Pet Knitting Patterns

Make knitted items for your pets with these free knitting patterns that are easy to follow and have video tutorials. Make sweaters, cowls and more!

Christmas Puppy Sweater – Knitting Pattern

Make a holiday sweater for your puppy or small dog with this easy free knitting pattern.

Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern | Easy

Make your dog a cosy chunky sweater this month with this free knitting pattern, to keep warm and look stylish when out in the park!

This easy to knit dog sweater requires basics knowledge of knitting stitches, so is a great project for any beginners.

Gryffindor Dog Cowl – Knitting Pattern

Make your dog a Gryffindor knitted cowl, with this free and easy knitting pattern.

This pattern is great for beginner knitters as the stitches used are basic purl and knit.

Create a striped neck warmer in the Gryffindor coloured stripes in less than an hour.

Dog Sweater | Mischief Managed – Free Knitting Pattern

Are you a fan of Harry Potter and just love the knitted sweaters that Mrs Weasley makes for Ron and Harry?

Then you will love this dog sweater that has been made with inspiration from Mrs Weasleys knits. Knit your dog their own ‘mischief managed‘ sweater with this easy knitting pattern. 

10 Stunning Examples Of Beautiful Fall Dog Sweaters

Some dogs are naturally built for the cold weather but others like smaller breeds are not and would welcome a warm knitted sweater.

Spend some time this fall making your dog a cosy sweater to wear during those crisp autumn walks.

Dog Sweater Knitting Pattern

Make your dog a warm knitted sweater this month with this easy free knitting pattern.

Free Knitting Pattern For A Puppy Sweater

Is your puppy small? Does your dog need an xxs sweater?

Then make your puppy happy with an easy knit, free puppy sweater pattern.

This is an easy project to knit, taking about an hour -using 9mm (US 13) needles and chunky yarn, your puppy will love his/her warm knitted sweater.