Easy Knitting Patterns For Beginners


Knitting can seem a bit scary if you have never done it before, but there are so many easy knitting patterns for beginners out there for you to try.

These patterns will be simple so that you can practice the basic knitting stitches like knit and purl.

This will help you to master the fundamental stitches without feeling frustrated and like you want to give up.

pink knitted blanket next to a tea cup and notebook

Picking Your First Project

The first projects that a beginner normally would start with, is something easy, that practices the knit stitch (also known as garter stitch) and purl. 

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The best types of patterns for this are scarves and anything else that is knit flat, on two straight knitting needles.

It’s best to practice knitting with two needles before you start trying to knit in the round on circular needles.

Easy knitting patterns for beginners

What Are The Easiest Things To Knit?

The best beginner knitting projects are garter stitch scarves, flat knit fingerless gloves, hats, baby booties and blankets.

You want to choose a pattern that allows you to practice one type of stitch throughout.

Using bulky or super bulky yarn is probably best for your first scarf, as this will be easier for you to handle and to see if you make any mistakes. 

ribbed beanie

Knitting For Beginners

It can be daunting to start something if you don’t know where to start or what tools you need.

I remember getting lots of needles and yarn from my grandma and mom when I was a kid to practice with and would love to see the look on my grandma’s face now if she saw some of the prices of the yarn that is popular nowadays.

If you have never picked up the needles before or know what sort of tools you need to get started, take a look at these posts;

knitting patterns for beginners knitted scarf with bamboo knitting needles and a skein of yarn

Choosing Your First Pattern

Take a look at the easy knitting patterns below and chose your first knitting project.

The patterns will help you to practice the basic knitting stitches before you move on to develop your skills.

Making a simple scarf in garter stitch might be the perfect way for you to start.

There are also hats and baby items like simple baby booties, that are knit in garter stitch and stocking stitch.

easy knitting patterns for beginners knitted sweater in progress next to a tray with coffee

There are patterns in the list for newbie knitters as well as those who are ready to learn some new techniques.

There are a few scarves on the list, as well as other items that you can master once you have learned the basic knitting stitches.

Don’t worry about making any mistakes, it happens to everyone and it’s part of the learning process…..!

Easy Knitting Patterns For Beginners

Get started with this collection of free beginner knitting patterns.

Easy scarves, fingerless gloves and blankets are great fun to knit!

I hope this has helped you to decide on your first knitting project.

I love seeing your finished projects!

If you enjoyed making any of the patterns, I’d love to see yours on Instagram, be sure to tag me @handylittleme.

If you are on Facebook, stop over to the handylittleme Facebook page and share a photo!  I’d love to see your work!

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