Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids


In this post, you will see Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

This is a great time to teach the kids how to reflect on all of our blessings and be truly thankful for everything we have.

Taking the time to be thankful and appreciate everything you have can really make you feel positive.

Easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

A super fun way to do that is through crafting!

Making crafts for Thanksgiving will let the kids have fun, be creative and get into the holiday mood.

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Some of these can be worn or used for your Thanksgiving dinner, with some even being made into a centerpiece!

Moms, take a look at this roundup of easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids and enjoy! (continue reading below)

child mixing paint colours

1. Do A Dot Turkey Craft

This do a do turkey craft from The Resourceful Mama is a really fun way to use some markers and make a colorful piece of art for the wall.

A cheap and easy craft for kids of any age, all you need are a few simple supplies to get started.

turkey paper collage with colourful dots

2. Painted Pine Cone Turkeys

The painted pine cone turkeys by Live Craft Eat are a fantastic way to use up all of those pine cones you may have collected this season!

These turkeys are super cute, with painted pine cone tails and sweet felt faces, all you need are a few craft supplies.

pine cone painted turkey

3. Gratefulness Rocks

This is a really awesome idea for the kids to make – gratefulness rocks DIY by Teach Kids Art.

The kids can search for smooth rocks to paint and write on – a fantastic way for them to express what they are thankful for and to show gratitude.

Afterward, they will make great decor in planters or in the yard, to keep ultra-positive vibes.

gratefulness rocks painted with words

4. Turkey Puppet

Make a cute turkey puppet with this easy-to-follow tutorial from The Joy of Sharing.

All you need is a craft stick, feathers, and a milk bottle cap to make a fun puppet the little ones will love!

Thanksgiving Turkey puppet with feathers

5. Pumpkin Pie Kids Craft

Make a tasty-looking piece of pumpkin pie with this easy craft from A Night Owl.

All you need is a paper plate, some tissue paper, cotton balls, and glue.

The kids will love to make and play with this delicious-looking paper pie!

Pumpkin pie slice made from paper

6. Indian Corn Craft

Share the Legend of the Five Corn Kernels with the kids through this inspirational and educational Indian corn craft from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

They also have a free printable that you can share with the kids while learning about this story.

Indian corn made from paper and painted with dots

7. Native American Headbands

The kids will love making these Native American headbands, that they can wear!

Take a look at the easy-to-follow tutorial from Paper and Glue.

They look really easy for the kids to make, with just paper and glue as the main supplies!

Native American headband made from paper

8. Turkey Treat Bucket

Make turkey treat buckets with googly eyes and orange feathers with the kids to give to all of your guests this Thanksgiving!

This simple and quick Thanksgiving craft for kids will definitely make your guests smile.

Get the free tutorial from Happiness is Homemade.

Thanksgiving treat bucket that looks like a turkey

What Kids Can Do For Thanksgiving?

Take a look at these crafts the kids can make using simple supplies like construction paper, coffee filters, and buttons for plenty of fun!

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Pom pom turkey with feather tail

Have you tried any of these crafts?

Did your kids enjoy them?

Let me know in the comments below!

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