s Capelet Outlander Knitting Pattern

Or any of the clan characters without their traditional tams (berets). – Beret Knitting Pattern (Beginner Friendly!)

Check out the whole Outlander pattern library.  

Outlander Shoes

For women, you are definitely going to need socks and covered pumps, and tall horseriding-like boots

And for the men you are going to need tall socks preferably in a greyish color and for shoes, boots

Tall boots or cowboy boots can always work too if they are simple and without designs.  


The female characters wear beautiful jewelry throughout the series and today we called them statement pieces.

You can find a lot of replicas online, especially on Etsy, you can even grab Claire’s wedding ring

But you can always wear your own, hanging earrings that look vintage, and statement necklaces that look like rocks or crystals. 

Hair And Makeup 

Outlander doesn’t have a lot of complicated hairstyles. 

Claire Fraser has curly hair and she either keeps it down unruly or in messy buns.

Only on special occasions, she does tighter curls and more complicated updos.

Brianna and the rest of the characters keep their hair in updo buns with braids.

Jamie has also curly hair and in the first seasons, he kept unruly and down only on special occasions he wears it in a low curly ponytail. 

And in the later seasons, he kept it straight and in a low ponytail.

When it comes to make-up, it’s mostly natural make-up what we call a no-makeup makeup look.

With an even complexion, bright big eyes, blush, and natural pinkish lips, you can see a tutorial here – Outlander Makeup Tutorial | Claire Fraser Inspired Look.

While she is in the future, in the 1950s or 60s her make-up is considerably heavier. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post and are inspired to now dress up like your favorite Outlander character!

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