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20 Celtic Cable Knitting Patterns (Free)


In this blog post, you will see 20 Celtic Cable Knitting Patterns (Free).

There are many patterns for you to choose from including simple cables to the more complicated ones.

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20 Celtic cable knitting patterns

What Is A Celtic Cable? 

A Celtic cable is a type of cable knitting technique that is inspired by the intricate knotwork designs found in Celtic art.

In this technique, the cables are formed by twisting and crossing the stitches in a way that creates a knot-like effect.

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To create a Celtic cable, you’ll need to use a cable needle and follow a specific set of instructions that dictate which stitches to hold in front of the work or in the back of the work while you work the other stitches.

The pattern usually includes a chart or written instructions that detail how to work the cable pattern.

Celtic cables can be used in a variety of knitting projects, including hats, scarves, and sweaters.

They add texture and interest to the finished piece and can be a fun challenge for intermediate or advanced knitters.

Celtic cable

How Many Celtic Cables Are There? 

There is no set number of Celtic cable patterns in knitting, as the possibilities are virtually endless.

Knitters can create their own unique cable designs inspired by Celtic knotwork, or they can follow existing patterns that incorporate Celtic cables.

Many knitting pattern books and websites offer a wide variety of Celtic cable designs, ranging from simple twists and crosses to more intricate knotwork-inspired motifs.

Some patterns may feature just one or two cables, while others may include multiple cables worked together in complex patterns.

Overall, the number of Celtic cable patterns in knitting is limited only by the imagination of the knitter and the availability of resources for designing or following cable patterns.

Celtic Cable Chunky Knit Sweater

The Most Common Celtic Cables

There are many variations of Celtic cables in knitting, and the most common designs can vary depending on the pattern or designer.

However, here are a few examples of some of the most commonly used Celtic cable patterns in knitting:

  1. The Trinity stitch: This cable pattern features a three-strand braid that is commonly used to represent the Holy Trinity. It can be used on its own or incorporated into more complex cable patterns.
  2. The Saxon Braid: This cable pattern is created by crossing one set of stitches over another in a repeating pattern. It creates a tight, intricate braid that is often used in cabled sweaters and scarves.
  3. The Plaited Cable: This is a simple cable pattern that creates a braided effect by twisting two sets of stitches in opposite directions.
  4. The Celtic Knot Cable: This cable pattern is designed to look like a traditional Celtic knotwork design, with interlocking loops and twists.
  5. The Aran Cable: While not strictly a Celtic cable pattern, the Aran Cable is often associated with Celtic knitting. It features a variety of cable stitches, including twists, crosses, and braids, and is commonly used in Irish Aran sweaters.

These are just a few examples of the many Celtic cable patterns that exist in knitting.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced knitter, there is a wide variety of patterns available to explore and incorporate into your knitting projects.

Celtic cable stitch on the needles

Why Should I Knit A Celtic Cable Knitting Pattern?

Celtic cables stitch patterns are beautiful designs that can make any project truly unique. 

They are perfect for sweaters, cowls, shawls, arm warmers, hats, scarves, blankets, and pillows. 

The designs are so intricate that they make great gifts.

Knitting Celtic cables is not ideal for beginner knitters who just learned the basic knit stitches.

If you are excited to try them out start with a fast and easy project like a dishcloth or a headband, quick patterns are perfect if you want to try out different cables stitches.

And to make sure your pattern works out it’s recommended to make a gauge swatch.

Celtic cable knit fingerless gloves

​Different Cable Stitches

If you want to practice your cable knitting skills it’s a good idea to start with basic cables.

Check out the 8 cable knitting patterns for beginner’s e-book here. 

Plus check out these 17 cable knitting patterns to upgrade to a whole new level. 17+ Cable Knitting Patterns You Will Love!

20 Celtic Cable Knitting Patterns (Free)

If you are ready to make your own beautiful cable knit patterns check out the list below and you might find your next knitting project!

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