Outlander Crochet Patterns


In this post, you will see a round-up of Outlander crochet patterns designed by Louise Bollanos (Handy Little Me).

There are seven patterns in the collection that are replicas of some of the most loved Outlander knits.

Scroll down to view each pattern or grab the 7 PDF Outlander Crochet Pattern Collection here.

Outlander Crochet Patterns Collection

First, We Fell In Love With The Outlander TV Show

The Outlander TV Series (2014) has taken the world by storm. 

Based on Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series( eight books, the ninth comes out this November 2021 ) which was a worldwide phenomenon even before the Starz TV show.

In this show, we follow Claire’s (Caitriona Balfe) story from 1940’s post-war Scotland to 1943’s Scottish Highlands where she meets Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and together they go through love, hardships, wars, and politics.

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Outlander Claire and Jamie
Image Source – ©Starz

Then we couldn’t get enough of the Outlander costumes

But their amazing love story it’s not the only thing that stands out in this show. 

And what really takes the cake is the extraordinary costumes and the fantastic knitwear.

Claire’s dresses, especially her wedding dress, the red dress she wore in France, and Brianna’s wedding dress are some of the many costumes that won over the audience and inspired the fans to get creative.

If you want to learn more about the Outlander Costumes take a look at this post here – Outlander Costumes {Including The Knitwear And More!}

Claire and Geillis from Outlander
Image Source – ©Starz

Finally, we wanted to make the shawls + accessories seen on the show

The knitwear worn in the Outlander series is truly beautiful and unique and not all of the garments and accessories are historically accurate for the 18th Century.

But they take nothing away from the costumes instead, they complement them.

Also as the main character Claire and her daughter, Brianna are both time travelers from the future, it makes sense that their wardrobe carries a touch of modernism. 

Moreover Terry Dreshbach the genius costume designer behind seasons one to four has said in multiple interviews that the knitwear also has a practical use, as the series is filmed in cold conditions, in the Scottish weather.

Carolina shawl knit and Outlander crochet

The knitwear (that inspired this crochet collection)

The series’s knitwear has won over the audience and has created a massive online community that loves to admire and replicate the pieces seen in the show.

So many people love to recreate the knitted pieces worn, not only as a part of an Outlander costume but to wear in their everyday lives too.

It’s awesome to have a piece of your favorite tv show that you can wear but it’s not a direct merchandise product.

In the image below you can see both the knitted and crochet versions of a well know Claire shawl – The Rent Shawl. 

Rent shawl knit and Outlander crochet

How to wear your shawls every day

You can easily see Claire’s Carolina shawl worn with jeans and sneakers instead of a 1700s dress.  

Not only because knitwear and crochet wear are very in style right now but also the pieces that are worn in the series are truly timeless.

The Outlander knitwear wardrobe is huge and includes unique pieces, shawls that wrap around the body, scarves, cowls, and a very distinctive triangle shawl (The Rent Shawl) in earthy brown, green, and grey colors.

Lovely capelets, fingerless gloves, and mittens, simple or with cable designs, plus Claire’s famous blue cardigan.

In the image below you can see both the knit and crochet versions of Claire’s Tassel shawl, I have added a video tutorial on my YouTube channel showing you how to make and stitch the tassels to the shawl.

Tassel shawl knit and Outlander crochet

Outlander Knitting Patterns

If you love to knit and love Outlander there are so many patterns online you can recreate. 

Check out my Outlander Knitting Pattern library. 

There you will find free and easy knitting patterns that you can use to make your own Outlander knits. 

While all the pieces on the show are knitted that doesn’t mean that they can’t be crocheted and made with similar yarn.

For example in the image below, you can see the knitted version of Claire’s cowl, and next to it is the Outlander cowl crochet pattern.

Claire's cowl knit and Outlander crochet

Outlander Crochet Patterns

If you would rather crochet your pieces don’t get discouraged, you can recreate the same designs with the same colors you will just need a crochet Outlander pattern.

You can make your own crochet Carolina shawl, Rent shawl, Tassel shawl, Claire’s cowl, and fingerless mittens, using simple crochet stitches like single crochet, half double crochet, and double crochet.

Using lots of different yarns you can choose similar fibers for your projects, from Lion Brand, We Are Knitters The Petite Wool, and more.

For these patterns, I mainly used a worsted yarn weight for some shawls and mittens plus bulky yarns for the shawls.

Moreover, the crochet stitches will give a whole new look and feel to your piece.

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Outlander crochet patterns

Take a look through the patterns below and select your next project. 

Then choose your skeins and crochet hook, maybe experimenting with a different color yarn.

Outlander Crochet Patterns

In this collection, you will see crochet pieces that have been recreated to look like the knitted versions as closely as possible. 

That is so if you prefer to crochet or can only crochet, you can also create your favorite items from the show. 

Check out these Outlander Crochet Patterns you can make below.

Disclaimer – The patterns in this collection are in no way endorsed or connected to Starz or any official Outlander patterns.

I am an independent designer who created the patterns after being inspired by knits seen worn on the TV show.

Each pattern is a close replica or has been inspired by knitwear worn during the episodes that have aired so far.

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  1. I love that you have taken the time to write such lovely narratives for each of the beautiful Outlander patterns you have created. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    I am tagging your site in my Facebook crochet page so more avid crocheters and Outlander fans can appreciate your creativity <3