10 Baby Sweater Knitting Patterns


In this post, you will see 10 baby sweater knitting patterns.

If you are looking for a baby shower gift for a dear friend or a family member, adorable and fun hand-knit baby clothes are a great idea.

There is not such a thing as too many baby clothes and knitted gifts are treasured. 

And if you’re looking for something more personal and handcrafted, knitted baby sweaters are the way to go. 

knitted baby sweater

Knitted Sweaters And Cardigans

Knitted baby sweaters and cardigans are an excellent gift idea for a friend who is expecting, a family member or even for your own baby. 

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Your little ones will look absolutely adorable in their knitted sweaters, they will be kept warm and toasty in the colder seasons.

Plus if you decide to make one for a gift, your friends will be moved with your handmade offering. 

knitted baby cardigan

Find the right baby sweater pattern for you

There are a variety of baby sweater knitting patterns that you can find online.

Many designs, that you and your loved ones will love, from classic button-down cardigans that never go out of style to modern color block sweaters.

These patterns are for all knitters from beginner to advanced, some with easy garter stitch patterns and other with more complicated stitches like cable designs. 

knitted baby cardigan in cotton

Great for anyone who is new to knitting

A baby sweater or cardigan knitting pattern would be an excellent project for anyone who wants to start making knitted garments, as it’s a lot smaller and a lot less overwhelming for a beginner knitter. 

You can practice basic knitting stitches like garter stitch, stockinette stitch, and moss stitch, as well as learning how to shape through increases and decreases.

If your thinking about knitting a baby sweater check out these patterns below and you might find your next project.

Baby sweater knitting patterns

10 Baby Sweater Knitting Patterns

Choose a baby sweater pattern for your next WIP from the list below and bookmark the rest for later!


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  1. Hi Louise I want to knit the Baby Sweater (garter Stitch) It only goes up to 9 months. I’m in Australia so Winter is over so want for next year so a 12 month old. Do you have this pattern in this size please.
    Many thanks