41+ Free Crochet Market Bag Patterns (Best For Beginners)


This post will show 41+ free crochet market bag patterns (best for beginners). 

While plastic bags are in the process of being banned everywhere around the globe, there is another more eco-friendly and stylish option for carrying goods from the market: reusable crochet market bags.

crochet market bag

Free Crochet Market Bag Patterns

You can choose from many styles in the list below, including mesh bags, grocery bags, a French market bag, tote bags, and more!

So, if you want a crochet market bag pattern for your next shopping trip, check out the patterns below. 

Look through 41+ of the best crochet market bag patterns you can make for free with this handy list.

Choose your next project and bookmark the rest for later!

Happy Crocheting!

41 Free Crochet Market Bag Patterns (Best For Beginners)

Make Your Own Crochet Market Bag

Making your market bags can be an excellent project opportunity if you love crocheting.

You can crochet any style of bag with any yarn you want, depending on your style, shopping preferences, and season.

From open-weave produce bags to crochet totes to crossbody bags.

french market bag
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Why Crochet A Market Bag?

Crocheting a market bag serves as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable shopping bags, offering both functionality and style. 

By crafting your own reusable market bag, you contribute to reducing single-use plastics and minimizing environmental impact. 

These bags are durable and sturdy, making them ideal for carrying produce from grocery stores, but their handmade charm also adds a personal touch to the shopping experience. 

Moreover, a crocheted market bag is particularly fitting for visits to farmer’s markets, where it complements the fresh and local ethos. 

The bag’s breathable and versatile nature makes it perfect for transporting a variety of produce, contributing to a more sustainable and mindful approach to shopping. 

The act of crocheting a market bag thus becomes a small yet impactful step towards eco-conscious living and a celebration of the handmade aesthetic in everyday life.

Crochet Bag Patterns With Style

There are various crochet bag patterns for every market bag you prefer.

Moreover, crochet market bag patterns have been fashionable in the last few years, especially in the summer, so you will be stylish while helping the environment.

Depending on the bag you decide to make, it can double as a beach or town bag.

crochet grocery bag

What Yarn Is Best For Crochet Market Bags? 

For crocheting market bags, a medium to bulky yarn weight is often preferred for its durability and sturdiness.

Yarns in the worsted (medium) to super bulky categories work well to create bags that can withstand the weight of groceries and daily use.

 Worsted weight yarn offers a good balance between strength and flexibility, resulting in a durable and practical bag. 

On the other hand, super bulky yarns can provide a quicker project with a chunkier and more robust finished product.

Cotton or a cotton-blend yarn is commonly chosen for market bags due to its strength, washability, and eco-friendly qualities. 

Ultimately, the choice of yarn weight depends on the desired look, feel, and functionality of the market bag, allowing crocheters to tailor their projects to suit their preferences and intended use.

My favorite cotton yarns for a farmer’s market bag are Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton, Lily Sugar N Cream, and The Cotton by We Are Knitters.

Learn how to read a yarn label here – How To Read A Yarn Label (Step By Step) 

Learn everything about yarn fibers here – Yarn Types Explained: A Guide To Different Fibers 

What Is The Best Crochet Stitch For A Farmer’s Market Bag?

For crocheting a farmer’s market bag, the best crochet stitch often depends on the finished bag’s desired texture, strength, and appearance. 

However, a stitch pattern commonly favored for market bags is the “granite stitch” or “moss stitch.” 

This stitch combines single crochet and chain stitches to create a dense, sturdy fabric with a subtle textured appearance. 

The granite stitch is durable, making it suitable for carrying heavier items often found at farmers’ markets. 

Additionally, the openwork created by the chain stitches adds a touch of breathability to the bag, which is beneficial for storing produce. 

The texture and strength of the granite stitch make it a practical choice for a functional and stylish market bag. 

Crocheters can also experiment with other sturdy stitches, such as single crochet or half-double crochet, for a simple yet robust design.

If you want a unique look, you can experiment with granny squares.

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What Supplies Do You Need To Crochet A Market Bag? 

To crochet a farmers market bag, you’ll need several essentials. 

Start with a durable and eco-friendly yarn, often a worsted weight cotton yarn, to ensure your bag can withstand the weight of groceries. 

Choose an appropriate crochet hook size that complements your selected yarn, favoring a larger hook for a more open and flexible fabric. 

A tapestry needle/yarn needle comes in handy for weaving in ends and any necessary seaming. 

Stitch markers are helpful in keeping track of rounds and critical points in your pattern. 

A reliable pair of scissors is essential for cutting the yarn as you work. 

Depending on the bag you are making, you might need some extra supplies like handles.

Crochet Lessons

If you are a new maker and need help with the crochet basics, check out the crochet lessons here – Crochet Lessons {With Video Tutorials}.

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This includes how to create a foundation chain (ch), how to crochet the basic crochet stitches, single crochet (sc) and double crochet (dc), and all the crochet abbreviations ( in UK and US terms) a maker needs to know.  

And if you need more video tutorials, check out my YouTube channel here – Handy Little Me – YouTube

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